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The Editors assume no responsibility for the opinions expressed in t…

The Editors assume no responsibility for the opinions expressed in this department.

To the Editor:

Dr. Alfred Pulford is surely a deep thinker and better prescriber than I am, but I cannot agree with his theory that replacing a missing “cell” by our various remedies is the sole means whereby patients are cured. How does Dr. Pulford know that it is one cell missing and not a dozen or more? How does he account that a patient is practically cured instantly at times as soon as a dose of our potencies is placed on a patients tongue? We all have had instant response that way at times.

Once a patient came to see me who had a tumor in one of his breasts caused by an ejected rifle shell. He had intense pain in his breast but the instant Con. 1M. was placed on his tongue the pain vanished, much to his surprise and mine. So this must have been a cure by an electric force, I believe.

Are the “cells”, if there are any, met in our remedies the same as our bodily cells? I can hardly believe this. What about a dose of medicine given by olfaction or a patient made sick thereby, such as a whiff of poison oak?.

Kents Repertory is surely a valuable book to carry with you in your car. Recently I was called to see a young man who had a severe pain in stomach > lying on his back. He was told that he had ulcers in his stomach, so I gave him a dose of Calc.c. 1M. and pain vanished in less than a minute.

I sure would like to see someone elses opinion regarding this missing cell replacement idea to cure patients.

Allan D. Sutherland