The Etiology Of Eczema

The constant scratching of the skin will produce eczema and is always a perpetuating factor. Eczema may follow other eruptive diseases such as dermatitis, erythema, herpes, psoriasis, the paralytic diseases, urticaria or the various traumatic affections. The disease occurs at any age, in all seasons of the year, in all countries, under all conditions of life and in both sexes.


The only diagnoses for the remedy, after making a comparison with all of the symptoms obtained from observation of the patient and his family, there was but one remedy that matched them and that was Lachesis, which was prescribed. After being given a few doses he became quiet and on the third day after giving Lachesis he passed a gall-stone and made a complete recovery.


Sanitation and efficient sanitary improvements have and I hope will exterminate for all time the diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, typhoid fever, etc. We should be very thankful that sanitation has accomplished, with the aid of the sanitary engineers, their goal in the obliteration of these diseases. With all their imposition and false claims, they cannot alter this.


The first call we made there were two cases. After his examination he did not think one of them would live twenty-four hours. He was informed that he was again wrong. The next call there were three cases; he seemed to be quite sure that I would lose one of them. He missed his guess. The next call he was surprised to find four cases; again he doubted their recovery.