Cracks in: Am.c., Glycerate of Aloes, Anan., Bals., Gr…

Cracks in: Am.c., Glycerate of Aloes, Anan., Bals., Graph., Helod., Hep., Zinc. Eczema of: Cere.b., Prim.v.

backs of: Lob.i., Nat.c., Sabal, Sep.

palmaris: Prim.v.

Eruption: Berb. (urticaria); Bov. (tetters); Bruc. (miliary); Canth. (eczema, < cold water > warmth); Com. (vesicles ); Cup. (miliary); Nat.c. (granulated); Hep., Sep., Zinc.

blister-like: Ran.b.

fingers, between: Lob.i. (vesicles); Canth.

burning: Canth.

itching: Bruc., Canth., Carb.v., (vesicles).

herpes: Aur.

nettlerash: Hep., Hyper.

painful: Zinc.

raised: Bruc.

red: Bruc.

psoriasis: Galium.

tetter: Anag., Dulc.

granular: Carb.v.

Erysipelas: Carb. ac. (R); Crot.t. (itching).

Felons: Ferr. mag.

Fissures: Alum. (bleed).

Formication: Arn., Bor. (cobweb); Carb.s., Ham. (R).

Presented by Virginia M.Johnson, M.D., before I.H.A., Bureau of

Surgery, July 26, 1939. Read by title.

Compiled by Dr. Yorks from Clarkes Dictionary of Materia Medica.

Heat of: Acon.f., Acon. (feet cold), Bell., Berb., Cad.s., Colch. (resting), Carb.v., Card.b., Cast. (veins), Ced. (fever), Chin.b. (feet cold), Cin. (child), Clem., Cocc. (after numbness), Crot.t., Cyc., Eug., Eup.per., Gels., Gran., Grat., Ham., Rhus, Sep. (feet cold), Verat.


one, the other cold: Chin., Dig., Ip., Mez., Mos.

Inflammation: Zinc.

Itching: Ant.s.aur., Cent. (backs), Cinnb. (palm R.), Corn.c., Crot.t. (easily), Daph., Elec., Galv., Gran.

Pain: Anag., Arn. (a dislocation), Bapt. (bones). Bov. (joints), Calc-sc. (footbath), Cist. (eve), Dios., Fago. (bones), Galv.,

Ham., Hell., Helod.

back of: Berb., Form.


cramp-like: Arg.m.

drawing: Berb. (joints), Caust., Chin.s., Cist.

dislocated, as if: Bry., Eupi.

neuralgic: Canth., Caul., Coll.

pressing in bones: Bism.

shattering: Pall.

shooting: Bov., Chin.s.

tearing: Agar., Am.c. (R.), Ars.hy. (menses suppressed), Bism. (bones), Chin., Chin.s., Colch., Coll., Dig. (joints), Elec.,

Graph., Hell.

Palms:Anac.or., Helod. (tingling).

burning: Apis, Azad., Berb., Cub., Haem., Lachn., Lil., Ol.j.a., Petr., Phos. (covers), Sang., Sulph.

callous: Gast.

copper spots: Coral.

cracks: Bals., Graph.

dryness: Bad., Bism., Gels., Lyc.

gnawing: Bar.c., Ran.s. (L.).

heat of: Asar., Azad., Bad., Colch., Crot.h., Cub.,, Phos., Sulph., Tarent. (with heat of face).

itching:Ambr., Anac., Bar.c., Cinnb. (R.), Crot.h., Elec., Gran., Grat. (R.), Hep.

pain: Crot.c., Crot.h., Eupi. (R. to elbow).

numbness: Con.

pressure intolerable: Act.s.

pricking, as of needles: Hyper., Syph.

psoriasis palmaris: Calc., Med., Sel.

rash: Hydras. (erysipelas).

red spots: Cor.r.

sprained, as if: Kalm.

swelling: Ars. (night).

torpor: Bry.

warts: Anac., Nat.c., Nat.m., Ruta.

whitish: Elec.

yellow: Sep.

Redness: All.s. (spots), Ant.t. (like fleabites), Aurant., Bar.s., Bell., Berb. (itching), Chin.b., Elec.,, Hydroc. (spots), Verat.

Rhagades: Calc., Nat.c., Sulph.

Skin peel off: All.s., Am.c., Bar.c. (backs of fingers), Ferr., Grin. (tight).

cracked: Am.c.

hard: Am.c.

soft, warm, moist: Calc.


spots: Bras. (to ulcers), Cor.r. (red to copper), Elec. (smooth).

sticking, as of needles: Hyper.

sticky: Anag., Chin.b.

suppuration: Galv.

Sprained, as if: Kalm.

Spasms: Carbn., Cast.

Swelling: Acon.l., Acon., AEth., Apoc., Apoc.a., Arn (veins purple), Ars.m., Aurant., Bar.m., Bry. (joints), Bufo, Calc., Canth. (dropsy), Cham., Clem. (blisters), Cocc., Corn.f., Cur., Dig., Galv., Gins., Hep., Hyos.

backs of: Calc.ars. (dropsy).

in morning when waking: Nat.hyp.

left: Cact. (heart).

right: Dig., Dign., Aran.d. (warmer).

sensation of: Aran.d., Ars.m., Caust., Raph.

after walking: AEth.

when hanging down: Am.c.

tingling: Arn., Cocc., Cotyl. (night), Cup.ars. (motion), Hoang., Helod.

Ulcers: Anan., Asaf.

about joints: Sep.

prominent: Calc.hy.

Veins injected, tense: Chin.b. Stront.

swelling of: Am.c. Arn., Calc., Cast., Cent.c., Carb.v., Crot.t., Elec., Gast.

bluish: Am.c. (cold weather).

Warm: Aran.d. (R. more than L.), Cina.

Weakness: Act.s. (paralytic), Aloe, Ang. (paralytic), Bov. (paralytic), Calc., Canth., Caust., Cham., Chin., Cina, Cur.,, Hell., Hipp.


W K Yorks