EDITORIAL. How well do we treat the great number of colds coming into our hands? In the first place, it is well that we recognize the fact that in a cold we have an expulsive effort to free the body of toxic materials resulting from fracturing some law of nature and that this should not be interfered with allopathically or homoeopathically.


DYSTOCIA. The best and quickest action, in a remedy well selected in high potency, is seen in the most alarming emergency cases, in a few moments, and seldom needs to be repeated. If there is no change after the remedy has been administered, the proper remedy has not been given. The time between remedies is a matter of judgment according to the emergency, may be a few moments to one-half hour.


CLINICAL CASES. A six or seven years fell down a hay chute, the cover coming down on top of him. Later a chair was pulled from under him; this followed by headache and nausea; had headache every Monday for a long while. Over twenty years ago, could not stand artificial light, this gone later and now for years been working with figures.


WHY DO WE FAIL IN HOMOEOPATHY. Similimums have been discarded in place of those that are not Similimums at all or they have been repeated too soon and the effect of the last dose disturbed. In the year 1928 I was called in consultation by the leading homoeopath of the town, though an amateur, to see a girl of nine years of age lying unconscious with fever and dysenteric stools.


STREPTOCOCCIN REPORTS. In the attempt to make the remedy more useful, at least to myself, I append a little scheme of numerical locations and conditions which appeared in these twenty cases. More amplification by experience with the remedy should bring a better profile into view.