The elite,city dwellers,the personally clean in body and environments, seem to be more subject to this calamity than the rural dwellers and the poor. The former class environments and by the best physicians. the latter class are not so situated nor are they financially able to have such help and are frequently waited upon by kind neighbors or midwives.

Presented at the I.H.A., Bureau of Obstetrics and Pediatrics, June 1930.

Child bearing is a natural function and in accordance with the command to “increase and multiply”. There a not too many legitimate children. There is no danger of the world being over populated or starving from want of food production. I am opposed to birth restriction of the teaching of women how to prevent conception. This is a crime against nature and the law of God. Many people are now living in licensed adultery to their detriment and unhappiness. Home without a baby is not home. As a rule the happiest family is the one with more than one child, and some are the happiest with many children.

Of course there are exceptions. A woman, a true woman, was in my office only lately. Several years ago she could not conceive and had here hearts desire. She adopted a child, but it was not her own. Each month a large was not. Lac caninum enabled her to have of in. baby boy all her and get some medicine to make labor easy. ?She is happy, a natural woman in the line of duty, and when asked if she was sorry the medicine enabled her to bear children, she replied, “Oh no indeed”.

Pregnancy being a normal condition is, of necessity , a healthful condition, other things and conditions being normal For those who are not healthy or normal the very best time to restore them to health is with carrying a child. Medicine acts better and more promptly, not only in relieving the extent mother of painful labor, but also in bringing into the world a healthy and vigorous child.

The wise prescriber takes a record of the family history and ailments, diseased conditions, hereditary influences, as well as the patients history from childhood, her sicknesses, childhood diseases, hopes and fears,and her symptoms in full. This should not be hurried or skipped over, but very carefully investigated and considered. More than on consultation may be necessary before the proper remedy can be selected and administered. The results will be marvelous; a grateful patient and a normal child will ever be thankful and call you blessed.

A gentleman asked why his children died so young. He said that the first they seemed hearty and strong,but later sickened and died. He confessed he had syphilis when a your man. I told him that this was likely the cause of his children being so weak and dying so young, and that unassuming children should have hereditary condition. Before long he reported his wife pregnant and asked me to take charge of her. At first she received a few doses of Luesinum in high potency,with other remedies as symptoms called for them during the entire pregnancy. the result was most happy and efficient.

The child came as a healthy, striking, vigorous baby, remained well during babyhood and childhood, not subject to ailments, and grew to womanhood strong and healthy. One such case is sufficient and shows it can be done. Homoeopathy is the only agency competent to do such efficient work. there is no entailment of drug disease to be added to the sick condition. Such treatment is not only good for the coming child, but it is also good for the mother and it makes labor normal and easy.

Treatment during pregnancy makes an easy labor. the parturient woman usually gets up well and is soon back to normal. After pains, abnormal lochia, flooding and other conditions which cause suffering and make the woman dread the approach of labor, seldom come to the woman who has had proper homoeopathic treatment with the truly indicated remedy in accordance with the totality of symptoms,which include the family hosts, previous personal history, cases and modalities. In such a case forceps are seldom required unless there is osseous deformity or forceps are seldom required unless there is osseous deformity or contraction of the pelvis or some unusual condition of the child. In a large experience I only had to use forceps twice,and neither case had treatment during pregnancy.

At a state society meeting one prominent physician stated that inspite of all care sixty per cent of women would be lacerated or torn. This is not true with those who practice in accordance with the teachings of The Organon of The Organon of Samuel Hahnemann,.

The only case of Laceration I ever had was in a small, very nervous woman who refused an examination till toward the end of labor. That laceration required no attention because is was small. In previous treatment. Belladonna was the remedy indicated and controlled the spasm nicely. At her next pregnancy she received proper treatment and had every easy accouchment. Toxaemia is a fearful condition and most alarming to all present. It tries the mettle of the attending physician.

There is no doubt whatever but that Pulsatilla will change the position of the unborn child in utero and make it normal, proceeded the membrane has not broken and there is no deformity in mother or child. This has been verified a number of times by competent prescriber and is reliable. Of course, if the head has engaged this cannot be expected, yet might be possible if the head is not too far advanced and firmly fixed in the pelvic bones.

The administration of the proper Homoeopathic remedy six weeks or two months before the expected confinement will make labor easy and shorten the time very materially. I have never know it to fail. If the woman has symptoms they must be the basis of the prescription as in may other case. Of course the remedy cannot change a deformed bony structure in the woman or child.

Most difficult labors arise from the soft parts and when these parts are put into proper condition by the proper homoeopathic remedy they relax and expand so that the child can be expelled without trouble. commonsense tells us that an abnormally large child will retard labor and make it more tedious. Most of the accouchment are made abnormal by meddlesome attending physicians through ignorance, haste or the administration of ergot or other drugs to hurry the delivery. when every things seems to be normal nothing should be done buy wait and let nature take its proper course. How much better perhaps the death of the child. It is a crime to thus cause suffering and injury. the physician is paid a goodly sum these days and he should earn his money.

When there are no symptoms upon which to base a prescription I have found, in many cases,that Acted race. will cause an easy labor and delivery in a very short time.

I have never known it to fail except in one case. The case lived two or three hundred miles,away, and, of course, called in a local doctor. He was dressed for an evening party and desired to get away as soon as possible. He administered, as the brother of the woman told me afterward, large doses of ergot to hasten labor, thus causing much suffering and resulting in throb degree laceration through the rectum. Such treatment is criminal and hot the act of a true physicians. I remember one school teacher thirty-five years of age to whom I gave Actea rac. When she was having her first child. She wrote me she had a very easy time lasting only three or four hours. One woman, after confinement,said it was so easy she wouldnt mind having a dozen babies. It is seldom that abnormal or irregular pains follow Actea rac. But irregular or distressing pains can easily be remedied by the proper remedy,. In one case I left home when the clock was striking seven.

I walked eight blocks and as I entered home on my return the clock was striking none, just two hours,though the case was such that it might have required hours and given much trouble. for it was a primipara. She made no progress and seemed distressed. I noticed that she turned her head to one side and seemed distressed and that she drew up her face. I asked her why she did so. She answered, “I get so sick at my stomach will every pain”. I gave her one dose of Cocculus and in a few minutes the child was born. It acted like magic. I saw the child card for an waited awhile to see that she was doing well before leaving.

Haemorrhage can usually be easily and quickly controlled by the indicated remedy. When there are no symptoms to gum9de I have found that Ipecac will promptly control the haemorrhage in labor and Sabina in abortion. A number of times I have seen strong bearing down pains and haemorrhage checked in threatened unbutton and the woman go to full them. In several cases attempting were made to cause abortion by the woman or her husband, and when it became alarming they sent for me. I told them I had never been a party to an abortion and that my first duty was it p0recent it. They were willing for anything to be done toe relieve them of three great alarm and the woman of her suffering.

A dose or so of Sabina stopped the procedure very soon and all went well., I have seen a number cases of postpartum haemorrhages promptly relieved by the indicated remedy. Without guiding symptoms Ipecac is usually the remedy; when the flow is hot and burning Belladonna. But many remedies are at the command of the Homoeopathic attendant according to the symptomatic indications.

I have never had a case of placenta praevia and hence know nothing of it by personal experience. If there are marked symptoms I would give the indicated remedy and deliver as soon as possible. I should be governed by circumstances and act and so as seemed best at the time. I used to dread having such a case and feared every case might be other one. But I have always been thankful to have had none.

In some cases symptoms are complex and it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to select one remedy to cover the totality and relieve the case of suffering.,In these cases the administration of two or three remedies will do no harm, it will not spoil the case. Each remedy will accomplish its mission satisfactorily to the physician and patient. Of course,e I do not mean that these remedies are to be given altogether or haphazard. When on the frontier I was called to a labor case about eight miles from my home. We did not have automobiles in those days. The woman was fairly large and somewhat nervous, anoint and dull. All first she complained for her hack, crying out, “Oh, by back, my back”. I get no other symptoms at the time and no progress was made. One dose of Kali carb. relieved the suffering and she quieted down, but still there was no progress.

After awhile I noticed her shrinking back at every pain. On questioning she replied that with every pain there was a great leasing to urinate, annoying and quite painful. One dose of Nux vom. very soon been relieved this and the abnormal condition was removed, but still there was no progress. On close watching and questioning I finally discovered a sense of a lump in the throat the annoyed finally discovered a sense of a lump in the throat that annoyed her much. I thought of Lobelia, but could not verify the choice and was too far from home to return to the office. While Lobelia is note great remedy for labor and seemed far fetched, one dose put beer right to business, brought in strong pains of the right character, relieved her of all suffering of mind and body, and in just twenty minutes by the watch the child was born.

All three symptoms re not present at the same time, but followed each symptoms were not present at the same time, but followed each other, or she did not realize they were all present, but saw only the most distressing. As I drove home I kept thinking. I was convinced a small book on labor, one that would give the essentials at the bed side, was sadly needed. The Accoucheurs Emergency Manual was the outcome.

Of puerperal or child-bed fever Dr.H.N. Guernsey remarks; “Scarcely and disorder which the physician is called upon to treat is more insidious or more dangerous; certainly there is none which is more insidious or more dangerous; certainly there is none which runs a more rapid course or which many prove more suddenly fatal.” It is a fearful stage, but amenable to true homoeopathy. With true homoeopathic practitioners this is a very rare condition. But there are more cases in lying-in epidemics of cases and many fatal ones.

The elite,city dwellers,the personally clean in body and environments, seem to be more subject to this calamity than the rural dwellers and the poor. The former class environments and by the best physicians. the latter class are not so situated nor are they financially able to have such help and are frequently waited upon by kind neighbors or midwives.

The Uterus is not an absorbing organ, but a discharging one. Nature tries to free itself of he poisoning elements by the vaginal discharge,the lochia, and in the most cases in successful, if not hindered by the ignorant and meddlesome attendant. When medicated douches and packs are used the discharge is pushed back into the uterus or dammed up, some what sepsis can get in its fearful results. If these douches do wash out the discharges and temporarily cleanse the uterus and vagina it will be but a few moments till they are again contaminated by the continuous flow. Of course if the parts are torn in labor there is greatest absorption of the discharge,which must be duly considered,. In my humble opinion it is not that which it outside that contaminates and causes trouble, but that which is inside or the douches or packing.

I have attended labor cases in sod-dugouts,the floor of which was common earth. Pools of dish water or leakage through the sod roof formed puddles about the one room. In some of these cases the bed clothing was so filthy I avoided coming in contact with it. And yet I fever knew of a single case of puerperal fever.; The mother and child did well and had no trouble whatever.

I never had a child-bed fever case among may own patients, but had some where the midwife or neighbors had waited on the case. Of these I lost only one case. This woman did very well for some days when one very cold night, it was in February,the fire went out and the home became very cold. the woman got all to build a fire and caught cold. I was called in when she was past help. She died within thirty-six hours.

I had another case while a woman physician from Tool;do,Ohio, was visiting us and I took her along to see the patient. After an examination and consultation the doctor said nothing could help the woman,that she must die. My selection was Mercurius. the nest day the doctor would not go along, saying she did not like to see the dead. When I returned home she was great did not lie to see the dead. When I returned home she was greatly surprised when I reported the sick woman much better. the patient made a quick recovery. thE doctor said that it was marvelous and very unusual. She was a low potency practitioner and did not fully comprehend the law of cure.

In another case, the woman was waited on by neighboring women. Early in the morning a little arm protruded and the attendant could to nothing., i was sent for, but was out on the prairies and could not be reached. Along about dusk they caught up with me and I at once repaired to the home, some six miles away. After an examination I pushed back the arm, turned the child and speedily delivered it. As soon as the child was born the woman went into a complete collapse, shook like an aspen leaf was very cold over and looked as if the end was very near. I quickly gave all over the looked as if the need was very near. I quickly gave her Aconite with prompt relief, she made an uneventful recovery, but the child was still-born, having been in that position for about twelve hours.


W. Yingling
William A. Yingling, MD, author of "Accoucheur's Emergency Manual". Born: 12-01-1851 - Died : 03-04-1933
YINGLING, lived and practiced in Emporia, KS from 1896 until his death. He was educated for medical missionary work, but after receiving his appointment to go to Bombay, India he became ill and could not carry out that mission. He filled the pulpit at Findlay, OH for seven years, and then moved to Dodge City where he engaged in the cattle business. He named the Ness county town of Nonchalanta in 1886. He reluctantly returned to the practice of medicine to relieve the suffering in the area north of Dodge City. His practice became extensive, extending to the neighboring states. He was quite religious and missed Methodist church services just once in 32 years.