AN INTERESTING CASE. Somewhere I had read that it you get the right remedy you can cure almost anything. What was the key to unlock this case that had not yet been given? I believed there was such a remedy and continued the search for it,though discouraged many times.

I am reporting the cure of my fathers asthma which I thought would be of interest to many of you. A tougher, more sensational case of asthmaticus. when it looked as if every breath would be his last-especially when he was adrenalin fast, took some beet, are ice cream,had undue emotional stress, took Rhinex (a local tar drug) against orders or aspirin given by some nurse. Dozens of times he was hospitalized for operations on his nose or throat. Thousands of skin tests had been made in the search for possible offending allergens.Hundreds of consultations with physicians of both schools of medicine all of whom said that this case was incurable. But I refused to be licked. This man was very important to my life and to the community life that was hinged around him. He just had to get well and now he is well.

How did I do it? By plain hard work and refusing to take “NO” for an answer. Had it not been for my father, I never would never discovered homoeopathy; it was he who spurred me on to take the Foundation course in 1936.

His case began a long time ago with a cough from the dust of shredding corn fodder. For a month or more the cough grew tighter and tighter from the tighter from the tickle in his throat put until, in December 1930, he began to be forced out to bed soon after retiring in order to rush to the open door for fresh air.

An old school doctor let him have his throat pit until, in Dec4ember 1930, he began to be forced out of bed soon after retiring in order to rush to the open door for fresh air. An old school doctor let him have his first taste of the sweet relief that adrenalin brings. From then on it was a battle royal. One dose led to two, two doses led to four, and so on, until my frail little mother had to give him a dose every 15 minutes during the night and every two hours during the day. He had become an adrenalomaniac.

The homoeopathic remedies given were legion in the tincture to the DMM. I presented the case, and the patient in person, to this group at the Cincinnati convention in 1949, so I shall not repeat all his symptoms again. However, I thank you and homoeopathy for what has been done in reducing the attacks from 25 daily to a mere 7 or 8 daily. But there the condition stuck. The patient was down to 86 pounds and was an apparently hopeless respiratory invalid, so ill, in fact, that it was though he must have carcinoma of the lung.

To mention a few of the remedies, I will say that Arsenicum, Nux vomica, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Aralia, Crotalus horridus, Calcarea carbonica, Pulsatilla, Rhus toxicodendron, Zincum, Hepar, Blatta orientalis, Sepia,Natrum muriaticum, Tuberculinum, Lachesis, Antimonium arsenatum, Kali carbonicum, Mephitis, Carbo vegetabilis, Silica, Bromium, Cina, Bryonia, Rumex, Agaricus, Belladonna, Kali bichromicum, Mercurius, Natrum sulphuricum and Medorrhinum all helped to give him a liveable life. I had cured hundreds of cases of asthma, but, ironically, I could not cure him.

Somewhere I had read that it you get the right remedy you can cure almost anything. What was the key to unlock this case that had not yet been given? I believed there was such a remedy and continued the search for it,though discouraged many times.

To Boenninghausen I shall have to give the credit for showing that Phosphorus had a slight numerical edge over Pulsatilla. This was corroborated by Kent, and after nearly 1000 repertorial studies I was convinced that Phosphorus was the remedy, even though it appeared to do nothing. What remedy does one choose when Phosphorus fails?.

Last March the climax came in the form of a high fever with increased asthma and cough, in other words influenza. Arsenicum 6x,Hepar 6x. Arsenicum 500,. and Phosphorus 30. helped the acute attack and reduced the asthmatic attacks to two a day, but the patient was left very weak. His voice was weak, his chest felt weak, he was indifferent to everything and slow in answering. On the basis of these symptoms and knowing that Phosphorus was his constitutional remedy,I prescribed Phosphoric acid 3x and later the 200. This finished the long battle. He has now had no asthma for three months, weighs 115 pounds and, at 73, is doing as much work on the farm as the hired man. Furthermore, he is living among the allergens that formerly caused trouble.


DR.CHARLES A.DIXON [Akron,Ohio]: I want to say something about that. Back in 1936,when Dr.Bond took the course in Boston, I think every doctor in that crowd was consulted and questioned and offered suggestions. I can see before me some of those who were there at the time, and, as Dr.Bond gave the history here, I can see where I will net we all missed the boat. Anyway, I am wondering, with the experience I have had with nosodes since then-and one I wasnt acquainted with at the time-when Dr.Bond said this started with a cough and tickle in the throat, and a bad case of influenza, why under the sun didnt we give him Influenzin and watch what we got?.

I can talk an hour, or two or three hours,about cases that I have dated back to attacks of influenza, that have just responded miraculously to the Influenzin nosode. I dont believe he ever had Influenzin, did he,the nosode?.

DR.WILBUR K.BOND[Greensfork, Ind]: He had had several attacks of influenza, and, as I took back now over it, I know it was a good remedy because during 1928 he had a very bad attack of influenza. I should have given it.

Now,the remedies all brought him back to his original picture in march when he had the final attack.

DR.MARION BELLE ROOD[Lapeer, Mich]; I think it has been worth any sacrifice any of us has made to come here, to hear the pertinacity of the man who loved his father so much, and the battling pugnacity of this peace-loving man who would cure this war mongering world-if we would only be as pertinaceous as Dr. Bond was with his father, we could do so.

DR.BOND[closing]: Well, I dont aim to bore you with this personal problem, but I might add that, of course,there were a lot of obstacles to cure. Many of the remedies were well selected but we had obstacle to cure. The man, as I explained to you, had become an adrenalomaniac. As Dr.Dixon once pointed out, it is almost impossible to cure a case that is taking adrenalin,and that was the great obstruction and lesson to be learned. Many times Phosphorus would act better after a dose or two of Nux, which antidoted all the preceding drugging. That is one point, and the next point was to stick closely to the repertory and have it as an anchoring rod and you are not so likely to get off the track if you come back to the Phosphorus each time.

The next lesson that I learned in this case was this; Once case well studied is worth fifty poorly studied;so some of the offending substances with which he was coming in contact were potentized and given as an antidotal measure by mouth,the 50M and CM. Such substances were aspirin and even the dust from alfalfa hay and timothy hay, and I had gone so far as to expose agar plates all around as old moldy straw stack, and in the lofts of the barn, and had the pure cultures made of these molds and skin-testing solutions prepared. There were a few of them that acted pretty viciously. One of the common molds-and I have seen it written up in the allergy journal recently-responsible for a lot of hay fever, when Pulsatilla fails to cure,is Hormodendrum, a very common offending mold, and that, I believe, was one of the strongest reactors on his skin.

We gave him all of those things we could think of that might be interfering and had them potentized by Ehrhart & Karl, and we gave them to him by mouth. I think they all had a certain part to play in removing obstacle to recovery. We gave him adrenalin in high potency,but of course, all these things,m not being the similimum, would not complete the case,and I do believe that, although at the time they didnt seem to do much, they had their little part to play in cracking his case, preparing the way for other remedies later that burst it wide open. As for the bacterial allergy, he had a pansinusitis and every sinus in his head was packed full of polyps and pus. You can imagine the low state of health he was in.

He was admitted to the hospital as an emergency, and many of the villagers said they would being Charlie Bond back in as pine box. He is back on the farm today in active farm life, while many of the little villagers long before this have passed on and are in the little green cemetery.Why? Because he had a good heart, and he stuck to homoeopathy through thick and thin and hell fire.

Wilbur K. Bond