The applied drug itself supplies no force, it merely repairs the broken line of communication, thereby allowing the real curative agent, the vital force, to do its work; and that it does by supplying enough energy to allow the part to repel all basic cells foreign to the part.

In the June 1945 issue of the Recorder, on pp. 365 et seq., appears a very fine article under the above caption by our good friend Arthur H. Grimmer, M.D., which is full of good meat.

To learn how to read and think is an art that even our most learned university presidents have apparently not mastered; to think is too much of an effort for them. Let us all make an effort to accomplish that art and dispel the apathy that keeps us from thinking, especially for our own good. There is no doubt, from that lack, allopathy has always been and always will be a mere method of “quackery,” and the U.S. Supreme Court, as alleged, is justified in branding it as a “trade.” Medicine is unique in being the one “trade” that knows neither the construction of the object it attempts to operate on, not the tools it intends to use in that operation.

It is a sad commentary on the medical profession, at this late date, to have to be compelled to admit that it is the most ignorant profession known today. It recalls a little dialogue between American authors David Henry Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. It appears Thoreau was disgusted with the teachings of our universities and condemned them in toto. Said Emerson: “I would not be so sweeping in my condemnation of the colleges. After all, they instruct in most of the branches of knowledge.” “Thats just the trouble,” said Thoreau, “they teach all of the branches and none of the roots.”

Our medical colleges teach all of the ancient fallacies and none of the proven truths. Modern medical men know nothings of the construction of the human body; Alexis Carrel proved it in his Man, the Unknown, and they know very little more about the drugs they use. Lord Moynihan is alleged to have stated: “It is a salient characteristic of medical men in all ages and in all countries that they have pursued other pursuits rather than that of medicine.” It is more important with most of them that they improve their stance in golf than to improve their knowledge of the remedies they call upon in their profession.

Would any doctor think of trusting his expensive delicate watch for repair to a man who understood neither its construction nor how to use the tools he expected to use in its repair? Yet that doctor expects his patients to employ him under identically the same conditions, and the sad part of it is he is too lazy or too ignorant to learn how. To him the one who tries to teach him anything he looks upon as “queer,” or a fit subject for the lunatic asylum. To the average modern doctor the medical earth is still flat, he believes in nothing he cannot see. His “sole proud science” can neither envision nor conceive material exists beyond that point.

In that case he must admit that the nervous system of the animalcule does not exist, yet it operates in the flea in spite of that. He will never embrace homoeopathy because he is too dumb to change his mind. He is a splendid example of the fact that the first impressions on the plastic brain of the growing child go deepest and are the hardest to erase, if ever. Once his brain has been added by an erroneous teaching, a teaching consisting mostly of fallacies, he is not going to relinquish control of them without a struggle.

To expect homoeopathy to survive and spread by trying to educate the allopath is to expect a miracle that has never come to light yet, the allopath is too self satisfied. The public is the one to educate. Then let us by-pass the allopath, prove more drugs and cure more cases. Homoeopathy is losing out from that neglect. Because of that we are having to treat such cases as we have no remedy for on an allopathic base and it gives him a good weapon to use against us. When the public sees what we can do it will soon give us what we want and not before.

Said Hahnemann: “Anyone having to do with an art whose end is the saving of human life any neglect to make oneself thoroughly master of the same becomes a crime.” What a lot of criminals in the medical profession! Modern medical colleges are all manned by men of one track minds who are either too lazy or too self satisfied to climb out of their beaten rut in which they are so comfortably entrenched; whose “sole proud science” was never taught to stray far as the solar walk or milky way.

Therefore their students are taught, from year to year,the exact same ancient fallacies and superstitions that they themselves were taught. Just how can students be expected to progress when they, the teachers, are so firmly glued to those ruts and have been for ages? Are we to be compelled to follow in the tracks of “the noble six hundred,” inasmuch as it is not ours to ask the reason why, but simply to do and die? If not, then let us stop and look into some matters that really need our closest attention:.

The allopath is to blame for the existence of the homoeopath, the eclectic, the osteopath, the chiropractor, the Christian Scientist, and all other so-called healers, and has gone even so far as to embrace “quackery” and introduce it into respectable society so that it may become “respectable and scientific.” These various methods are all striving to the same end, the relief and cure of the sick. They are all at times successful, and there is a valid reason for their successes, but none of them know the reason why. Just how do the mental healers and the psychiatrists know the mind is diseased? Have any of them seen the mind?

We homoeopaths speak of mental symptoms. Rather, are they not due to physical defects? Can the mind operate normally through a deranged body? Is operation through a defective body makes it appear affected, but in reality it is not affected. But here is the crux: No matter what method of cure we choose to employ in order to cure radically, the cure can only be brought about by one single method, and that method is to restore the normal flow of vital force so necessary to keep the body in repair and functioning properly. There is but one single way of doing this and that way we will explain later. So let us investigate:.

The very first thing the physician must ferret out and learn is the construction of the body he is to attempt to repair. While he cannot get at the very foundation of that knowledge he can get it approximately for all practical purposes. Unless we do this we are simply on a par with a bungler. In what I have already said and am about to say, I expect to be branded a “nut,” but I am assured of lots of company. However, think carefully of what I have said and am about to say before you brand me as a fool.

The human body is nothing more than an animated cable endowed with a central control organization, the seat of the living Ego; also, with lines of communication extending to every part of the body. These lines are composed of ultramicroscopic basic nuclear cells, the very last word in material subdivision; their function, to convey the vital force to all parts of the body, each line being composed of its own individual class of cells. (If you will follow this out you will see how nicely disease, its cause and its cure, all dovetail in and the reason for the attenuation of drugs).

This animated cable is endowed with every convenience to keep it in repair, e.g., the digestive apparatus whose duty it is to separate the cells composing the nourishment we take into our bodies in order that they may be readily taken up and built into the lines of communication whenever and wherever needed, by the powers of assimilation, since these lines are constantly being broken and in constant need of repair. As we envision the construction of the body we cannot help but realize the need of drug attenuation in order to obtain drug cells small enough to use in repairing broken lines of communication. Crude drugs, whether liquid or solid, are practically useless. That is where homoeopathy is so successful in the treatment of disease.

A better understanding of the construction of the body gives us a better understandings of its diseases and their cause. A healthy body depends entirely on all lines of communication being in full repair and working harmoniously, allowing a free and adequate flow of vital force to all parts of the body. When this state exists the body is in perfect health, then and then only, and it is therefore perfectly immune to all disease. That is natural immunity, an immunity that no artificial method can duplicate or replace.

Disease is brought about by breaks in the lines of communication between the central control organization of the body and the parts affected, causing a stoppage of the flow of vital force, thereby depriving the part affected of its power to repel the attraction of cells foreign to the part and prevent the accumulation of those foreign cells. There is nothing in Nature that we can really term disease tissue. Everything in Nature is normal and healthy. We pollute our lakes and streams, but Nature disintegrates and frees the component cells and turns them into other combinations and we drink pure water from those same sources, otherwise we could not exist on the earth for any length of time.

In the face of the construction of the body there can be but one single basic cause of all disease, and that one basic cause is shock. Shock alone will basically cause disease. There may be many exciting or contributing causes, but whether physical, mental, chemical or mechanical, if they do not or cannot produce shock, there will be no disease. This shock merely breaks or injures the lines of communication. Before the body can possibly be restored to health those lines must be repaired.

When broken how can these lines be repaired? Each line of communication is composed of a distinct class of basic cells and a remedy that will repair that line must be composed of cells identical with the cells composing that line. Homoeopathy finds the remedy needed by drug proving, the results of which are constant, as the drug will affect only such a line as is composed of such basic cells as compose the drug mass, therefore cells accurately similar to its own. The line repaired, the flow of vital energy restored, the cure takes place at once radically, safely, speedily and pleasantly.

The applied drug itself supplies no force, it merely repairs the broken line of communication, thereby allowing the real curative agent, the vital force, to do its work; and that it does by supplying enough energy to allow the part to repel all basic cells foreign to the part. Thus no matter what the route taken to gain that end the fact remains that material must enter the cure, unless the line has simply been injured and not broken, in which case any method of healing is apt to bring about a result. Thus you will note the Law of Similars is positively mandatory; there is no means of sidestepping the issue. Hence homoeopathy by incorporating that law becomes the only scientific system of medical healing; it admits of no empiricism.

In conclusion: You will note how the explanations dovetail in and show the reason for the superiority of homoeopathy: first, the construction of the body; next, the cause (basic) and nature of disease; next, just how disease is cured and why, and what does the real curing; next, how the Law of Similars acts; next, why the infinitesimal dose, the necessity for attenuation, and its superiority; next, where the power is derived that does the real curing. You will note that science and system permeate all through homoeopathy from beginning to end; it admits of no empiricism.

Now if any of you know positively I am wrong in what I have written you evidently know positively you are right, therefore kindly let me into the secret.


Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.