This position strengthens the spine and favors early use of the arms, neck and shoulders. It helps to prevent flattening of the occiput in children suffering from disturbed calcium metabolism. The prone position is a good one to cultivate at all ages and stages of life. In advanced years it prevents passive congestion along the cerebrospinal axis.


Specialty or no specialty or no specialty or anything else, there is not the slightest chance that homoeopathy will be employed “on a wide scale within our military forces.” Whatever employment of such methods any individual physicians may undertake will be solely on their own initiative and definitely on an illicit or bootleg basis.


The only medication that is ever indicated or required in the treatment of cases of either acute or chronic Neisserian infection is the well selected homoeopathic remedy. There is never any need for the use of sulfonamides. In facts, their use tends to produce a false cure which is worse than no cure at all as patients who have undergone sulfonamide treatment often become symptomless carriers of gonococcal infection.


Kents Repertory is surely a valuable book to carry with you in your car. Recently I was called to see a young man who had a severe pain in stomach > lying on his back. He was told that he had ulcers in his stomach, so I gave him a dose of Calc.c. 1M. and pain vanished in less than a minute.


The subtended report on Mustard Gas Experiments, Glasgow and London, was condensed by Dr. R.B. LAWRENCE, (2811 Grove Avenue, Richmond 20, Va.) Chairman Public Relations Committee, American Institute of Homoeopathy, from a paper of this title received in this country on February 1, 1944.


This is not detracting in any way from the great and unsurpassable knowledge handed down from Hahnemanns time. It is merely stating an observation and expressing perhaps what Hahnemann himself postulated in another way. Hahnemann said that to cure a case, all causes must be removed where possible. I call this the drug miasm.


Yet we do know that permanent cures for a lifetime do take place. I dont mean that the patient has never again any ailment, but I do mean that that particular …. disorder for which he asked relief and which appeared to be the crux of his disturbed health was eliminated.


So, it all comes back to or acceptance of what is provided for the care of the sick and its availability in our hands. We find no remedy unimportant, and frequently conclude that we have failed to exhaust the complete riches of the most important. We may read into them all those powers which verify themselves within the range of our comprehension.


The Prontosil rubrum or Sulphamido-chrisoidine, like all other sulphamidate products, presents precise indications in order to know the etiology of the case. Notwithstanding the recommendations of physicians of the traditional school, regarding the posology of the remedy (sanguineous concentration dose) the Prontosil rubrum has a therapeutic action at 3x., 6x., 30x., 100 and 200, and