DYSTOCIA. The best and quickest action, in a remedy well selected in high potency, is seen in the most alarming emergency cases, in a few moments, and seldom needs to be repeated. If there is no change after the remedy has been administered, the proper remedy has not been given. The time between remedies is a matter of judgment according to the emergency, may be a few moments to one-half hour.

About 1928, while my family and I were driving through various parts of Kansas on our summer vacation trip, I stopped and called on Dr. W.A. Yingling at Emporia. He was then still quite active, alert and enthusiastic, though past eighty years of age. His office was not pretentious, but nice. As I recall, he told me that he had been bankrupt and was just then paying off his last obligations. He also stated that his original home was at Findlay, Ohio, and he knew number of people that I knew, all of which was a great surprise and thrill to me as Findlay was my home county town. I can still see the genteel gentleman in my minds eye and am thrilled and inspired each time I think of this interview.

In Biblical forecast from the beginning of mans sojourn upon this earth, we read:

“Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.” Gen. 3:16.

The original ovum and sperm each contain characteristics of parent or donor at time of fusion and mitosis, and modify each other, and are carried as such through their entire development. The characteristics of both are thus inherent in the new body.+”and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the childrens children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.” Ex.34:7.

The obstetrician, if conscientious, can save himself and his patient a great deal of distress and worry if he knows, or acquaints himself with, the effect of the application of the various indicated homoeopathic remedies on the various cases of pregnancy and accouchment for which he is responsible. The remedy, like magic, will transfer real pain into the the expulsive force of labor without undue suffering.

Dr. W.A. Yingling says: “While most irregularities of labor cases can be controlled by he remedy alone, it will not enlarge the bony structure, nor remove malformations, congenital, or induced by the manner of living, nor will it instantaneously remove the effect of local morbid growths, cancer, etc. Common sense discrimination must be exercised. The cases without the sphere of action of the Homoeopathic remedy are comparatively few. We have a universal law, and in no class of cases will the prescriber get better or quicker results than in those of labor.” The symptoms of your patient are outstanding at this time. She is calling for her remedy which the accoucheur will see, providing he knows his remedies.

Yingling again states that it is the only means whereby abnormal labor may be made as natural as the condition and circumstance will permit. It will not change the bony structure, but it will restore the soft parts to a normal condition, unless otherwise prevented, often magically indeed. In emergency cases, Nature speaks plainly, the more danger the more plainly, and the more speedily will the homoeopathic remedy act. But the remedy must be well selected.

The best and quickest action, in a remedy well selected in high potency, is seen in the most alarming emergency cases, in a few moments, and seldom needs to be repeated. If there is no change after the remedy has been administered, the proper remedy has not been given. The time between remedies is a matter of judgment according to the emergency, may be a few moments to one-half hour. Change or repeat only after a reasonable length of time. A true Similia prescription will act promptly and it is usually easy to tell whether or not the proper remedy has been selected.

The symptoms of location frequently furnish quite characteristic symptoms, and they deserve particular attention, since every remedy acts more, and more decidedly, on certain parts of the organism. When dealing with an acute condition we must limit ourselves to dealing with an acute state alone and not at the same time attempt to dip into what has been a chronic state.

Acute manifestations show themselves with surprising clearness as a rule.

Mrs. H.-Large, robust, plethoric and very active woman, para IV, 9 mo. gestation, the oldest child 4 years. After a hard days work lost her amniotic fluid, about8 P.M., no pain except she said she had a bunching in abdomen, no dilation and presenting part up more than finger length. About 5 hours later, developed contractions, was taken to hospital, and 6 hours later and made little progress, short ineffective pains. Belladonna 3x was given 1q. 2 h. At 9:45 babe was delivered normally. Mother and babe good.

Mrs. G.- Severe and intense contraction but was not accomplishing anything. Very nervous, irritable, impatient, cross, fretful and peevish. Was given morphine 4 gr. at 2 hour intervals until 1 grain was given. No effect, then was given Chamomilla and immediately quieted down and delivered her normal baby normally.

Mrs. A.- Slow and apparently ineffective progress with severe pain all in lumbar area and extending down buttocks. Kali carb. 3x was given which changed the situation and in a short course of time a normal babe was delivered.

Mrs. B.- Primipara, stupid, apathetic, dark flushed face. Severe, ineffectual pain, lasting for hours, extending upward and backward. Cervix thick, hard, rigid, does not dilate. Gelsemium was given and in due time, dilation is complete.

Mrs. H.- False pains, rigid cervix, severe, spasmodic, intermittent, short, irregular pains without progress. Long- drawn-out labor, exhaustion, mother worn out. Spasmodic pain flying from one place to another but not going in the normal or right direction. Caulophyllum was given; it has served me well many a time.

Mrs. K.- Each pain is attended by sudden sharp cramps in calves of legs. Sensitivity to currents of cool air. Irregular pains, labor makes no progress. Each pain causes vesicle and rectal tenesmus and fainting. Cervix rigid, headache. Debility from abuse of coffee, wines, liquors, narcotics, or highly seasoned foods. Downward pressure with desire to defecate or urinate. Nux vomica with todays mode of life needed often.

Mrs. J.- Pains excite palpitation, suffocation and fainting spells, must have doors and windows open, slow labor, mild tearful woman, pain makes her walk about to obtain relief. Pulsatilla. Many observers claim that Pulsatilla will right an abnormal position if given before the membranes are ruptured or the presenting parts are firmly engaged.

The best time to treat all dystocias is as early as possible during the pregnancy when not only the dystocia may be largely corrected, but the mothers and babies better fitted for the after service of life.

In my opinion it is definitely impossible to evaluate the full effect of the true homoeopath. Many cases of dystocia may be eliminated if properly treated at the beginning of and during pregnancy, and thus cure and relieve some of the stigmata dominant in the mother and her new born by the simple application of the similia or the indicated remedy and needed concomitant treatment, which indeed will also very materially affect and influence the health and habits of their succeeding generations.



DR.DONALD G. GLADISH [Glenview, Ill.]” I am very pleased to have this paper from Dr. Neiswander. It is a very interesting subject, and those of us who do obstetrics cannot learn too much about what the indicated remedy will do. I dont know what we would do without Yinglings Accouchers Manual. No other book comes anywhere near it in giving obstetrical symptoms, and these cases are concise and to the point, and practically classical in their simplicity.

DR. T.K.MOORE [Sharon Center, Ohio]: Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen: I dont know what “dystocia” means. I shall look it up after I get home, but I have left Akron now and I am living in the country, so I am doing a country practice, and this may help me. This paper may help me a lot so far as I know, personally, I have had gastric ulcer, carcinomatous, but I dont think I have ever suffered from dystocia. (Laughter).

DR. A.H. GRIMMER [Chicago, Ill.]: Mr. President, Mr. Chairman, and Ladies and Gentlemen: Dr. Moore hasnt lived! (Laughter).

I want to thank the doctor for this masterly paper, It is concise and to the point, and really it is a classic for this type of work. Every direction that he has given has been a gem, and they will all really help us, even though we may have to take the case to the hospital and do a lot of things in these days that are imposed on our medical fraternity. It is a mighty good thing to have this knowledge and to apply it before and even afterward.

Some of the old men even went about it in a routine way to give Arnica after each labor, and one man in Chicago, who was very successful, gave Arnica and China. That was not in alternation but first giving a dose of a Arnica for the mechanical effects, and following later with China because of the exhaustion and loss of fluids. That was Dr. Hornberger, and he really had wonderful results. He gave it low but nevertheless it was homoeopathic, and he got results.

Speaking of what a remedy can do, we have heard and we all know that bony deformities cannot be changed with a remedy, but I once robbed a gynecologist of note of a cesarean section, with a dose of Pulsatilla, believe it or not, in a primipara, and they had her all ready to go to the hospital for this cesarean section.

H A Neiswander