In the state of Arkansas a test case is being fought by Dr.C.F. Ellis against compulsory vaccination by scarification. This has been carried through the lower courts and has been appealed to the Supreme Court, where it will be tried this month. Many of the I.H.A. men are assisting in this expense of this suit, and we trust Dr.Ellis will be successful.


The ideal, like unto a reviviscence of former existence and a hope for a future one, is a reflection of intellectual light and an harmonious vibration of noble and generous sentiments. Imbued with high ideals men have been able to realize monumental works and consummate acts of a the most sublime nature.


Many physicians fail because of not waiting, and yet the waiting must be governed by knowledge. Knowledge must be had, but where can it be obtained? To know that this waiting is right, is quite different from waiting without fixed purpose. This knowledge cannot be found where its existence is denied; it is not found with unbelievers and agnostics.

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

Theoretically any substance or force may become a homoeopathic remedy. In a large number of instances of so called physiologically inert substances in the crude state varying degrees of potentization are necessary to bring our the remedial powers. At present no complete list of all homoeopathic remedies exists. At a rough guess some two or three thousand remedies are in use and new ones are continually being developed.


Feeling the necessity of having in a concise and accessible from the various sub-laws and rules of homoeopathy, I recently prepared for my own use the following arrangement of them. Dr.kent very kindly revised the manuscript and made a number of valuable additions, and also suggested that it might be of service to others if published in the journal.


The first prescription is made with the entire image of the sickness formed. People usually send for the doctor after there can be no doubt of the sickness to be treated; the doctor watches the improvement of the patient and the corresponding disappearance of the symptoms under the first prescription and when the case comes to a standstill, he is uneasy, and with increasing fidgetiness he awaits the coming indications for the next dose of medicine.


He went on improving beautifully until about the middle of May when there was some return of these scabs at the edges of the hair and base of the neck. I gave him another dose on May 25, but I was not satisfied with its action, and when I came up here to Montreal, he was clamoring for help because he was afraid that it would come back again.


The meeting of the International Homoeopathic League will be held in Rome, September 1,2,3,4,1930. The scientific program is most interesting for homoeopathic physicians, and the social and for all the strangers who will come to Rome on this occasion. For the success of the meeting we have interested in our cause several authorities of our government and of our best aristocracy.


This rule is almost free from exceptions if the remedy is an antipsoric. What must the physician do who has not the knowledge of dynamic medicines? He must sometimes see sick images come back without changes of symptoms, though I believe it is seldom.


When the pictures comes back changed only by the absence of some one or more symptoms, and no new symptoms, the remedy should never be changed until a still higher potency has been fully tested, as no harm can come to a case from giving a single dose of medicine that has exhausted its curative powers; it is even negligence not to do just this thing.


Generally I have found Calc. phos. very efficacious. Cham., Ceonanthus, Merc. sol. and Sulph. are also useful in many cases according to the symptoms. There are a dozen cases on record where Nat. mur. and Sil. have proved useful. With a few hydrogenoid babies Nat. sulph. has helped. With children under three I always first try Calc. phos. because I have generally observed gastric derangement.


This, then, is the quartette form of treatment which has been used in a long series of infected cases through the years with no failures to date. The more submerged, the quicker the action, i.e., if an infection on the finger, submerge the whole hand; if an infected hand submerge the arm. Use as great heat as possible continuing till healing occurs. Reduce the protein, and increase the fruit and water in the diet, to increase resistance in the patient.