PROSTATIC SURGERY OR HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT. The patient was also suffering from bilateral cataracts, perceiving only light. The ophthalmologist who made the cataractous diagnosis had refused to treat him surgically because of his generally poor state of health and a pyorrheal condition, more specifically.


CASE REPORTS. Pain and swelling of the right side of the face disappeared in a few days, the dislocations occurred less frequently and now it has been five years without any recurrence. One dental surgeon wanted her to go to Chicago “to have the joint injected” and another advised “writing the joint”.


CLINICAL CASES. I have had several cases of Otitis Media this past winter that have gone on to suppuration, which is unusual. Generally I have cleared them up without a ruptured ear drum, with Bell., Puls., and Fe. phos., leading the list of remedies usually in the 200th potency. Finally with the help of a consultant I was introduced to Fe. phos. DMM, one dose, and since then I have not had a ruptured ear drum. This was a favorite potency of Dr.C.M. Boger.


COMMUNICATIONS. Florida in October is an ideal spot for a meeting as well as vacation. Touring and flying are equally a pleasure. The Soreno Hotel is one of the finest in Florida, located on Tampa Bay near the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You will have the advantage of special summer convention rates All rooms have private bath. You will be able to combine a general healthful vacation of fishing and bathing with a first class medical meeting.


THE FETTERED MIND. The Greeks, who did so much to develop geometry, grew stale when they could find no new uses for it and it became only an amusement for the idle rich and a necessity for the worshippers of culture for cultures sake. It took the barbarians with new problems and a burning desire to solve them to carry geometry into analytical geometry.


PHILOSOPHY VERSUS EMPIRICISM. This is philosophic law versus empiricism in action. Man may gather facts from many observations over long periods of time and in many places, but until he arranges and classifies and correlates them and traces their origins back to their causations he will obtain little good from such observations.