EDITORIAL. Thousands of people are disgusted with orthodox medicines still crude and expensive science,m a science which thinks first of disease rather than of sick people, a science which says, “If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out,” a science which thinks or relief rather than of cure. We do not intend to minimize medicines accomplishments in recent years, especially in the field of antibiotics.


COMMUNICATIONS. This seems new to be and I dont see why I should not admit of my deficiency in this line, I hope you will not mind the trouble of spreading your helping had in the matte.?Are all the medicines already tested for their polarity and vibratory rates? What is the significance of these terms? I shall be thankful if you can be kind enough to enlightened me on this subject or if you can suggest me some literature containing these experiments.


CASE REPORTS. Obviously enough except for the severe bleeding which Collinsonia causes,a the symptoms point to Collinsonia. Moreover, the bluish or purple color of Aesc. hip,. piles was also absent it this case. Therefore the first prescription was fully justified. But the remedy having failed, on the authority of Dr. Cowperthwaite alone, Aesculus hip. was prescribed, It simply wonderfully cured and once more proved the unfailing assistance, upon which we can rely,of authorities like Dr.Cowperthwaite.


THE LAW OF SIMILARS IN ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY. By offering the psychological remedy in the reflection of the inner difficulty by an image taken from outer nurture, actually an inner disorder is matched without corresponding similar outer counterpart. On the psychological level the similimum as a corrective force-principle is presented. A homoeopathic approach is found to be the language of creative nature, within as well as outside of us.


SUPPRESSION, ACUTE AND CHRONIC. Suppression explains why people who eat toxic foods crave toxic liquids. Gout is the pathological product of well-done meats. Coffee, tea, alcohols top the uric acids elimination and quiet down he uric acid symptoms. the secondary effects of these drinks in their turn cry for suppression which is established by well – done meats again,and so onion a circle.