It is regrettable that a highbound orthodoxy in medicine and fanatical red tape of army medical directors prevent the brave defenders of American liberty from receiving the certain benign effects and cure of the only real scientific medicine ever known, homoeopathy.


One thing is certain, too little exercise is about a million times better than too much as far as the patients safety is concerned. When in doubt advise rest. Prescribe rest first, if time is pressing and after a thorough study and investigation of the case prescribe exercise on a conservative basis.


The face of Carbolic patient is a dusky red, white about nose and mouth, while Ailanthus is definitely cyanotic. Mercurius cyanatus has some cyanosis. However, its outstanding symptom is great exhaustion. It has gray membrane of the throat, and the necrotic areas of the soft palate; has the dark blood from the nose, which is also present under Ailanthus, but not under Carbolic acid.


Dynamic specific symptoms are those that manifest the particular and elective action of each remedy given to a healthy man and not in massive doses and that furnish a symptomatic scheme that allows us to distinguish clearly the pharmacodynamic effect of each one of them.


Physicians wants something in which they can believe and it must be something beyond the test tube, beyond the demonstration of mathematics or beyond speculations on philosophy. They must work to develop the kind of character which will result, first, in the ability to understand what it is they wish to build from life in themselves and for their patients; and second, which will inspire in others the desire to press on to higher attainments.


This is a purely academic question and we doubt very much if anyone is qualified to give anything more than a theoretical answer based, shall we say, upon expediency?.


Examine visually the patient, noting every characteristic discernible, forming as far as practicable a general opinion of personality, mind, and body. In any case, with rare exception, the prescriber will be able to determine the similimum in potency as well as the remedy similimum. An exact estimate of the case provides a safe and effective choice of potency.