EDITORIAL. Several weeks ago, while awaiting telephone connections in the doctor’s room of one of Toronto’s largest hospitals, I listened in upon a discussion by four grey-haired physicians. The subject was “the miracle drugs.” Each physician aired his views concerning his experience with one or other of these drugs. They discussed the pros and cons, and there were many cons.


ALLEN AND LIPPE. Several years ago, in my ninety monthly contributions to the special department of “Homoeopathic Philosophy,” in the Institute Journal, I sketched the life and accomplishments of some thirty- five of our noted homoeopathic physicians, among them Adolph von Lippe and H. C. Allen.


COMMUNICATION. The Board has therefore asked the Parliament to pass a bill which will practically stop all sale and manufacture of homoeopathic drugs in this country. Whether the Parliament will pass that bill remains, however, to be seen, since on a couple of previous occasions it has taken a rather understanding attitude towards homoeopathy.


HOMOEOPATHY AND HORSE SENSE. Thus Echinacea came into medicinal use. It is specific in snake bites and for poisonous insect bites as well as in septic conditions, blood poisoning and puerperal fevers, with coated tongue, lassitude, aching, and chills. No, it doesnt kill the germs in vivo, but it aids nature to develop antibodies which do the work.


OLIGOMENORRHEA AND ITS HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT. Adult oligomenorrheal patients, the subject of the present consideration, almost always come for consultations with a history of more or less defined amenorrheas, and in such cases we must investigate whether the insufficiency is total or definite because of surgical castration, or precocious or natural menopause.