ASTHMA IN CHILDREN. Has Homoeopathic anything to offer in these cases? The members of this Society know, and I know, that Homoeopathy is probably the only system that does really cure these patients and prevents them from having a life of half invalidism and suffering.


SURGERY MINUS. Several years ago I heard of a man up in Canada who had an infected wound which resulted in his whole arm swelling and become so badly infected that two or three surgeons had said that the arm had to come off. He happened go visit a friend of his, a farmer, way out in the open, and the man said, “Shucks, you arent going to lose that arm. Just come over here to the barn”.


VERATRUM VIRIDE. The sensory track of fibers from this same derangement encountered in the medulla, creates the very characteristic symptom of hyperaesthesia of the skin and of all the other tissues supplied by these fibers. Due to this symptom the information are very painful wherever they occur.


EDITORIAL. Are you interested in treating chronic disease? If so, heads up,or you may labor ever so hard, only to find in the end failure, if you persist in treating the acute symptoms coming up. This is old stuff, thoroughly incorporated in the plan of action of masters, past and present,but a great stumbling block for many who are in there earnestly trying for cur in old chronic states.


SEEKING THE HEART OF HOMOEOPATHIC PRESCRIBING. Physical symptoms in consequence of these mental suffering; chill, faintness, profuse cold perspiration and especially accumulation of gas in stomach and intestines; tendency to walk faster and faster when nervous. Endurance low; sleep much disturbed.