S.M.BHATTACHARJEE,M.D., P.R.S.M. (Homoeopath).


Like poetry, medica……

     S.M.BHATTACHARJEE,M.D., P.R.S.M. (Homoeopath).


Like poetry, medical cases may be classified as classic and romantic classic cases are those that clearly present the perfect picture of a drug-set cases that follow the well defined lines of a drug-picture drawn up in a Materia Medica. They are easy to grasp and quickly responsive to treatment. Romantic cases, On the other hand are vague, nondescript,and shredded in mist as it common obvious symptoms, which obscure a few rare uncommon salient features to be discovered only at the clever hands of an eagle-eyed homoeopath. HOMOEOPATHY is an artist’s science.

The scientist plays his part in the handling of classic cases; while the work of the artist manifests itself in the resolution of romantic cases. These latter are not numerous but they rouse up curiosity and a courage to meet Nature’s challenge. They are provocative cases. And the reputation of HOMOEOPATHY and of the Homoeopathy goes high, high up at the favorable; conclusion of such cases.

It is not fruitful to heap up cases here, as a few will suffice to establish our proposition.



Three years ago I was called in to see a case of Enteric Fever sixteen miles from here. The patient was a brilliant sixteen-year old school boy, suffering from the said malady for thirty-two days. Abdomen, and subnormal temperature. Glucose, carmine, examine , aureomycin and careful nursing for twenty-eight days failed. Then the case was abandoned as hopeless by the far- named prescribers of the dominant school. An octogenarian Homoeopathy was called in at this state, but no improvement was noticed even after four days of his careful prescribing.

I confess that theirs today of my ‘visit on the thirty-second day of the case is a memorable day of my life, as the case, not with standing its serious and baffling nature, presented a phenomenon unprecedented in literature and in my life. The patient in the above condition was resting on the floor of authority-foot-long room, all covered with blankets. He had no other business but to roll and roll and roll over the entire floor, from one end to the other, and roll back in the same way without any pause or session. this he did for six long days and nights. and was moaning and gasping not infrequently at the strain and stress of continuous movement.

The whole family was puzzled watch the case. I had to do something. I gathered courage and intuition was at m back. Definitely, it was case of meningeal irritation. “Great prostration with nervous excitability, constant restlessness driving out of bed”(Hering, condensed Materia Medica, page 380) was obvious. Occasionally, there woman be a bit drawn in. To me the picture was complete and I prescribed two doses of Cuprum metallicum 200. twelve hours apart. The response was simply magical. The patient passed urine after six hours of Cuprum, was quiet in eight hours, gained consciousness and recovered in three days’ time., A dose of Lachesis 200. was needed to restore his power of speech which was entirely lost.


A bed-side case of a twenty-year-old unmarried blonde heroically treated was before me in June 1951. She was robust, vigorous and apparently in deal health. As I entered the sick room, she was in a knee-elbow elbow position. She had complained of lower abdominal pains for three weeks, a bit of tenderness of the abdomen, unsatisfactory stools, decreased appetite, sleeplessness, and a few other commons symptoms which indicated termed in particular., She had a bit of menstrual difficulties-regular, normal, buy slightly painful menses-and there was no venereal taint in but slightly painful menses-and up on the family.

I told her toll of up on to my face., which she did, and I wondered at how infatuated she was. I could read in her face the unmistakable lines of live and of vigorous sexual appetite-keen by unsatisfied coupled with a sense of frustration. My prescription was prompt and spontaneous. It was Conium maculation 200., into doses, morning and evening, that brought about the desired effect.

The patient was free from all abdominal pains in course of four days. I advised the father of the girl to arrange of her marriage suitable and at an early date, which he did and the patient has been well until now.

We may feel perplexed at the name of physiognomy. It is almost an unwritten science, and its deliberations are more individual than systematized. Acumen, insight and the personal ability of the observer play a more important role than the logic of science. But the study of a face is a profitable one. In HOMOEOPATHY, the mentals rank first, and the mental shows itself more graphically on the human face than else where. ]Study the face accurately and you master an obscure but vital phenomenon of human life, i.e. Mind, is to lead farther than the commoner in HOMOEOPATHY in effectively combating disease and mitigating human sufferings.


Ordinary people can not imagine what queer situations physicians have to face. I had to face a gymnastics lady once in my life. she was a very, very docile, gentle, yielding lady, as the inmates told me, before this illness. Now she was in puerperal insanity: talked much, sang many songs, ate little, passed sleepless nights and did many absurd things. But the peculiar feature of the case was that the patient showed great gymnastics treats day and night, of which she herself could not dream in her former self. Now she which she herself could not dream in her former self. Now she would jump ten feet long with a loud report; then spring up six feet high like a giant; them, easily with some support she would catch hold of a beam unnoticed.

Whence she would we swinging merrily like able gymnast., Next minute, she would probably give a splendid somersault. When locked up in a big room, she would, with false pretenses and pleasing utterances, try have for more than a months, despite treatment of the most vigorous order. It was now wonder to look at her, considering he something, and wanted to be stark naked,. Occasionally, her hands oriental dance. She gave me no symptoms herself, her hands and fingers were found playfully moving in the rhythm of an oriental dance. she gave me no symptoms herself, only told me there was nothing wrong with her. I advised the inmates to take away from her the baby, only three months old, and the first child of her mother, as it might be killed.

Relying on the violent fidgetiness danceful movement and wonderful cunning, alone, I prescribed two doses of Tarentula his. Im, morning and evening, which almost cured the patient in a month, when a dose of Tuberculinum bov. 1M,was required to eradicate a tubercular taint and thus complete the recovery.


At midnight of a very, very chilly winter when it was drizzling in blinding darkness, six persons thronged to my place, woke me up and almost physically carried me away to see a yelling eleven-year old boy in the central jail quarters. The boy was suffering from typhoid fever, and was being treating by the ablest physicians of the old school. Meningeal symptoms developed on the twenty-eighth day and continued unabated even on the thirty second day, when the picture grew terribly worse and all hope of life was given up. HOMOEOPATHY was advised at this state by the oldest old-school physicians 3who staged an exist. So it was in a hurry that the people had to invite me in in such an old fashion.

The boy was lying on his back with his limbs drawn up, head showed hot head and cold extremities, congested eyes and abdominably loud yells, which could be heard block is away, disturbing nightly sleep in that area. ?The yelling was of an intermittent nature and like the pitiful cry of jackals. As soon as I touched the patient to like the pitiful cry of jackals. As soon as I touched the patient to feel his pulse, he gave out another shrill yell. the mother said that he would yell every time anyone touched him, not to speak of any movement. There was a slight rattling cough, and ice was being applied available locally, had to be purchased daily from a distance of about a hundred miles.

My diagnosis was that it was not a case of meningitis proper but of meningitis accompanied with cold in he head, due to continuous application of ice in a chilly subject and in the coldest whether. The boy was sore from head to foot from catching cold, and constantly tried to throw away the ice bag even in the unconscious state. The whole picture was of congestion, violent, sensitiveness and intermittence. My prescription was a meagre one in this case. It was neither a big diagnosis that I gave. I advised to discontinue the ice and prescribed six doses for Belladonna 30., twice daily, which cleared up the case marvelously in three days, when the yelling stopped, the temperature came down almost to normal, the patient gained consciousness and behaved rationally.

One dose of Sulphur 200., AS A COMPLEMENTARY, WAS given LATER TO REMOVE a low temperature and hasten convalescence. Belladonna is an all-advised remedy for typhoid per se. Dr. Kent strongly denounces its application such cases.

But I remembered Dr. J.C. Allen’s immortal lines” “:But the law of cure, as enunciated by Hahnemann, knows no such the law of cure, as enunciated by Hahnemann, knows no. such narrow restrictions, and is not bound by the Ipse Dixit of individual 5opinion.” (The Therapeutics of Fevers, p.102).




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