When the pictures comes back changed only by the absence of some one or more symptoms, and no new symptoms, the remedy should never be changed until a still higher potency has been fully tested, as no harm can come to a case from giving a single dose of medicine that has exhausted its curative powers; it is even negligence not to do just this thing.

An answer to Carriwitchet 12, April Recorder.

A confused image of two or more miasms, brought about by a wrong prescription after order had been established by a first prescription, can again be brought to order. It may be done by the homoeopath even after repeated order and disorder. This also applied to cases spoiled by the more recent drugs, alkaloids, coal tar derivatives, and nosodes of serum therapy. As the same law and rule govern all spoiled, masked or centripetalized cases, we shall attempt to answer the question in a general way but with frequent references to particular miasms, and personal experiences.

The reestablishment of order in spoiled or masked cases depends on three main factors-time, vital force or reactive power of the patient, and the homoeopathic remedy. (Taking for granted that the patient has received a potency of the remedy sufficiently attenuated to reach the plane of his disturbed vital force. Today we cure cases that Hahnemann could not cure for he lacked the essential higher and higher potencies necessary to permeate the higher and higher planes of vital disturbances).

As to the first element, time: Nature herself, unaided by medicine, often establishes order by centrifugalizing the disease, thus clarifying the internal and vital organs, throwing to their corresponding externals as ultimates, the disturbing humor. If this were not so few children would develop past infancy. In fact, all disease, both acute and chronic, is simply a manifestation of nature in her effort to purge herself. Sometimes when she cannot purge herself of the miasm she adapts her house to the new tenant and fashions new tenant and fashions new structure, however prone it is to break down.

Nevertheless it is an effort of nature to save her life. Given time nature would fashion tumors and devils and monsters when she cannot purge herself of the humor or miasm. Theoretically Nature would always restore order if given time enough and to checkmated. Just how many generations it would take Nature alone, unaided, to purge the race of disease would depend on environment, food, climate and social factors.

But just as that hygienic Utopia is as impossible as universal brotherhood without the advent of a Christ, so that physical sanctification of humanity can be made possible only through its saviour, homoeopathy. And it is quite possible that spiritual regeneration of the homoeopathic remedy on the mind by the universal use of homoeopathic medicines. As proof I ask you to witness the cure of the kill desire of the tubercular child by Silica; the liver ultimates of hate cured in childhood by such remedies as Chamomilla; the cardiac ultimates of selfishness cured by a host of remedies such as Calcarea carbonica, Natrum muriaticum, Pulsatilla, etc.

You ask for proof. Why every good homoeopath has hundreds of children that he has purged of their inherited miasms so that they will never die from cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, Brights disease or any other chronic miasm. And such children have proven to be prettier than other children for health develops beauty. They excel in school for a healthy brain can function and they have been made healthy.

As to the second element, vital force or reactive power of the patient: Reestablishment of order in a spoiled case, and in all cases, depends on the vital reactive power of the patient, as well as time, and the homoeopathic remedy. A devitalized seed may fail to germinate and grow, or sometimes it takes months and months to manifest itself. One must always wait and wait. Give Nature a chance to react. It requires much experience to know when to interfere. Even after the symptoms develop one must wait to see if they persist. (See The Second Prescription in Kents Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy).

The reaction is something a confusion of miasms. If the symptoms persist the prescription sometimes must include the totality of symptoms to find the remedy that will create order. Sometimes the last group of symptoms, if they persist, will guide one to the remedy. Then again a sort of sixth sense of accumulated but unorganized subconscious physician sees people as pictures of remedies. Such remedies will arouse reaction if there is sufficient vital force remaining in patient. This can hardly be advised scientific homoeopathy, but perhaps it is a high form of knowledge or what might be called spiritual perception.

At any rate there are cases of apparent inertia without apparent symptoms that need a remedy. It seems as though the vital force was entirely lacking or had ceased to circulate. Perhaps an internal struggle is going on between the centripetal suppressive and centrifugal purgative forces, neither one of which has yet overwhelmed the other. There are no symptoms that the novice can see at all. It is then that a dose of the masters prescription, for it requires a master, will come to the aid of the centrifugal force and throw out the symptoms in an orderly fashion with relief to patient.

This is what probably occurs when Opium arouses reaction in inertia due to shell-shock, and fright. And again in syphilitics, when inertia follows the curative use of repeated doses of Mercury, a dose of Opium will arouse the reaction as Hahnemann advised. Sometimes the action of Kalmia in spoiled cases of syphilis will bring on an Arsenical group of symptoms, perhaps appearing as a severe coryza, or even as a bronchitis. Kalmia has a tubercular picture in syphilitic cardiac cases with expectoration of bloody purulent matter due to passive congestion of lungs. Calcarea carbonica has the same picture in suppressed psoric cardiac cases.

The inertia produced by the shock of typhoid inoculation, and even its centripetal activity, is met with Tuberculinum, showing the relation of typhoid as an acute manifestation of a tubercular diathesis, i.e. I have frequently seen spoiled typhoid go into a tubercular state. It is true that tubercular families have much typhoid and members of such families, when properly treated by homoeopathy, become well and never get tuberculosis. In other words there is a relation between acute and chronic disease. The acute manifestations are simply Natures effort to clarify itself of the chronic miasm. But sow the seed of acute disease by serum and vaccine therapy in fallow ground and you will reap a harvest of chronic ultimates.

I have saved a number of Gorgas victims of typhoid inoculation with Tuberculinum 10M. (Kent). I was living here at the time the sales campaign was manufactured at a Texas city when they put over the campaign. Just as they duplicated the same stunt when they put over toxin-anti-toxin for diphtheria at Dallas with such disaster-thirteen killed and scored injured for life.

It was a great success-financially. So in dealing with the vital force homoeopaths must consider the miasmatic diseases of serum therapy.

Inherited sycotic cases of good vitality, confused by error of the physicians, will, if given time, (three to five months) develop an acute or sub-acute miasm calling for Arsenicum. Then n from four months to a year they may run into a state calling for Thuja or Natrum sulph., etc. When Thuja is needed warts will become extremely sore. When Nat. sulph. is needed the patient will develop liver or bronchial affections.

Acute gonorrhoea is seldom cured with one medicine. I cured one case which finally came to me after a month of fright, (too scared to see a doctor), having had no treatment but cleanliness. It was cured in less than a week with one dose of Puls. 10M. We frequently meet spoiled cases. But from the lack of clinical reports in our societies and medical journals I judge that the homoeopathic treatment of gonorrhoea has become a lost art.

Masked cases respond to the indicated remedy. Masked is a relative term when thus used. What may appear masked to one is an open countenance to another. Does a master ever have a masked case, so spoiled that he cannot see the remedy? Yes, for man is fallible. In the case of suppressed gonorrhoea, patients do not always react alike. When rheumatism arises from its suppression it is generally cured with either Medorrhinum or Thuja. The Medorrhinum case will have inflammatory rheumatism, better from hot applications, with such swelling and inflammation of joints which cannot be touched, (Lach. and Arnica) and the skin sometimes becomes discolored with dappled brown spots.

Medorrhinum will establish order in such a patient no matter how many previous mistakes were made. Old, apparently masked cases, if unmasked, will show a fat, old, robust sinner of years of debauching. I have been several of them mystified by a dose of Capsicum that brought break a suppressed discharge which was then properly cured with Clematis. In acute gonorrhoea Cann. sat. cases often run into Canth; Thuja into Nil. ac.; Ars. into Thuja; Gels. into Pulsatilla. A symposium of homoeopathic experience in gonorrhoea would, I believe, be much appreciated by readers of Recorder.

We have much to learn, but, thanks to Hahnemann, we have not much to forget or unlearn. Homoeopathy grows by accretions but not by change of fashion. In homoeopathy humanity has a refuge. The law is inviolate but subject to fallible doctors abuse. Nature is merciful and patient. She will react to much abuse, even wrong prescriptions, coming back, as it were, for more punishment at the hands of man.

She is as merciful as Divinity. To say that a confusing, second prescription would make a case incurable would be like saying the Master is unforgiving. It would suggest that homoeopathy is self-limited, which I am unwilling to admit. The patient may be found wanting in vital force sufficient to react, but that is no fault of similia similibus curantur. Then again, if I fail find the remedy that will arouse reaction, I am not willing to admit the self- limitation to a weak point of our law especially when the blindness is due to ostrich like behaviour.

Our law is infallible. On exception would disprove the law. No one yet has found an exception. The trouble, to me, seems to lie in finding the master locksmith who is able to fashion a homoeopathic key for this intricate lock, and it is no school boys job.


When the symptoms come back after prudent waiting, unchanged, the selection was correct, and if the same potency fail to act, a higher one will generally do so quite promptly, as did the lower one at first. When the pictures comes back changed only by the absence of some one or more symptoms, and no new symptoms, the remedy should never be changed until a still higher potency has been fully tested, as no harm can come to a case from giving a single dose of medicine that has exhausted its curative powers; it is even negligence not to do just this thing.- KENT.

William H. Schwartz