HOMOEOPATHY AND HORSE SENSE. Thus Echinacea came into medicinal use. It is specific in snake bites and for poisonous insect bites as well as in septic conditions, blood poisoning and puerperal fevers, with coated tongue, lassitude, aching, and chills. No, it doesnt kill the germs in vivo, but it aids nature to develop antibodies which do the work.

For perhaps ten years I have been told and have read in medical journals that homoeopathic medicine is not a complete system in itself. No, it is only a post graduate study, taken up after one has completed his medical education in some other system.

Ye gods and little fishes, after over one hundred years of unsurpassed service, we kick it into the brush heap, along with the old iron kettle we used to make soft soap in. No more leaching the lye through the wood ash barrels as in the glorious days when we hung the old iron kettle in the back yard and built a fire under it to render out the scrap fat to make the barrels of soft soap. No, that’s a thing of the past. We are using ivory soap now, and the homoeopath with his shelves arranged with bottles of medicine is to go too; he must write prescriptions to be taken to the druggist.

Everything in the medicinal line will be made, measured and valued in the medical laboratory. Most of the medicines will be made from such things as coal tar, or extracted from organs and glands of animals, or grown on culture media. The good old plant drugs, developed by God’s sunshine and nourished from pure air and the good earth, have no direct effect on germs and so are inert. They too are relegated to the brush heap with the old iron kettle. Can you explain why this disintegration in the homoeopathic school has taken place?.

Is Homoeopathy in the U.S. to travel the same road as the buffalo and the whooping crane? There is a difference, the whooping crane and the buffalo were destroyed by agencies over which they had no control, while Homoeopathy is being destroyed by its own membership. We read, and are told, that the adverse pressure and semi-legal rulings of the dominant school have made it impossible for the Law of Similars to function.

So scientific are the findings and practices of that dominant school that it is wise and best that we homoeopaths join with them and close our colleges to our own teaching, because circumstances now are so much changed we need but one system. Bunk! Out in the west here, many of our stockmen raise their pure bred calves, not on cow’s milk, but on nanny goat’s milk.

Each nanny is given a calf and she stands on her own box while the calf extracts the milk. This process is continued for several months. The calf grows strong and healthy and the docile nanny in no wise loses her genealogy. Neither of the animals show any disposition or partiality toward the other species; they merely work together to benefit the race of cattle.

The story that Homoeopathy is not a system of medicine is, in itself, a myth, and the logic that only medicines which destroy germs are applicable as curative measures is not only illogical, but is bunk.

Many years ago, when the old doctor in Pawnee County, Nebraska, while driving along the road, saw a woodchuck and a rattlesnake fighting, he was amazed to see the woodchuck repeatedly bitten by the rather and yet kept right on fighting, apparently not any worse from the venom. Soon the explanation was evident. The woodchuck ate freely of the Purple Cone Flower growing near the scene of the fight. The old doctor gathered some of the plants and made a tincture.

Thus Echinacea came into medicinal use. It is specific in snake bites and for poisonous insect bites as well as in septic conditions, blood poisoning and puerperal fevers, with coated tongue, lassitude, aching, and chills. No, it doesnt kill the germs in vivo, but it aids nature to develop antibodies which do the work.

Do Belladonna, Apis mellifica, Lachesis or Croton tig. destroy the virulent streptococci in erysipelas? No; but when they have quickly eradicated the infection, the germs are gone, and even the poisons generated by the fight are gone also. That is more than you can say of Penicillin, Aureomycin, Streptomycin and all the others. Gelsemium, Eupatorium or Ferrum phos. meet the ravages of influenza far better than the wonder drugs. In fact, the eradication of the epidemic can be greatly hastened by their use, and the death rate is lower.

Who among you has not seen many alarming cases of Phlebitis quiet right down with a short quick recovery under the use of Aconite, Pulsatilla or Bryonia. Some years ago, I was in a hospital connected with a homoeopathic medical college. I saw patients treated with sulfa drugs, when the indications were clear for the similar remedy. Carbo veg., Lycopodium, Psorinum, when indicated, ask no odds of wonder drugs. You all know how difficult it is to eradicate an inherited syphilis.

Put Syphilinum in the fight and the story becomes quite different. You may get a negative Wassermann by using the hypodermic antisyphilitics, but your patient is not improved and soon becomes positive again. The reason our doctors join the old school societies, and use their treatments, is because our system requires constant study, while that of the old school is just a routine followed by surgery.

Do we confine our treatment strictly to homoeopathic medication? See here, my forefathers raised wheat by working the land and planting the wheat; if it did not yield well, that was too bad. I raise wheat every year, each year the soil is tested to see what it needs, phosphate, nitrate or some other chemical. This is added to the soil in the Spring when the wheat is green, and often greatly increases the yield.

Did you ever see an X-ray burn clear up quickly under the use of X-ray 200. or 1M? I have. Fifty per cent of asthmas are permanently cleared up by weekly injections for twenty weeks of Lilly’s pertussin bacterial antigen. U. B. A., No. 25, but often need Sulphur or Lycopodium or some other remedy to complete eradication. The U. B. A. 25 is strictly homoeopathic. Why? Because a large proportion of asthmas date back to whooping cough. There is no specific for the other fifty per cent.

Fifteen years ago, I received a message from a mother, whom I did not recognize, from Lincoln, Nebraska, saying, “My son and I will arrive at 2 A.M. tomorrow. Please engage us a room at the hotel. My son has asthma.” The next day a woman of forty, a trained nurse, brought her son to my office. I had cured her of asthma when she was a little girl of five. The son was a Belladonna patient and five doses of Belladonna permanently cured the boy.

A young lady from Minneapolis had come to Colorado with her parents for relief from asthma. I found both Bryonia and Ipecac indicated. Neither alone would benefit. In this case I gave a dose of one in the morning and of the other at night. Now, twelve years later, she has children but no asthma.

A doctor should always have in mind a group of what I call “universal remedies” that will temporarily give relief while he studies the patient and finds the clearly indicated remedy. Many patients quit one because one just cannot get the time in a busy practice to study up the case, but, if one has a universal remedy, one can give it at once; then one can go over the case at a period of leisure.

Don’t palliate with dope, aspirin, phenobarbital or opium derivatives; they mask the case. Eucalyptus tincture for ulcer of the stomach seldom cures, but it doesnt mask the case, and the true similimum will be found later. In spasm of the ureter simulating kidney stone, Colocynth will relieve, often followed by Berberis or Calcarea carb.

Twice I have been told that any one who uses Koch’s glyoxylide is a quack. Well, I am a quack, then, and I can name a number of our best men including the late C.P. Bryant, who used it, not only in cancer but in many other so-called incurable diseases.

Doctors fall down in results because they do not use a rigid diet. First detoxicate the patient by a liquid detoxicating diet lasting a week or more. Give the clearly indicated remedy during this regime. When you give the Glyoxylide finally, it is ready to go to work, and some cases recover on one single dose of Glyoxylide. Remember, though, that meat, citrus, fruits, coffee or tea or condiments stop its action.

Just now, blood transfusion is important to sustain and stimulate the lowered vitality of the patient in haemorrhage, as well as in many other diseased conditions such as leukemia, anaemia or following operations. It is useful and often gives the needed impetus to the failing vitality. But now they are finding that its use may bring about jaundice and degeneration of the liver.

The homoeopath has a potent substitute in Veratrum album. I have used it in haemorrhage many times and it has not failed me. Once I found a nurse, who knew nothing about homoeopathic prescribing, had filled a bottle with my Veratrum solution and just put it away for some of her doctor friends to use.

Leukemia often responds readily to large doses of Ceanothus in the tincture. When it slows down give a single dose of Koch’s Glyoxylide.

I could give you other agencies in my universal list. Some of them are curative, but all help the patient and relieve the apprehension produced by the disease. The doctor in the meantime can study out the correct indicated remedy to be used, and will find his case is not mixed up or symptoms suppressed.

My system of prescribing is not a complete repertorization but rather a comparative and eliminative method. For example, what remedies are worse by motion? by touch? by pressure? by heat? by cold? by stormy weather? time of aggravation and amelioration? mental state? sleeping and disposition? part of body affected? Much of this cannot be remembered, but by using the universal remedy you have time to study it.

I was amazed recently to find a left foot rheumatism was greatly benefited by Arsenicum 200., Rhus tox., Ledum, Ruta had been tried with some benefit, but all failed to resolve the case. The one to two A.M. aggravation with chills, together with constipation and a mild chronic nephritis led to its use.

Doctors, homoeopathic prescribers are masters of curative medicine. They have dozens of remedies to meet the peculiar symptoms and overcome them. Whereas in the Old School there is just a routine: diagnosis, estimate of prognosis and perhaps diet. Then the patient must go to the hospital to receive the wonder drugs for germ infection; a coagulant for haemorrhage, including, cerebral and tubercular. Above all, the patient must be relieved of pain by some soporific, regardless of what else he gets. Doctors, your surety of the remedy indicated is its action in relieving pain. It will then meet other symptoms. Your ability to meet and cure chronic disease will make your reputations.

No homoeopath needs to join the A.M.A. It is pleasant to be patted on the back and told how nice it is to have you one of them. But, doctors, each one of us who joins has just put one more nail in the coffin lid of our school. I have two former patients, missionaries in Northern Thailand. They understand and use Homoeopathy. Their prescribing amazes all the other missionaries, some of whom are doctors or trained nurses. Frequently patients are sent to them because of their skill.

We must get an undergraduate college started again. Perhaps we cannot get such a college as Hahnemann, but even a class B or C college can teach good medicine and graduate splendid practitioners. I would rather have a defective diamond, than a smooth pebble. A second grade college has the opportunity of becoming a first class college, and in the meantime we are building up.

Post graduate work is fine; we need it, but how many of us are succeeding in sending students to one? I know seven sons of homoeopathic doctors who graduated from Old School colleges. During their course all expected to change to homoeopathic instruction; not one ever has. In fact, two of them are bitter against the system. One, a very able surgeon, even refused to attend his father’s funeral.

I maintain we have dug our own grave because we did not give our own system, our own societies, our complete support.

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R C Bowie