VITAMINS NO. The nutritional chemist today resembles a man who studies a dynamo minutely in all its numerous parts and from all its possible angles except one, the one which is the most important and essential, the one which concerns the energy that makes the dynamo turn.

In order to understand the problem of nutrition, we must consider it from two standpoints, one chemical, the other physical. Up to now the physical side of the this problem has been as completely neglected as if we had no physicists, whereas its chemical studies have been piled up to staggering proportions. On the one side absolute atrophy, on the other sky- high hypertrophy!.

The nutritional chemist today resembles a man who studies a dynamo minutely in all its numerous parts and from all its possible angles except one, the one which is the most important and essential, the one which concerns the energy that makes the dynamo turn.

That is why most of these studies are one-sided and useless. I have the impression that all the boasted progress made by these chemists is an enormous delusion. They have brought us nothing but an endless confusion of soap bubbles, paper castles and fatal morganas so that in the matter of nutritional science and its practical application we are today exactly where we were 50 years ago.

To begin with, some preliminaries are necessary before I can try to prove my point. A grain of wheat, if planted under proper conditions of moisture and temperature, will sprout. If this same grain is boiled or soaked in some chemical or crushed and then planted, it will not sprout. Two conditions must be fulfiled before growth ensues. On the one hand, the grain must retain its life energies unharmed, on the other, it must be surrounded by an atmosphere containing sun’s energy in the from of atmospheric electricity. No chemical material would enter the grain by mere juxtaposition and chemical affinity.

A dead grain does not grow, nor does a living grain grow in winter, in darkness or in too dry an atmosphere when there is not enough electricity in the air. Without any force to direct the chemical materials upward and downward and in and out of the grain there would be no chemical interaction and if there were one, it would not work upward and downward so as to cause growth in only one, that is the vertical, direction and from stem and roots. When the plant is formed, it grows only as long as there is enough electricity in the air as well as in the plant in order to produce sufficient mutual attraction of their different chemicals. So great can this vital force be that it breaks through the hard stony shells of nuts, peach and plum stones.

In the nutrition of the animal kingdom we find the same force in operation. A dead animal cannot assimilate even the most vitalized foods and food which is devitalized cannot be assimilated even by the most healthy animals. Foods in which life is destroyed to such an extent that there is not sufficient attraction between them and the cells of the animal body are no foods ant more. They are not assimilated, not metabolized. And that is why Hippocrates said: “Foods must be in the condition in which they are found in nature, or at least in a condition as close as possible to that found in nature”.

Primarily life is an interplay of billions of electro- magnetic forces. It is also an interplay of chemical substances, yet this is secondary. The chemicals are only carries these forces. As long as there is flow of forces, there is life. One cannot say that of the chemicals. The ply of forces may remain the same even if the chemicals are different. While chemicals are necessary, it is not essential that, because being interchangeable to an extent, they stay the same, as is the case with the forces. Force is always the same, carrier may not be. Only as long as the food particles are carriers of life forces can they enter the animal cells, undergo chemical reactions within the cells and then, also, leave the cells. An electric battery must be recharged from time to time and new energy introduced, otherwise it dies.

The same must be said of the animal life battery. New energy must be given it constantly if life is to be kept up. To think the life forces working in and between the animal cells can push and chase dead chemicals around or that life can be created out of something unanimated is preposterous. Forces are aided, augmented and replaced only by other newcoming forces and not by chemicals. You don’t recharge a battery by stuffing it with chemicals. Should you stuff it, the battery would not be charged. Yet something similar is done by humans who eat devitalized foods.

They recharge their batteries of life, not with new forces, but with chemicals which is no recharge at all. And this is what the nutritional chemists are teaching us to do and this is what they are doing with their test animals. When then the thing does not function, they invent all kinds of irrelevant explanations. The drug manufacturers are selling drugs supposed to help this recharging process, but drugs cannot do it because they do not contain, any energy. When the human machinery then suddenly stops, it is called “heart attack.”.

When, half a century ago, Doctor Eijkman made his first experiment on chicken, he and others with him though that he had discovered a new and mysterious substance in foods extremely inconspicuous as if could not be seen nor weighed, but terribly conspicuous by the effects of its absence. He found it different from all the other chemicals in that it was exceedingly elusive. It disappeared when heated even moderately or brought into contact with air, light, oxygen and many other chemicals or if dried out, and even time itself was found to be destructive to it. It did not occur him that what he discovered was no material substance, but energy, the same energy which we find in all the living plants and animals, which originally comes from the sun, which fills the atmosphere and the surface of the earth, which increases with the intensity of the sun and which on hot sunny days gets so concentrated in the clouds that it produces lightning, etc.

The description of this new substance by him and others fits this life energy to a ” T “. If Eijkman had then looked for physicists to collaborate with, we would probably today be in possession of a real science of nutrition. Nevertheless, he remained modest, called his discovery only a theory and his new substance hypothetical. But soon chemists took hold of this discovery and gave an entirely different direction to its studies.

As said, this matter was only a theory but, since theories don’t lend themselves to exploitation and lucrative business, the chemists soon proclaimed it to be a fact, christened the new substance with the lovely name Vitamin, made extensive laboratory researches of their own and started to write long papers. Besides, they saw that the medical profession needed psychological preparation for the acceptance of their ideas. This they effected by smothering the medical men with so many new data that these men could not see the forest for the trees. And, whenever the vitamin would not obey their wishful thinking, they became afraid that they would be found out, so they quickly devised an other and a third and a fourth and fifth vitamin which they then divided into fractions, calling them components, precursors, food factors or number 1,2, etc., the more to fascinate and hypnotize the grasping prospective consumers.

People become sick because they eat devitalized foods which cannot be assimilated. In the metabolic process these foods are not broken down to water and carbon dioxide but create toxins, mostly of acid nature. The only cure for this is eating fresh foods. This fact has been known to men in all epochs of history.

One would expect that, realizing this, the chemist would now start a new business of selling better, fresher foods to the public, instead they found it more profitable to extract vitamins out of the usual fresh foods. When these first vitamins did not prove helpful in practice, they were in a dilemma which threatened to annihilate all their future plans. They called those vitamins which would not obey their vitamin precursors and abandoned them as of no commercial use and turned their attention on such foods which, besides their nourishing values, also contained known medicinal properties. We known that there are many foods which are not only foods but medicines or poisons at the same time.

Their first choice fell on cod liver oil, the second on yeast. It has been known for centuries that cod liver oil was a medicine for rickets and allied troubles, yeast for boils and other skin troubles. Armed with these old drugs they were bound to obtain some results and immediately they announced, urbi et orbi, how they had found a new source of highly active vitamins and started to sell this oil under the name of vitamin A, yeast under the name of vitamin B, etc.

If some chemical cures a disease, it does not follows that the particular patient lacked that chemical. Many other chemicals might have done the same thing. Rickets can be cured by many other foods even more quickly than by fish oil, but for reasons of convenience fish oil was chosen as the representative of the vitamin A.

No real scientist would be guilty of such arbitrary subterfuge. Only someone whose moral integrity is subordinate to his material gain could have effected this substitution. Be that as it may, the fact remains that from now on a number of medicinal, enzymatic, digestive, assimilative and catalytic properties of foods were declared as functions of some vitamin without any justification.

Let us see form concrete examples what happens if devitalized food is consumed and its effects treated with what is called vitamin. If a calf is fed boiled or canned milk instead of nursed by its mother, it gets tired and weak and dies on the 15th day. If a lamb is fed this same milk, it died in about three weeks. If these animals are given raw milk at a moment when they are so sick and weak from boiled milk that they cannot stand on their feet any more, they immediately revive and are able in 24 hours to hop about as if they had never been sick. This same experience, with the same details, has been repeatedly seen in children.

In fact millions of children have been killed by their mothers with boiled milk. In my early practice, over 35 years ago, I saw several children die that way. Their mothers were taught the dangers of germs and the importance of thorough cooking. So they fed their babies boiled milk, sugar and Cream of Wheat, last they thoroughly cooked and which had been devitalized by the miller before. Children died unless a doctor was called who knew his business. The situation today is hardly different. Today babies are fed canned milk, milk sugar, a few drops of orange juice and a few drops of fish oil or a vitamin consisting of concentrated fish oil.

If such a feeding is started immediately after birth and no other more vitalized foods are given, the child will be near death by the end of his second month. This has not been our experience-ED. What he develops is scurvy. The child is pale, emaciated, suffers from catarrh in the respiratory passages and from a papular dermatitis. If, from time to time, his menu is improved by some energizing foods, his disease comes more slowly and what he develops is called rickets. Fish oil being a centuries-old remedy for rickets and fruit juices also being a centuries-old remedy for scurvy, they should have protected the child against these diseases but they have not. This is perfectly logical.

These diseases are only cured if uncooked milk is substituted for the cooked, that is if the cause of the disease is completely removed from the diet. If this is done and then fish oil added, the cure is effected more quickly, but no one can say that it is effected by the oil. The oil only accelerates it. If fruit juice is added, the fruit juice does not cure, it only contributes to the cure. Different kinds of fruit juices can be chosen and instead of uncooked milk other foods can be given and the cure will also be effected provided these other foods are not devitalized. It is a mistake to think that cooked milk which cannot be assimilated will be assimilated by the addition of fish oil and fruit juices.

It is a mistake to think that fish oil and fruit juices will counteract the toxins generated by the unmetabolized and unassimilated milk. The addition of these two foods never makes the cooked milk assimilable. The child will suffer from the acidosis caused by the toxins of the devitalized milk just the same, all that will happen will be a slight retardation of his sickness. We often see children who with all the constipation of vitamins are so saturated with acids caused by the canned milk that their perspiration, their urine, their stool and their breath smell sour and their skin is so irritated that it is inflamed and covered with secretions and their respiratory tract is also so irritated that it is filled with mucus.

The present-day vitamin therapy of children is only making the parents believe that the toxicity of the canned milk is neutralized by the vitamin, a doctrine which is more harmful than all the germs and all the epidemics have ever been.

It is an old observation that fresh fish oil is most active oil in treating rickets and allied diseases. It it is refined, it is less active and still less is old and exposed to light and air. In time it loses its life energy completely. Since Vitamin A is a preparation of fish oil and often lies on the shelves of the drugstores for years before it is sold, it loses its force and when completely devitalized, it is harmful to everybody. This applies to all vitamins. A therapeutic effect can be expected only from relatively fresh products.

This is a bad situation, but in recent years it has become worse. Most manufacturers, not all, are now producing synthetic vitamins, that is, out of dead chemical material and not such as nature grows, not of vitalized foods such as years, wheat germ, vegetables, fruits, livers, endocrine glands, etc. These synthetic vitamins are invariably injurious as everybody can find out for himself.

The manufacturing of such vitamins would have been forbidden by the Government administration long ago, had not some chemists, employed by big business, falsely testified that there was no difference between the natural and synthetic vitamins. This was their testimony at a time when everybody interested in this matter knew the truth about it and when the Hungarian vitaminologist, Szent Gyorgyi, proved clinically that synthetic vitamin C cannot cure scurvy.

Before me lies an advertising pamphlet on a synthetic vitamin B product which illustrates the business acumen of the manufactures and proves that they were well aware of the toxicity of their products as it says.” Caution! Although no toxic reactions have been reported and no contraindications to its use have been discovered, excessive doses for prolonged periods of times seem inadvisable until more extensive investigations have been completed.” Why caution where there is no danger?.

Since such a gold mine could not remain productive very long, the business men added to these vitamins other known drugs which had been commonly used for their therapeutic effects.

Their choice fell on mineral salts, bile salts, iron, copper and iodine. Everybody who knows something about the manner in which drugs act can see that such maneuvers only change the bad to worse.

Recently the money mania has driven the vitamin producers to expand their tentacles over the field of endocrinology. Devitalized foods harm the endocrine glands, therefore, if you can’t eat properly, which they are sure can’t, you must use not only their vitamins but also their extracts of endocrine glands, if you expect to stay well. So they mix these gland extracts with heir vitamins and mineral salts and metals and what-not so that now no one will be sick any more.

Also the natural vitamins can be harmful if not indicated in a given case or if used in excessive amounts. Long before the vitamin era it was known that the good old cod liver oil could be injurious. In fever, in cases of deficient liver function, in digestive troubles and neurasthenia it may do harm. And it has been found that experimental animals become paralyzed from large doses of vitamin A.

And who would think that yeast could harm anybody? But it does harm people with weak hearts, low blood pressure or anemia. If such people eat bread fresh out of the oven, they immediately become tired. This tiredness is the effect of yeast. When the bread is cooled off, it loses its strength and does not have this tiring effect any more. I tried yeast on myself. In order to be sure that I was taking nothing but yeast, I made it myself. The first dose pepped me up, which lasted a week. When the condition were off, I took the second dose. This time it had the opposite effect. It tired me immediately.

A day later I took the third dose and then three more doses, one each day, and then no more. I had to stop taking it because my heart became so weak and my blood pressure so low that I was afraid to continue. A big fat lady came to my office complaining. “Oh, doctor, I shall die, I shall die, I am so weak.” Questioning brought out that she was taking Vitamin B, undoubtedly made from yeast. She discontinued it and in a few days all her weakness was gone. One day I saw a friend on the street, looking pale and tired and I asked him what he was doing. He was taking Vitamin B and I said: “Stop the damned stuff!” He did and in a week he was pink again.

Also the good fruit acids and their Vitamin C can be injurious. Known is the story of the plump and blooming French girl who drank a large glass of wine vinegar in order to reduce.

Soon she lost flesh, became pale and weak, night sweats set in and fever, cough, diarrhoea and death followed.

According to all this we can safely say that the so-called Vitamins exist only in imagination and that in reality they are drugs like any other drugs. They can be good and they can be bad. You have to know in advance when they will be good and when they will be bad, if you want to use them. To determine unequivocally in which condition they can be used therapeutically, it is necessary to use Hahnemann’s method of drug proving on the human and so establish their pathogenesis.

To proceed, as the Vitamin specialists do, by starving test animals, making them sick and then feeding them back some vitamin is a trial and error method of experimentation which has never discovered any remedy and never given any practical results, not to speak of the many other disadvantages of animal experimentation.

Recently, and quite unintentionally, the vitamin men, themselves, have come to confirm all these ideas as they have started to use minute doses of vitamin B12 for pernicious anemia, a disease in which substantial doses of vitamin B are very harmful. That means they have come to use this vitamin in the manner homoeopathy uses its drugs. This confirms the connection that, if used only homoeopathically, great benefit might be derived from the vitamins in some cases. This explains why, here and there, we hear that some one has been benefited by some vitamins. Evidently, they have fitted his case as any other might have fitted it. It is a very poor homoeopathy, of course, as it dose not consider the many points of posology.

Used in this manner, vitamins would, like any homoeopathic remedy, arouse the metabolism, the toxic waste products would be broken down to simpler compounds which would be eliminated and so the body cleaned of the disease causes.

Does not all this prove sufficiently to any thinking man that a fallacy it is to maintain that lack of this or that chemical is causing the disease of this or that lack of this or that chemical is causing the disease of this or that patient while his symptoms are screaming that he is saturated with toxins originated from a crippled metabolism and from devitalized foods. What is lacking is vital energy which exists only in natural foods and can be bought in grocery stores, but not in drug stores. Deficiency of chemicals does not exist. It is a foolish and reckless idea. But what an irony that the fear of deficiency has been hanging over the heads of this enlightened humanity lake the sword of Damocles for almost half a century.

The drug business has set the psychological trap of deficiency and caught the whole world in it. What an achievement!.

In conclusion I shall say: So-called vitamins do not exist. So-called deficiency is no deficiency. What is deficient is life energy. This energy should be in all foods. Correct eating therefore is imperative. If you make mistakes, sooner or later you will have to pay for them. In nature there is no cause without effect.

F K Bellokossy