EDITORIAL. Those who are yet unconversant with the Therapeutic Pocket Book are urged to obtain it, study it, and apply it to the problems of prescribing; it is practical and adaptable to the exigencies of the chronic case. Those who now use it are to be congratulated upon their recognition of its value in repertorial analysis.


ACUTE SINUSITIS. Sinusitis is quite common and often acute in the region of the Great Lakes and even in Cincinnati. I shall only adduce a few cases with their homoeopathic treatment. Sinusitis is a painful and distressing condition which usually responds to the indicated remedy when it can be discovered. One of the main difficulties in treating sinusitis is to get the patient to describe his affliction rather than the various treatments and nostrums he had used.


SELDOM USED NOSODES. One snake poison that has been very seldom prescribed is Buthus australis. It has done excellent work in a case of hysteroepilepsy. Boericke and Tafel have it in stock. An old Journal of The American Institute of Homoeopathy has as incomplete proving thereof.


MY FIRST CASE. Knowing how often cases of this kind relapse, I was not surprised when three weeks later the family called, saying Sandela had started weeping and crying again. This is much the same way she had started the month before. When I arrived at the home I could see the severe mania of jealously and suicide were again very strong.


SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. Personally, I feel that we have drifted so far down the rapids that there is no chance of our being rescued and all the satisfaction left for me is the poor one of saying, “I told you so”. Now what can we offer the masses attractive enough to lure them from the trap they are headed for in the Wagner-Murray- Dingle bill?.


HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT OF RACHITIS AND TETANY. Closely related to rachitis is spasmophilia or a peculiar type of tetany in latent but manifest form with continued tonic spasm in extremities, and an alkaline metabolism, contrary to the acid form in rachitis. Here the Calcarea group of remedies is indicated, and in homoeopathic form and doses of calcium resorption from food.