SOME MIRACULOUS RESULTS FOLLOWING USE OF HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES. As a student I learned what to expect from the use of many of our best known remedies: Bell., Nux vom., Sulph., etc. One of our women students who had suffered severe dysmenorrhoea from her first period, and been hospitalized and dilated with only temporary relief, and been hospitalized and dilated with only temporary relief, was CURED by one or two powders of Sulphur in a high potency, so that there was never again pain with the menses.

Nearly 60 years ago, when working in a country drug store, putting up the prescriptions of its owner, an allopathic physician, I wondered how the patient lived after taking the medicine. A few years later, when associated with a homoeopathic physician, my wonderment increased. There was not hesitancy in my decision as to the system I wished to practice. So, in the fall of 1896, I entered Boston University School of Medicine to study Homoeopathy as taught at that time. I have never changed my mind as to its value and superiority over other systems of healing.

As a student I learned what to expect from the use of many of our best known remedies: Bell., Nux vom., Sulph., etc. One of our women students who had suffered severe dysmenorrhoea from her first period, and been hospitalized and dilated with only temporary relief, and been hospitalized and dilated with only temporary relief, was CURED by one or two powders of Sulphur in a high potency, so that there was never again pain with the menses.

As an intern, 50 years ago, in the Womans Homoeopathic Hospital in Brooklyn. N.Y., I learned what Sepia means to the woman who lacks abdominal muscle tone with sagging of uterus and adnexa. One case I recall came into my GYM clinic with the uterus so low that the cervix was protruding from the vagina; it was replaced, given support, and one dose of Sepia was prescribed in a high potency followed by a few doses of the 30th. It remained in normal position so long as I received reports which was for several months. Other cases, more or less pronounced, have responded satisfactorily to Sepia given in the 6., 12., and higher potencies, according to the type and spiritual development of the patient, which I believe is to be considered always in the giving of any remedy.

During my practice, I have been rewarded by many marvelous responses to the homoeopathic remedies in both low and high potencies. Following a dose of Pulsatilla I have known a fetus to change its position from an indicated buttock or foot presentation to a normal head presentation a few days before delivery. Kali carb. has changed unruly labour pains from the back and down the legs to the right path so that the delivery was almost painless. And Opium in a high potency has so revived lagging labor pains that a delivery that looked “long drawn out” and difficult, hurried up so that the Doctor was needed within an hour.

Two doses of Ipecac 6x in water has relieved awful nausea with vomiting of all food and liquids lasting 24 hours. Aloes 1M has given immediate relief many times in cases of acute abdominal cramp accompanied by faintness with copious stool, sometimes loose and gushing and sometimes of normal consistency. Both Rumex and Drosera have given quick and absolute relief from troublesome coughs.

I recall a patient, a woman 60 years old, who came into my office with a severe, racking cough of several days duration. I gave her Drosera 10M and a few tablets of low potency which was to be taken if cough continued. She reported later she never had to take the second dose. She died from cancer of the stomach without pain till the last two days. Hydrastis was the remedy.

Baptisia 50M, 1 powder, cured tonsillitis in a man, 35 years old, who had a habit of repeated attacks regularly every year. He was free from a return when he last reported to me for years afterward.

God bless Ferrum phos., in 1M or 45M or the 6. or 12., or any potency, I believe. I have found it brought results when given to persons of any age and either sex. While acting as a resident physician in the Connecticut State Training School at Mansfield, one of the girls, a plump, light-complexioned and attractive 16- year old, suffered from attacks of epilepsy with each menstrual period; at no other time. I gave her Ferr. Phos. 45M and a few doses of the 6th with no other remedy and she forgot the epilepsy during the following several months I remained there.

An attendant in the same School complained one evening of much pain in his chest and feared pneumonia. Ferr. phos. given and the chest pains were and feared pneumonia. Ferr. phos. given and the chest pains were gone by morning. A woman, a 58-year-old teacher, who used her voice a good deal, stout, of medium complexion, came to my office with aphonia, unable to speak above a whisper. She was given Ferr. phos. 45M and an hour later her voice had returned. Colds that start with chilliness up and down the spine are often prevented from developing by Ferr. Phos.

I have to mention Silicea in connection with its ability to reopen wounds that close prematurely and become troublesome because of some retained pus or foreign substance. Sil. cleans out the “left overs.” I have tasted its good work there more than once.

The chain of good results is almost endless but I am going to mention one which was not only miraculous but almost spectacular. This case is that of a business woman, 45 years old, plump, light-complexioned, intellect of high quality, the mother of 2 young daughters, who lives in the open as much as possible but must be warmly clothed. She had been a patient of mine for a time about 10 years previously since when she had taken up Christen Science. She had travelled much abroad and I had not seen her until she came into my office with the history of having been housed for over a year from “general breakdown” and “diabetic condition”; not able to drive her car for 12 years.

She was under the care of a Christian Science healer until a friend, noting her failure to regain her health, urged her to try an M.D. and brought her own physician to see her. The doctor, a graduate of the Womans Homoeopathic Medical School of New York City, treated her and under her care the patient greatly improved. But a lump developed in the right breast, the growth of which could not be controlled and was subsequently diagnosed as cancer by 3 different physicians: the doctor in charge, her associate, and a cancer specialist in New York City. When the lady came to me she was weak and trembly, the breast was discharging, building up a thick, black irregularly shaped scab 2 inches across, and the patient said she was getting an odor from it, which fact brought her to me.

The breast was sort of folded toward the point of discharge. She was giving herself Insulin by hypo from 1 to 3 times each day for the diabetic condition. A feeling of my inability caused me to ask: “Just what do you expect me to do, since 3 doctors have failed to relieve you?” Following her reply “I expect you to cure me. You always used to,” it seemed that for a moment we were both enveloped in a globe of mist with rainbow colors passing through it, and during that instant my treatment was decided. I advised that we stop the Insulin and I gave her one powder of Phos. 1M and a small package of Harrowers gland tablets that contained pancreas, to take one tablet each day and asked her to see me again in 4 days when we would investigate conditions under the scab.

Her Christian Science belief would not allow any external application so with a little deodorant powder on sterile gauze pinned to her undervest she went home, my prayers with her. The fourth day, believe it or not, she walked into my office as though she had never been ill, sat down with a sigh of relief and the remark: “O, doctor, it seemed so good to have a night of sleep! I went to bed at 7 P.M. and slept right through till 7 A.M., a thing I have not done for 2 or 3 years, and you do not have to worry about the scab bor it is coming off by itself.”

In less than 2 weeks, the whole thing had cleared up, breast healed and rounded out to normal size and shape. She drove her car to Chicago from Greenwich, Conn, taking her younger daughter with a friend to work on the Worlds Fair Grounds. She, herself, took a job on the Grounds and wrote me to joint her there, reporting that she felt fine. In never saw her again but her daughter told me that the breast condition never returned. A few years later under Christian Science treatment, and a “healer” with her at the time, she passed away in diabetic coma, as did her father before I contacted the family.

God bless Hahnemann for the work he did in developing the Homoeopathic system of medicine, and all his followers who are continuing the practice. SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO.


Dr. Fred B. Morgan of clinton, Iowa, died on November 28, 1950, after an illness of ten days, Death resulted from cerebral haemorrhage.

Dr. Morgan, son of Russell W., and Sarah Morgan, was born April 17, 1874, on a farm near Belvidere, Illinois. His early education was obtained in the public schools of Boone County, Illinois, and he graduated from the Belvidere (Ill.) High School in 1894. He received his medical education at the Hahnemann Medical College of chicago, graduating with the degree of Doctor of Medicine from that institution in 1898.

Dr. Morgans first practice was established in Poplar Grove, Illinois, soon after his graduation where he remained until 1899, going from there to Fort Collins, Colorado for a period of five years. In 1904, he settled in cornell, Illinois, practising there until 1915 when he moved to Clinton, Iowa where he spent the remainder of his life.

During a part of this residence in Cornell, Illinois, Dr. Morgan served as its mayor. He also served as coroner for Clinton, Iowa. He was a member of the Iowa State Board of Medical examiners. During the depression of the 30s, he worked with the clinton “Lend-a-Hand”. movement to aid those out of work because of it.

Dr. Morgans chief professional was in homoeopathy in all its phases. He was a member and past president of The Hahnemann Medical Association of Iowa. In 1941 he was elected to active membership in the International Hahnemannian Association, attending its meetings regularly and contributing many important papers and discussions to its scientific sessions. He was a long- time member of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, serving on its Board of Trustees. In 1946 he was made president-elect of the Institute and the following year he was raised to the presidency of that organization, an office which he filled with distinction. At the time of his death he was co-chairman of the important Homoeopathic Research Committee in charge of the Theoretical and Experimental Division.

Dr. Morgan was also a member of the Iowa State Medical Association and of the American Medical Association.

DR. Morgan will be especially remembered for his development of such remedies as Feldspar, showing their homoeopathic relationship to mans ailments. His papers on this subject are most important contributions to homoeopathic materia medica. Recently he had devoted much time and research in the field of electronic diagnosis in the hope of developing a more accurate method of remedy selection than at present available. This is an important phase of homoeopathy and Dr. Morgans death will be a distinct loss to this line of work; his leadership and inspiration set the pace for other workers in this department.

Dr. Morgan is survived by his wife, the former Minnie V. Smith; a daughter. Ruth, wife of Arnold E. Rapp of Denver, Colorado; and a son, Russell W., of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.

In Dr. Morgans death, homoeopathy has least not the lest of her true and devoted followers. The writers appreciation of Dr. Morgans work for the good of the cause can never be adequately expressed. In many little ways he was responsible for the spirit of unity that now is beginning to reappear in the ranks of organized homoeopathy. His forthright stand for pure homoeopathy and his own accomplishments in that field had a great influence on many of the doubting Thomases within our ranks. Those of us who knew and loved Dr. Morgan must stand ever firm for the things in homoeopathy for which he fought, for only by a united front can homoeopathy hope to maintain its existence.

E H Turton