The doctor said he had used instruments only twice in his practice. I wish I could say that. Since I have been trying to avoid the use of instruments, I think I have been detained two to four hours longer at the home, but the mother and the babies are in better shape. That is what we have all studied medicine for, to prolong life and save the lives of babies.

This subject was on my tired mind the first day of January, 1939. I had just had an unusual experience. I had not used forceps in an obstetrical case from the first of September, 1939, until the thirtieth of December, 1939. I had wanted to practice a whole calendar year without the aid of forceps.

I had retired the previous night about eleven, and just a few minutes after 2 a.m. the phone gave forth a long solemn appeal. The call came from one of my doctor friends in the city where I live. He was in trouble on an O.B. case. Would I sterilize my instruments and be ready to leave with him in thirty minutes? On the way to the home with him I told him that he was spoiling my aspired record, that if he had waited twenty-two hours more I would have gone through a calendar year without the use of forceps.

He then related the case to me. The mother to deliver was fifteen years old, the father seventeen. The mothers weight was ninety-two pounds. She was now in a state of inertia. Soon after reaching the home my doctor friend, who had been on the case thirty-four hours and was completely exhausted, fell into an easy chair and was soon asleep.

I studied the case a few minutes and then made an examination. The walls of both the vagina and vulva were swollen so one could hardly make an examination. I soon learned I had a very irritable patient. Her labor pains had practically ceased for three- quarters of an hours. She was constantly moving all over the bed. Both feet were cold, but she begged for someone to fan her continually.

I gave her two tablets of Gelsemium 30x., and repeated it in about twenty minutes. About five minutes after the second dose her pains started again in a surprising manner. Without any laceration and without instruments we delivered an eight and one-half pound child. This woman had had three shorts of pituitary liquid, two 1/2 c.c.s and the third short was 1 c.c., before I came into the case and gave Gelsemium 30x. Thus Gelsemium had helped save my years record without the use of instruments.

CASE II. Mrs. O., age 48 and mother of eight children. Weight about 195 pounds. I had previously confined her four times, in her home on the farm. She was short and so stout that even her husband or sisters could never tell she was pregnant until she was about five months. Soon after dinner one day I was called to the home by her husband who informed me that she had just had a fit and was acting “queer”. Her sisters did not know she was pregnant, but I found her over five months pregnant and suffering from uremic poisoning. She was in a general dropsical condition. Her face was swollen, with drops of cold sweat on her face and forehead. Pulse was 116 and temperature 100.5 and she was quite weak.

There was a history of constipation and lack of kidney elimination. She has been despondent for several weeks and didnt care about anything. She claimed she could not look down at the floor. Insomnia at night and headache in frontal region over her eyes. Her hearing and sight were impaired. She would have hiccoughs, nausea, vomiting, and muscular twitching. For over two weeks she lay on one side and we could not get her to turn over. She refused to eat and we were compelled to force feeding.

This proved modesty to be a change of life baby. It seemed all her previous modesty had vanished. I tool her to my clinic and she began to improve slowly under Hyoscyamus 30x. and when I changed to Hyoscyamus 200x. there was remarkable improvement. She remained in our clinic three months, and although I had been compelled to use instruments in some of her former deliveries, this last eight and one-half pound girl was delivered without instruments and she made an uneventful recovery.

CASE III. Mrs. H.N., age 19, primipara. I was called to the home at 10 p.m., and found this lady three and one-half months pregnant with these symptoms: severe bearing down uterine pains in the region. She had a constant feeling like the menses were to appear. There was a soreness in the uterine region which was increased by any pressure. Even the weight of the bedclothes increased the soreness. An old soreness over the left ovary had reappeared. This soreness passed over to the right ovary but was not so pronounced. The patient was extremely nervous and unaware of one objective symptoms. She would sit in one chair and in a few minutes while talking would move to another.

She confessed she was better when still and when lying down. Her abdomen was bloated, and I was informed that the previous day while she was bending forward she was struck with an abdominal colic. When walking past the stove or fire she would sway or stagger and she feared she might fall into the fire. There was an itching of the vulva and and noticeable yellow, offensive leucorrhoea. On vaginal examination I found the entire uterus flabby and soft and the cervix nearly outside. I swabbed the vagina clean and inserted a large cotton tampon, pushed the cervix and womb up over one whole inch and kept her confined in bed. I prescribed three drops of Onosmodium Virginianum 12x.

W Leroy Bonnell