HEADACHES. Headache is often a biological reprimand, rather than a threat. The majority of headaches stem from readily reversible body changes and are an accompaniment of resentments and dissatisfactions. Of the headaches, the most common are vascular in type, including migraine and tension headaches. Headache may be equally intense, whether its complications are malignant or benign.


THE BOWEL NOSODES. The role of the intestinal bacteria. B.Coli can be isolated from the intestine of all warm blooded animals and have been found on grasses outside the body. Where there seemed to be no possibility of faecal contamination. Most workers consider the B.Coli to be a harmless saprophyte and to be non-pathogenic in the healthy bowel.


EDITORIAL. Simon-pure Homoeopaths should read no further. Yet this writer pleads guilty to considerable of both these prescribed abuses. Not that he has been shy on burning the midnight electricity in the regular search for the remedy, working on the available totality of each symptom and especially those striking, uncommon and peculiar, giving attention to location, sensation, concomitants and modality.


AURUM METALLICUM. Metallic Gold has had a checkered medical history. It was esteemed by the Arabian physicians and the ancients. Later it was scorned, condemned and rejected because of its insolubility and its indestructibility. Hahnemann revealed its mighty power for good and evil by his methods of trituration, potentization and provings. at first Hahnemann used low triturations but later had his best results from the higher potencies.


FIRST REMOVE THE CAUSE. Your Hahnemannian practitioner should always keep in mind that one of his foremost responsibilities is to seek out and remove the cause-a point stressed by Hahnemann in paragraph 7 of the Organon, wherein he devotes considerable thought to its importance and emphasizes that this must be done specifically and particularly prior to the administration of the similimum.