A robust young man engaged in athletic sports was attacked with intermittent fever. He took lumps of quinine and indigenous drugs. This suppressed the paroxysms for the time being. When he came to me he gave me the symptom that he would feel feverish during the full and new moons.

(From The Hahnemannian Gleanings, August, 1935).

S.N.B., aged about 40, was attacked with Gonorrhoea a few years ago. The discharge was suppressed by injections. After a year or so he complained of a burning pain in his stomach. This pain was almost constant and was temporarily ameliorated by cold drinks and cold applications. He took various medicines but no improvement was marked. I gave him Arsenic 30, three doses (a dose every fifteen minutes). After two doses this pain disappeared for the time but after twenty-four hours the pain reappeared. I gave him Ars. alb. 1m, one dose; he felt well for a few days and then again the pain reappeared.

I gave him no other medicine except a few occasional doses of Placebo for I thought that would re-establish the flow and ameliorate the pain. After full two months a gleety discharge broke out. He complained of burning in the urethra while urinating. The interest of the case lies in the fact that the gastric pain disappeared as soon as the discharge made its appearance.

The pain and the character of the discharge was exactly the same as they were at the time of suppression. The patient was melancholy and rather flatulent. He was absent-minded and lost a considerable portion of retentive power. He had a gleety discharge all along. I gave him a dose of Agnus castus 200. The burning and the pain disappeared in no time. He was also cured of hankering after sexual gratification.

Babu L.M.C. went to Calcutta where he was severely bitten by mosquitoes. He came back after a couple of days with a slight fever and sore bruised sensation all over the body. I was called in to see the case. I attended the case and found the above symptoms. I gave him a dose of Arnica mont. 1m. Scarcely had I returned to my room, than I was again called in to see him. I went there and saw that he was sweating profusely all over his body. There was cold perspiration on his forehead.

His tongue was fast becoming paralysed. There was incoordination of the muscles of extremities. His hands and feet trembled and his words came out in jerks. His face was blue, cold and pinched. Finger nails blue. Tips of fingers pinched. Pulse was absolutely imperceptible at the wrist. Genuine collapse. Temperature 95 F. He was given Veratrum alb. 30 (a dose every five minutes).

After three doses all these symptoms disappeared. he then complained of a severe and deep seated pain as if in the bone in the right shoulder. This pain was felt most acutely in the evening and at night. He was given Mercurius 30 thrice a day and was cured. He did not take Arnica I gave him at first.

A boy of about eight years of age was bitten by a rat somewhere below his left knee joint. There was a small deep punctured wound at the site. There was absolutely no bleeding. This was followed by high fever and severe pain all over his body and specially in the vicinity of the wound. He was given an injection to prevent lock-jaw. Pain, fever, etc., subsided. But after a month his left knee joint began to swell. He experienced a pain which was ameliorated by ice cold application. He was given allopathic ointment.

Pain and swelling subsided but his knee joint became stiff. He could neither flex nor extend his knee. He had to walk on crutches. A big Calcutta doctor was consulted who opined that there was actual shortening of tendons. He received medicine for about a year from Allopaths. No improvement was marked. I was called in to see the patient. I gave him a dose of Ledum pal. 200. This cured him in a week. No other medicine was needed.

Chhedu Shaikh lives in our village. He is extremely poor. He was attacked with pneumonia some two years ago. He received quack medicines and recovered. From that time every cold settled in the chest. Towards the close of the winter in 1933 he was attacked with a similar cold. He complained of pressing, bursting pain in the upper third of the right lung. He had a dry hacking cough caused by tickling in the suprasternal fossa and in the stomach. He felt worse in the evening.

The cough and the pain was worse lying on the left side. He had burning all over his body. He was given Phosphorus 200 and was cured. Towards the close of the last winter he was a gain attacked with pain in the chest. He had slight fever which was at its highest between 4 to 8 p.m. He had loose cough with mouthfuls of expectoration of greenish yellow colour. This profuse expectoration gave no relief. Fever and pain went on unabated. When he coughed it seemed as if the entire parenchyma of the lungs were softened.

Sudhir Kumar B R Choudhury