THE MOTIVE OF THINGS. An interesting fact proved by the emanometer is the essential part played by succession in the potentising process. Simple dilution causes only an infinitesimal rise in potency energy and it is left to the succussive taps to release the energy at each stage. They are, however, able to do this only up to a certain limit. Once that limit is reached no more energy is evolved until further dilution makes it possible for succussion again to take effect.

Since the time of Hippocrates physicians have been divided into two opposite camps and this state of affairs appears to be due to the fact that they concentrate their attention on the theories of the day instead of giving more support to the practice observations of facts that have enabled us, in other sciences, to penetrate into the secrets of Nature.

Yet the question of treating disease is as old as humanity itself and this discordance still obliges us to make a choice between two systems that differ so radically and fundamentally as Allopathy and Homoeopathy.

This astonishes us, we the sufferers, of whom some bear within themselves the conviction of the Unity of Creation, of a Unique and Indivisible Truth and of a same common fundamental law. They feel that two truths cannot serve them, that it is necessary to reconcile the two viewpoints or to achieve that the factual truth which each one claims becomes the Truth based on Reason of one or the other.

How to choose from two propositions.

To choose it is necessary to understand and to understand it is necessary to look for a plan starting point – for Truth is plain. One should find the orderly link-up of effects to a unique principle and to a primary cause.

This starting point is provided to the observer by the prescriptions of doctors of each School – as some will give to the patient the medicine in the crude state and others in the dynamic state. Let us leave aside all other considerations on the respective principles of the two methods and concentrate our attention to the reply to be given to a simple question like this: “Which of the two ways to offer remedies is more in harmony with our living organism and for what reason?” The reply to this question should lead us to the path of this Truth based on Reason that we look for and should enable us then to solve the other problems.

Our organism being composed of a multitude of cells each having to receive a reviving part of our food, it is advisable to observe the means made use of by Nature to feed them and to maintain their general equilibrium. Illness indicates that this equilibrium is upset and the medicines would have the task to reach the deficient points in following the same as the food because finally all will be present in the blood stream that will bring life or the medicine to each of the cells.

Let us skip over the details of the transformation of food by digestion and let us go directly to the final result which shows us its ingredients ground, reduced, transformed into soluble substances divided and ready to be absorbed by the blood.

Can we say that the digestion has terminated? It has not, because it is a question of feeding our cells and the blood is but an intermediary which receives food sufficiently prepared to be absorbed by the circulation, but which is perhaps not enough to be absorbed by the cells.

Up to now the vital functions of the circulation have appeared to us under three aspects: the conveying of the vital elements to the cells, the bringing in of oxygen, and the elimination of toxins through the passage of filters meant for the purpose. This is much, but it is enough to justify the relatively considerable energy spent by the organs of propulsion: the heart and the vessels which cause the movement of this mass of liquid twice a minute across our organism? Let us go more deeply into the facts, let us follow the alimentary molecules in their journey.

Carried away slowly at first through the capillaries and chyleferous vessels they will soon find themselves in a current of blood rushing through the large vessels. The first result obtained will be a considerable dilution of the alimentary liquid. The second will be a still greater division by the stirring effect of the hearts movement, division which will progress up to the separation of the constitutive elements. The third result will be an increase of the electrical potential of each of the elements by dynamisation – for it is only thus one should term the principal work of our heart not known up to the present.

If the first two results could hardly be questioned, the third demands explanations to clarify what we understand by dynamisation.

To get at this we should go back to the technique employed by Hahnemann which consisted in diluting a medicine progressively by shaking it a certain number of times after each dilution. What result do we obtain by following this method and what do we do practically? We shake this liquid in a magnetic field which already surrounds and penetrates it – that of the Earth, the potency of which varies constantly with the height by about one hundred volts per meter.

The result of these movements will be an increase of the electrical potential of this liquids elements just as that of any rod will be increased when this movement is given. Objection will be raised that a liquid will not necessarily follow the same law and that this requires proof. Researches made by Dr. Boyd will answer to this objection and some extracts from an article written by Dr. G.R. Mitchell, “The Infinitesimal Dose,” will enlighten us; it appeared in the January issue of the Journal of The British Homoeopathic Association and confirms also what had been written by the same author in June, 1949:.

It is only within comparatively recent times that a gleam of light has appeared and revealed the solution of the problem. It is now known that all potencies from the lowest to the highest exhibit a kind of radiant energy. The reality of this energy has been investigated and endorsed by a committee of non-homoeopathic doctors and physicists, and its existence can be accepted as an established scientific fact.

The instrument which is able to detect this energy was devised by Dr. Boyd of Glasgow and is called the “emanometer”. From it a great deal of knowledge has been gained which already is of great practical importance to homoeopathy, and whose value will increase as research proceeds. Two from the many facts that have emerged are of special relevance to the theme of this article. The first of these is that each drug has its own peculiar or specific energy, that is to say that the energy in one remedy differs in some particular from that in any other. This fact was illustrated in one of the numerous experiments observed by investigating committee when, by tests repeated many times, the emanometer unfailingly selected one remedy from different ones.

The other is that the intensity of this drug energy increases with each succeeding stage of potentisation. This phenomenon also was successfully demonstrated to the satisfaction of the investigators.

These two facts are sufficient to enable us to form a picture of what happens when a remedy is potentised. At the beginning we see the undiluted drug radiating a small amount of energy which is of a type peculiar to itself alone. During the potentising process this characteristic quality of energy never varies, but its strength increases from stage to stage.

An interesting fact proved by the emanometer is the essential part played by succession in the potentising process. Simple dilution causes only an infinitesimal rise in potency energy and it is left to the succussive taps to release the energy at each stage. They are, however, able to do this only up to a certain limit. Once that limit is reached no more energy is evolved until further dilution makes it possible for succussion again to take effect.

The last above-mentioned fact-referring to the essential part played by succussion in the potentising process – confirms the third result which we attribute to the dynamic action of our circulation. We too are immersed in this magnetic field that vivifies all Creation and we draw from it our strength, our life. See how our heart responds to the needs of children by increasing the pace of circulation to assure their growth, and how the slowing down of this circulation shows our old age.

To pretend that we draw life from our surroundings means that we should be profoundly influence by them and that we should follow all its modalities. The proof of this certainty is supported by every-day facts of which many are known and endorsed.

During two years the author has made graphics of his own circulation side by side with studies on the magnets variations as well as the variations of gravity, and ventures to assert that the curve of our circulation follows, in the main line, those of the electro-magnetic forces as well as those of gravity.

We commenced by putting the question of choosing a remedy; the reader being informed will choose himself the one conforming best to the needs of his system. He will even go further and reason that, if what we call digestion closes actually by our circulations vigour, he not only should relieve it during sickness by adding medicines in the dynamic state, but that he should prepare even the food in this way in very extreme cases, as cancer for instance, which is the ultimate expression of our circulations disorder and of a deficient dynamisation.

Marius Ehny