Pain,bending forward: Lac.vir. downward,going: Amm.carb. epistaxis,amel:Brom., Carbo veg.. eructations,amel: Gels. Herpes zoster after Zinc. inspiration., amel.: Thuja. lifting agg., Brom., Gamb. Kali carb., Nat.mur., Zinc. micturition, amel;Lil. tig. Pressure of clothes, agg.; Ail,.Lach.


Formation; Brach.,Med.

663. Pain: Solidago.

pressure, agg.: Canth., Ferr., Helo.

665. cutting: Apis., Bell.,Helon. Ip., Polyg., Tab.

sore: Merc. cor., Solidago.


Enlarged: Ferr. pic., Hydrang.,n Solidago.

Aching: Sabad.

668. Inflamed: Polygonum sagitat.

Aching: Sabal.


Crawling: Puls.

Discharge foetid; Agave, Pip. Meth.

670. last drop: Agar., Kali iod., Petr.

gray: Bufo.

671. thin: Fluor. ac., Mex., Petr., Phos.,Psor., Sabina.

Sep., Sulph.,Terb.

haemorrhage, urination,after: Dulc.

672.Itching: Agar., Vesp.

673.Pain down along: Lyc., Merc., Phos., sulph.

backward along: Arg. nit., Berb., Cann., Canth., Caps.,.

Fluor. ac., Merc. cor., Nux vom., Phos., Plan., Psor., Scil., Samb.,.

Thuja., Zinc.

meatus backward: Thuja.

674. burning,when semen is discharged:Taren.

676. extending, rectum, to Rhus tox.

679. sensation as if a few drops passed: Aspar., Cedr.,.

Petros., Sel., Sep., Vib.

drops following along: Thuja.

swelling: Arg. nit.



Color, greenish: Iris.

green as grass: Labur.

686. Copious, diarrhoea,with:Agar.,

drunk,more than is: Apis., Lac.can., Lact. ac.,.

Lyc., Nat. carb.,Sars.,.

Sep., Zinc.

headache,after: Gels., Ign., Nux vom., Sang.

lying,agg.: Bell.

pains, during: Coloc., Phos., Vib.

Cuticle on: Aspar.,, coca, Cobaltum, Pic. ac., Puls.

Frothy: Rhus tox., Syph.

687. Odor, mousy: Bry.

offensive:L Lac.can.

sickly: Zinc.

688. violets, like:Salol.

Sediment, adherent: Canth.,Chim., Crot. tig., Kali mur.,.

Red. brom., Rumx.

689. brown: Epigea.

crusty: Agar., Calc. carb., Daph.,Zinc.

gray: Berb., Merc.cor.

690. pink;Apis, Myrica, Phyt.

purulent: Eucal.

red: Bry.

pepper like: Iod., Pyrog.

rings: Aspar.


yellow:Lyc., Sep.

691. Sugar: Con.,


Coldness: Sabal.

694. Erections,waking on: Puls.

696. stultified, by sudden laxness: Arg.nit.

697. Eruptions, spits on: Caust., Cinnb.

698. Handles: Thuja.

699. Induration,tests: Brom.

700. Itching: Scroph.


701. Scrotum: Scroph.

Pain, penis: Rhodo.

703. tests,thigh, to: Sep.

Aching: Syph.

704. Cramping, penis: Hep.

705. Drawing, spermatic cords; Calc, sulph., Caps.

left:Fluor. ac., Tub.

706. Sore, bruised,mons veneris: Nux vom.

glans: nux vom.

coition,after: Eug.

prepuce: Nux vom.

707. Stitching, penis extending to anus; Thlaspi bursa pastoris.

glans: Cann.ind., Nat. Carbo., Sumb.

tests, right: Act. spic., Staph.

708. Perspiration , exertion, after;Sep.

709. Pulsation, glans;Ham., Nat. mur., Prun., Ptel.

Retraction, scrotum: lyss.

testes: Sulph.

Seminal discharge,. bloody: Lyc.


710. emissions, stool,

712. Swelling: Zinc.(as if).

717. Enlarged uterus: Merc.i.r.

718. excoriation, cervix: Alum., Arg. nit., Kali bich., Merc.


719. Heaviness, uterus: Calc.Phos.

720. Itching:Hydrc.

leucorrhoea,from: Med.

Pregnancy,during:L Calc.carb.

uterus:” Bellis.

Vagina: Apis, Thlaspi bursa. past.

721. Leucorrhoea,acrid:Helon., Murex.

albuminous: Taran.

brown: Helon.,Iod., Lac.can.

burning: Arg., nit.

Children, in:Bar.carb.,Calc.carb.,Calc.phos.,Carbo veg., Caul., Merc.



722. exercise, agg.: Tong.

gray:Kreos (stains).


lumpy: Sil.

menses,instead of:Bov., Senec.

offensive: Cimic.

fishbrine, like: Med., Thuja.


pregnancy; Cimi.

Purulent: CALC.CARB, Kali bich., Puls.

ropy: Taran.

723. stool,after Mag.mur.

during:Mag.carb., thuj., Zinc.

urinating,before: Kreos.

during: Amm.mur., Calc.phos.,.

Carbo veg., Con., Merc.,. Nat. carb.,Sil.

after: Amm. mur., Mag. m., Se., Sil.


Cheese like: Bell.

Clots,mixed with: Ust.

724. Loose,as if:Hedeoma.

725. Menses, black:Mang., Thuja.

bright red and foul Sang.

brown:Bapt., Thuja.

726. gray: Thuja.


hot:Kali carb.,Sabina, sil.

727. lying, cease when: Scil., Sil.

Offensive,spoiled fish, like; Sulph.

728. strong; Stram.

short, alternate days,

thick; Mang.

729. thick: Mang.

thin,clots, with Ust.

thin,meat water, like: Stront.


urinating, only when:Magn. aust.

vicarious:Lach., Sec. corn.

weeks,every two: Calc. carb., Calc. Phos., Sang.,.



730. gushing; Cinnm.

731. Numbness,uterus: Phys.

Pain, agg cough: Thlaspi but. past.

732. ovaries, left:Magnolia,Xanth.

bending doubt,amel: Op.

lying,agg: Ambr., Ferr.,., Murex.

on left side, amel., Op.

menses, after: Apis.,Nor., Cupr., Gross.,.

graph., Iod.,Ust., Zinc.

733. extending backward:Bell., Carb. ac.,Lil.tig.

one to other;Colic.,Ust.


uterus, coughing, on:Thlaspi bursa past.

734. extending epigastrium, into: Iris.

umbilicus, to:Nux vom.

735. vagina,extending upward:Sil.

china, uterus, Bell: Ferr.,Lach., Senecio.

738. cutting, uterus; sulph.

gnawing uterus; Thyroid.

739. labor like, alternate with eye symptoms:Kreos.

741. sore, ovaries: Thuja.

right:Murex., Psor., Sec., cor.

left:Atrop.,Kali brom., Med., Ovi gal.

Pell., Syph., Ust.

uterus:Bellis, Conval., Lappa, Merc., Tril.

vagina: Cimic.

742. stitching,ovaries; Apm.

left: Caps.,Sep.

743. Prolapsus, coition, agg: Nat.carb.

744. Sensitive: Ust.

Swollen, ovaries:lyc.Podo.

745. Tingling,voluptuous:Petr.

Weakness, sense of: Thlaspi but past.


748. Dust: Plat. Rumex.

750. Itching, larynx: Coff.

753. Rawness, larynx:Dirc.

855. Plug, ;larynx;Bar.carb., Caust.

Polypi, larynx: Ars.

Pressure,larynx, on: Ol. an.

Rattling, larynx: HYdras.

757. Tickling,lying, while:Kali bich.

758. Hoarseness: ARS.IOD.

759. rising,after, Phos.

damp weather: Hep.,Mang.

761. Voice, lost, damp weather: Bar.carb.

exertion, 0on: Ant.crud., Lac.can.

singers: Arum tri., Graph.

sudden; Seneg.

weak,when; Canth.

wind,exposure to northwest: Hep., Nux Mosch.

loud: Nux mosch. 762. weak, talking, after: Daph.


764. Asthmatic,night: Cham.

765. Expectoration,amel: Ant.tart., Grind., Sep.,.


flatulence,from: Chel.

hay asthma: Phleum.

smoking, agg:” Puls.

spasmodic: Agar., Ambr., Bapt., Cann. ind.,.

Cham., cic., Guai., Lil.tig.,.

Meph., Nat. Sulph., Nux mosch.,.

Plat., Rumex.


wind,walking against: Nat.mur.

Blowing:chin., Lach.

766.Cheyne-Stokes: Bell., Carbo veg., Carbo veg., Cocain, Op.,.


Deep, desire to breathe: Agar., cocc., ind., Cupr.,,.

Op., Plan.



767. Difficult morning and evening: Nux vom.

768. air, cold in: Act.spic., Alum.

open,in,amel: Arg.nit.

abdomen,as if from:Bry.,Nat. sulph.

arms, raising, agg.: Cupr., Pop.

back, touching, agg.: Adonis.

bending head backward:Hep.

forward,amel: Sep.

cold food, agg.: Ars.

cough, with:Lachn.

deep breathing,amel: Sulph.

drinking,when: Limulus.

eating, amel.: Med.

epistaxis,with: Acon.,Bell., Bry., Carbo veg., Ip., Phos., Puls., Spong., Sulph.

eructations,amel: Cast.

eyes,closing, agg.: Carbo an.

fanned, wants to be :Bapt., Cann. ind., Chlor., Kali nit., Naja, Sec.,.


flatulence,from:Nux vom.., Osm., Puls.


headache,with :Glon.

heart, pain:Cinnab.

Injury,. from:Petr.

Kneeling, amel: Cast.

Labor pains, with: Lob. 770. Lying,while:Iber.

amel: Kali carb. Lach., Sabad.

on back: Sang.

on side,amel.: Lyss., Sang.

right: Cast: Scroph.

left: Amm.carb.,Sulph.

motion,amel: Arg. nit.,Bell.,Brom., Coff.,Lob.,.

phos., Puls., Rhus tox., Samb.

nose,felt in: Ars., Euphr.,Hell.,Kreos., Lach., Merc.,Phos., Puls.

palpitation,during:Kalm., Manc.


771. raising up,agg; Calc.phos.

restlessness, with: Apis.

rocking,amel: Sec.

sitting bent,amel: Iber.

sleep, falling to,on:Bell.,Carbo an., Gels;s.,Kali.

carb., Merc.i.r.

standing:Merc. acet.

amel.: Bapt., Sil.,Spig.

sudden: Cupr.

772. throat,felt in: Amm.mur., Apis, Cann.,ind.,.

Caust., cocc., Lyc.,Spong.

Urinating,agg; Chel., Cimic.,m Dulc.

Walking, amel: Carbo veg.

wet weather: Cupr.

776. Snoring:Merc.cor.

778. Cough,morning and evening: Acon.,Alum.,Ascl.tub.,Bor.,Bov.,.

Bov., Calc. Carb., Carbo veg., Caust., Cina, Ferr.,Ign.,Lyc.,. Merc.,Nat.mur.,Phos.,Rhus-tox.,. Sep., Sil.,Stram.,Verat.alb.

783. Choking Mez., Nux phos., Puls.

784. cold drinks, amel: Cina.

Constant:Ant.,sul. aur., Kali carb., Sulph.

Convulsions,with: Lach.

790. Expectoration,amel.: Chin., Kali carb.

793. Hard:Hep.,, Verb.

Hoarse: Dir.

800. Paroxysmal,consisting of long coughs Alum., Dros., Rumex.

three or four coughs: Verat. alb.

two coughs:Bell.

803. Short: Asaf.

804. Sleep, after: AEth.,Bell., Ip., Verat. alb.

805. Spot in larynx dry; Nat.mur.


806. Stomach, seems to come from: Bar,carb., Cham,., Conn.,Ferr.,. Guai.,Hep.,Ign., Kali bich., Kali mur., Nat. mur., Nit. ac., Phos.,, Plat., Sang.

808.Larynx,as if from: Coff.

Throat pit,from:Hep.,Kali bich., Phos., Sep., sulph.


810.Weather,change of :Eriodictyon.

813.Bloody,waking, on: Calc. car.

814. Burning:Pothos.

Cool: Sin.alb.

815.Floating: Calc.carb.

Frothy: Iber.



820.Thin; Acon., Gels.

822.Abscess, axilla:Lyc.

824.Atrophy, of mammae;Cham., Chin., Fago., Ferr, Onos., Sil.

Bar, across center: Kali bich.

Bleeding,nipples: Sil.

Cease, as if hart would:Vib.

Had ceased, as if:: Arn.

Coated sensation: Bry.

Coldness:Kali carb.

825. heart region: Cic.

826. Constriction:Lappa.

asthmatic:Cact.,Cad. sulph., Kali chlor. zinc.

827. waking on: Carbo veg.

walking in open air: Mex., Sulph.

828. heart: Cench.,Nat. nit.

epistaxis. with:Verat.alb.

Cramp, vexation, agg: Thuja.

C.M. Boger
Cyrus Maxwell Boger 5/ 13/ 1861 "“ 9/ 2/ 1935
Born in Western Pennsylvania, he graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and subsequently Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia. He moved to Parkersburg, W. Va., in 1888, practicing there, but also consulting worldwide. He gave lectures at the Pulte Medical College in Cincinnati and taught philosophy, materia medica, and repertory at the American Foundation for Homoeopathy Postgraduate School. Boger brought BÅ“nninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory into the English Language in 1905. His publications include :
Boenninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory
Boenninghausen's Antipsorics
Boger's Diphtheria, (The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of)
A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica, 1915
General Analysis with Card Index, 1931
Samarskite-A Proving
The Times Which Characterize the Appearance and Aggravation of the Symptoms and their Remedies