Phytolacca: Violent aching over the body. Great exhaustion. Excessive fetor of the breath. Feeling as if a ball of red-hot iron had lodged in the throat. Difficult deglutition. The fauces look like venous congestion.

Rhus tox: Should a typhoid condition set in, bloody saliva runs out of the mouth during sleep.

Zincum: To bring about a reaction.

My first patient was a girl eight years of age. Her parents had neglected her, thinking it was only a sore throat from which she would soon recover. When they called for help, the disease had developed all of the symptoms as given above in Belladonna, which did not appear very favorable. Belladonna did its work. The symptoms then developed into the symptoms of Kali bichromicum, came in and brought the patient favorable to Hepar sulph. after which and for a more speedy recovery. Zincum brought a complete recovery.

Another doctor just across the street had a patient, a boy eight years of age, who was suffering from the same cause or kind of disease. His doctor of course gave the orthodox treatment of the old school. His patient died before morning as usual.

My next one after that was a consultation of four doctors; they had given up all hopes for his recovery. At the time of my first call and after my examination, the patients prospects for recovery did not seem very favorable. He was gasping for his breath. They had all of the doors of the house open so as to give him plenty of air. His breathing could be heard clear out on the street. The whole back part of his throat seemed to be involved from the posterior to the palatine arch.

It appeared to be in a condition of ulceration and sloughing; very rapid pulse. He was given Sulphur. The boys uncle, who was an old school doctor, came from a distance to see the boy. After my introduction to the doctor, I asked very kindly if he would relieve me of further treatment of the boy. His response was positively no; that he had lost every one he had treated and he asked me to continue with my treatment. My next remedy was Hepar sulph. which brought about a complete recovery.

My next patient was a little girl four years old that two doctors were treating. They had gone on a vacation and left their patient when she should have had the most critical attention. It was my duty to inform the health officer, which was done immediately. He at once advised antitoxin treatment. My request was for him to take care of the patient which he did. He gave the antitoxin. The little girl died very promptly as usual in those days.

In about two weeks it was my great pleasure to be called to another patient, a boy eight years of age. Again it was my duty to inform the health officer to quarantine their home. He came and after examination of the patient then asked me if antitoxin was going to be given to which my answer was no, positively not. He then informed the patients father that his boy would be dead within forty-eight hours that the quarantine would not be there very long. The health officer was very much mistaken. The boy recovered very promptly with the remedies given as indicated in the progress of the disease.

I have had many very remarkable recoveries with the remedies mentioned in this paper. I have also known of many who had been given antitoxin and died very promptly, some within a half hour after they were given the treatment.

After about fifty years practice and careful observation, it is my opinion that there is as yet no specific remedy for any so- called disease. It is the individual that must be taken into consideration.

Diphtheria, antitoxin or any other toxin or vaccination for smallpox are not specifics or a positive preventive; therefore, their enforcement should be prohibited. We had six children die here in Columbus just a few years ago from vaccination and none for many years from smallpox. Vaccination has caused more deaths than smallpox ever did.

Sanitation and efficient sanitary improvements have and I hope will exterminate for all time the diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, typhoid fever, etc. We should be very thankful that sanitation has accomplished, with the aid of the sanitary engineers, their goal in the obliteration of these diseases. With all their imposition and false claims, they cannot alter this.

All diseases are restored to health or cured from above down, from within out, and in the reverse of their coming. This means that the first apparent abnormalities from health will be the last to disappear.

I have an impression that every man has a lawful right to express his opinion, truthfully and honestly to the best of his ability to do so.

C. F. Junkermann