SUPPRESSION, ACUTE AND CHRONIC. Suppression explains why people who eat toxic foods crave toxic liquids. Gout is the pathological product of well-done meats. Coffee, tea, alcohols top the uric acids elimination and quiet down he uric acid symptoms. the secondary effects of these drinks in their turn cry for suppression which is established by well – done meats again,and so onion a circle.

The metabolic activities of the organism leave waste products in the cells which,m in normal circumstances, are carried away,just as the ashes and clinker of a furnace are regularly cleaned out by a good janitor so as not to accumulate and choke the furnace. This waste mater is thrown in to the intercellular spaces first, then into the lymph-and blood-vessels and secreting glands, or in to the skin or into the mucous membranes of the different cavities. If, by any physical or chemical noxa, it is prevented from reaching the outer world, we obtain what we call suppression.

The elimination of almost any substance known to chemistry can be suppressed. Water may be suppressed by circulatory or renal weaknesses; carbon dioxide by respiratory obstacles; bile constituents by liver troubles; urea,uric acid, ammonia, creation, etc., by kidney affections,and so forth.

Where the metabolism is vitiated,the suppressed material may consist of incompletely broken down food components, among them acetic, lactic, oxalic, hippuric, butyric, uric and other acids. It may consist also of glucose, acetone, pigments, indol, skatol, indoxyl, indican,mucin, mineral salts (especially carbonates, phosphates, oxalates), phosphorus and sulphur components, etc. Suppressed may be also drugs taken for therapeutic purposes and toxins consumed in foods and drinks, if not destroyed by the liver; furthermore perfumes, to back,as well as all substances that can be inhaled, and in a word, anything that can be resorbed.

According to their affinities the suppressed materials are lodged in different organs and tissues,. Some of then prefer muscles some nerve tissues, others mucous membranes, joints etc. Silver salts are deposited under the epidermis.

It has been said that vital force words centrifugally only. This is not correct. It words both ways, centrifugally and centripetally. the anabolic part of the metabolism is centripetal. The eliminative, or catabolic,part of the metabolism is centrifugal. Assimilation of foods is a centripetal process with selective properties. Eliminations centrifugal. Blocking of this latter is suppression.

In the living individual electromagnetic forces are constantly streaming from the periphery to the center and vice versa. One of these directions is comparable to the gravity of the celestial bodies, the other to their radiation or emanation. In is the driving force in the assimilation of foods and water and oxygen the other carries the waste matter out and cleans the economy. these forces are strongest in the new born and gradually become weaker in the course of life. Besides, manifold other influences may disturb their expression during life.

Suppression is one such disturbance of the eliminative forces. Being dynamic in nature,it follows that it can be cured only by dynamic means. Experience,of course, confirms us in this assertion. Homoeopathy has untangled the problem of suppression in all of its details, diagnostic and therapeutic, and should be given the credit for it. So far we have not been plagiarized in this matter by the other school. Is it because billions could not be coined by the drug industry?.

In its conceitedness the old school today goes its own mistaken ways and ignores suppression entirely,. Is it because it knows that it would have to reverse all its present practics and revise its teachings from top to bottom? Suppression has been known from time immemorial and in the days of Hahnemann it was a self understood matter. Derivative abscesses effected with setons or other material, cupping, sweating, blood letting, purging were the primitive theory for it in those times,. Hypocrites must have been fully conversant with it for he taught his pupils that piles should never be operated pot thoroughly but always one or two knots left behind.

He undoubtedly;u but always one or two knots left behind. He undoubtedly observed the frequent fact that the patients die from myocarditic troubles six to ten months after the operation. The stream of toxins coursing to wards the piles and secreted there, thus cleaning the system, must find a new outset after being shut off by the operation. Not finding any such outlet, it goes to some other weak spot which in such cases is often the heart. Only a few months ago I saw a man drop dead exactly six months after a good operative job had been performed on his piles.

A number of years ago I saw a young man die three weeks after a leg amputation., He had suffered from a purulent gonitis and, after a year of unsuccessful treatment,the surgeons came to consider him incurable by conservative measures. After a years suppuration a hoarse-cleaning current towards the knee had been firmly established. the operation shut this off in an instant. Nowadays similar suppressions by operations on fistulas are brought about in enormous numbers. Though fatal results do not always follow, harm is done always.

How different this is with the homoeopathic treatment A boy painted his armpits with a deodorant to suppress perspiration and developed high fever. It looked like an attack of typhoid fever, yet the doctors acquaintance with suppression cleared the diagnosis and effected the cure immediately.

Now allow me a few more remarks on drug and alimentary suppressions.

When a healthy man takes a drug once, his body eliminates it in a short time. If he takes that same drug again before the first dose is eliminated, its elimination will lag. The second dose to weakens the electromagnetic forces that some of the drug cannot her eliminated but remains deposited in the body. If the drug is continued,m its retention will grow in proportion to the weakening of the eliminative forces.

From fear of infection a man painted his gums and his throat with silver nitrate. Gradually he became blue-black and looked like a negro as all the silver that he incorporated was deposited in the skin. A mining man who, at a certain period of his life, worked in an atmosphere of zinc and lead dust,died twenty-four years later. When an Autopsy and chemical analysis of his organs was made, so much zinc and lead was found in the walls of his intestine that it would have killed and elephant.

Years ago in one of our RECORDERS a case was published describing a knee operation on a man. Fifteen years before this man had scabies which he locally treated with gunpowder suspended in lard. At the operation,the article states, a pus was removed from the knee which strongly smelled of gunpowder and over a tablespoonful of gunpowder crystals was obtained from it.

The dominant school is utterly powerless when treating such cases. Not so homoeopathy. Our similimum in high potency always cures such cases;l and not only the similimum,a good simile may be sufficient. My pseudo-Negro became white again and every trace of silver was eliminated from his skin. Smokers their body. A man who stopped smoking fourteen years before receiving his similimum, soon started to smell of tobacco so badly that people thought he was smoking night and day again. the remedy mobilized his nicotine deposits and eliminated them through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Another man had been given morphine by an old school doctor for a month., One day this doctor was dismissed and a homoeopath engaged. The homoeopath stopped the hypos and gave the most similar remedy he could find. Two days after this dose the patient developed a beautiful proving of morphine so that the doctor thought the nurse had continued the hypos furtively. So convinced of her guilt was on his simile which mobilized the morphine deposits. Whenever the dormant material of a toxic substance is this mobilized, we obtain provings of that substance.

It seems that the symptoms develop when the substance passes the organs of creation and irritates them. You may have a case to treat which has been on phenobarbital or aspirin or some other sedative for months or years,. You will have a hard timed in the beginning, especially if you are a good prescriber.

You must explain to the patient that he will be eliminating the suppressing and suppressed sedative for weeks, maybe months, else the patient will run away and tell everybody that you were killing him. I always draw to circle s on paper. In one of the circles I then draw several arrows pointing towards the center, in the other I draw arrows pointing towards the periphery. I then explain to the patient that one of he circles represents the allopathic suppression,the other the homoeopathic elimination. He immediately becomes interested and feels happy to learn the difference between the two methods of treatment.

Every substances capable of suppressing other substances is a suppressant of itself. alcohols a suppressant. If you get drink today, you will suffer from the primary symptoms of alcoholic intoxication today, but tomorrow the secondary symptoms welcome. You can suppress these symptoms with tea,coffee or some toxic food, but the best suppressant is more alcohol. this is the reason why alcoholics crave alcohol, why smokers crave tobacco, why morphinists crave morphine, etc.Boiled milk is toxic and a suppressant.

One has noticed that children when suffering from diarrhoea or other troubles tolerate boiled and canned milk better than the raw or pasteurized. One has concluded from that canned milk is more wholesome than raw or pasteurised. And in consequence one has introduced canned milk into the childs diet all over this country. Yet, all that such milk dies is plain suppression of the existing symptoms of the child. since it is devitalized by cooking. it has no food value. It cannot be assimilated because it contains no electromagnetic forces of the cow, as they have been destroyed by heat. It kills a calf in two weeks and a lamb in three weeks,. It causes in children symptoms which are of sycotic nature.

Industrial sugar is a suppressant. It has a great affinity for muscle,heart muscle included. To stimulate these is its primary effect,and people feel buoyed up. Yet, when this first action is over, the secondary comes on which is exactly the opposite, only much longer. the individual then feels the need for another dose. thinks instantly suppresses the secondary action of the preceding doses and peps him up again. sooner than he realizes he becomes entangled in this vicious circle from which salivation may be difficult,.

Only correct information of the subject and strong will power may save him. Candy eating children do not develop their muscle,s their heart remains weak and small. The great frequency at present of heart attacks where middle aged people unexpectedly drop dead come from excessive consumption of industrial sugar. Among races to to whom this sugar is unknown such a form of death does not exist.

Suppression explains why people who eat toxic foods crave toxic liquids. Gout is the pathological product of well-done meats. Coffee, tea, alcohols top the uric acids elimination and quiet down he uric acid symptoms. the secondary effects of these drinks in their turn cry for suppression which is established by well – done meats again,and so onion a circle.

In homoeopathic prescribing all such circumstances must be taken into consideration.



DR.ROYAL E.S. HAYES: I am very glad that Dr.Bellokossy has brought up this subject It is very timely, not only for our professional and homoeopathic consideration but also because of things that are happening now and are going to be quite evident in the future. He teaches that retention his almost on a par with separation, although not of such immediately stultifying or advising our patients as to hygienes, but also in watching the course of action of our remedies.

There is quite a movement in this country now, among the hygienists, in teaching how to live so as to remove toxemia and prevent toxemia.

It is said in some quarters that 85 per cent of the people in this country do not employ the old school doctors, and I think that that may be approximately correct,because I, in my own practice,have people coming in every day who want to escape from the rigors of the old school treatment,who are afraid. who want to escape from the rigors of he old school treatment,who are afraid. They have learned that I dont favor an operation, or that I dont give those doubtful wonder drugs which they are losing faith in now.

DR.T.K. MOORE:I want to congratulate the essayist, who has come clear from Denver to give us this magnificent paper on this very important subject, one of the best papers on suppression I have ever heard., It gives us something we must think about in addition to our location and our regular line on down to concomitants. We had better add to that,m causes,which of course, includes suppressions.

DR.V.TABER CARR: This paper of Dr.Bellokossys is something unusual. We havent had any papers specializing in separations. It strikes right home, where I am trying to make homoeopathy do. The mental field is no exception to the ultimate effects of suppression,in fact, I think it is a most vicious and demoralizing form of suppression.

Take influenza, for instance- I can cute several cases in our mental institutions (and the same with all toxins and septic conditions) outside of the emotional states. If course, I think the emotional element also has the effect of suppression: in fact, it underlies the normal physical expression of various portions of the body. That is definitely illustrated in the effects on the gastronomic system,ulcer of the stomach, for instance.

To make it brief, there isnt a textbook on psychiatry nowadays that does not,in speaking of the cases that are regressing or being cured, say that some cases of insanity naturally clear up when there is some physical condition or discharge, for example, that is in evidence. That is mentioned in the psychiatrists books. They dont say that is the result of suppression,but we know that it is.

DR.J.W. WAFFENSMITH;Toxemia due to drugs or the multitudinous other factors of modern civilization (as someone the other day said, “modern syphilization”) is an important factor in the treatment of all chronic conditions, in my opinion. We hear about the scientific application of drugs, remedies, and so forth, but we forget the scientific application of est. the pace of our modern life is of such a nature that there should be an interval of rest to break the continuous application of this modern method of hurry and rush, and it is my opinion that one of the prime factors in the relief of toxemia is the scientific application of rest in some form or other.

DR.ANTHONY SHUPIS: I should like to ask the doctor how he has arrived at the conclusion that the prevalence of heart disease in the present generation can be traced to the refinement of sugar. I believe that there is something an the modern world that causes that; whether you can definitely state that it is sugar, I dont know. The old school, I believe, at one time stated that the reason for the increase in tertiary syphilitic manifestations in the heart and blood vessels )(coronary heart diseases and dilatation of the aortic arch might be due to the suppression of the disease force by the use of arsenicals.

Therefore in the vegetables,and not washing of the vegetables,and the subsequent of parasites on arsenicals might itself be poisonous to the blood vessels. I think such a generalized statement as regards sugar is a little too premature.

DR.EDWARD WHITMONT: This pointy brings me to a thought. Very often I have read comparisons between uncivilized people and our present civilization, comparing the food that thy take and tracing the illnesses that they dont or they do have.

I am very strong on diets personally, yet I think the doctor has forgotten that there are mental attitudes,and those mental attitudes in the whole way of personally expression,shall we say, are entirely different from our own,and very many things that may be blamed on food differences might really be the to the mental differences and mental attitudes and differences of these people.

I never heard of to psychiatrist being consulted by a tribe of Kaffirs, for instance; on the other hand,a case comes to my mind of the patient with rectal fistula that did not clear up,having twenty years existence on Nitric acid or Psorinum,which were constitutional to the case, yet was really brought to a complete stands till and closure by Saccharum lactis. It did attack the fistula, and Saccharum lactis did more than Lac defloratum which, however, was also necessary.

Also we must not lose sight of homoeopathic suppression. Homoeopathic suppression at times can be much worse than allopathic-the remedy that is close, local, with particular similarity, and does not cover the whole case, can raise more trouble, I believe,than any of the worst,and it may kill, too.

DR.F.K.BELLOKOSSY [closing]: I want to answer the question of Dr.Shupis. I have studied the effect of sugar on the human body for thirty years, and I have observed the effects of sugar on my patients almost every day for thirty gears,and I have found that sugar always weakens the muscular system and weakens,especially, the heart. Truly, it weakens the whole nervous system terribly. It disorganizes the brain more than almost anything there is in wrong food.

I have discovered that these hysterias that we find in people are often caused by sugar-Kleptomania, mendacity often, maybe almost always,come from sugar.

The first case of sugar intoxication that I diagnosed happened twenty-five years ago. A lady came tone and when I had examined her I said, “Madam,all your troubles come from sugar.

The first case of sugar intoxication that I diagnosed happened twenty-five years ago. A lady came to me and when I had examined her I said, “Madam, all your troubles come from sugar.”.

the first case of sugar intoxication that I diagnosed happened twenty-give years ago. A lady came tone and when I have examined her I said, “Madam, all hour troubles come from sugar.”.

She said, “I never eat sugar.”.

It almost floored me because I thought Have diagnosis, but the next day i met the maid of that lady and I asked her now much sugar her lady are, and she said, “Oh she eats it all day, and even when she eats meat,she eats sugar.” She lived on sugar.

And sugar also makes liars, like Veratrum alcohol.

Surely it doesnt make a liar out of everybody. It makes a liar out of you when you eat very much of it, or if your quite young when you start. There was a girl I studied very thoroughly. She was twenty0-two years old. She was a terrific liar. She could not speak the truth. She really believed, herself,. what she said. I asked her about her past and she said that when she was four gears old and kept that girl in the shop, and she ate sugar all day long and filled her pockets with sugar and went to school with her pockets full of sugar and ate sugar all the time in school,and that sugar tool away her appetite so for weeks she wouldnt eat a thing,and her parents,when she came home from the aunts she wouldnt eat a thing,and her parents,when she came home from the aunts would wonder why the girl wouldnt eat.

She lost her appetite and afterwards became an enormous liar.

And in many, many cases when ever find a liar, I have investigated and there was sugar behind it., and truly all such people have a very people have a very small heart and very sweat heart,and the muscles also are every week, and they are generally and very weak heart,and the muscles also are very weak,and they are from sticking around than from working.

All these thing we talk about,hurry and hard work,are nothing compared with sugar. It is good to work sometimes. Sugar is the worst wrong food. It takes away appetite,and then you dont digest the other foods as you should,. and you are all in.

I think sugar is a toxic substance for the heart.

F K Bellokossy