A married woman in the fifties came to us with a history of chronic arthritis of the rheumatic variety. We dread these cases. for reasons obvious to all prescribers, and felt that here was another case in which we were likely to fail. The usual symptoms presented themselves; the modalities were time-honored, but one stood out most prominently-general aggravation from high winds.


Speed demons will laugh at this, but its the truth! We cannot make our perishable bodies work with the same kind of tension proper and usual in machines, we cannot continue to tune in with the hum of our motors and expect to go on living in this world, well and happy.


The physical conditions which underlie and cause variation in function, predisposition and susceptibility in the human organism are at the present time of all things most obscure and perplexing. Nothing in the entire field of human endeavor is so shadowy and elusive as the facts involved. Why under a given set of circumstances does one individual react in one way and another in an entirely different way?


In Washington the epidemic remedy was and is Kali bichromicum, for fresh cases are still presenting themselves. I grew really ashamed of prescribing Kali bi. so often and told myself I was becoming an empiricist. Then I would use another remedy, given on a few of its characteristic symptoms, and come to grief. The patient would grow worse and would show clearer indications for Kali bi. next day.


The chancre occurs at the point where the infection gained entrance to the body and may be located anywhere. It often appears on the lips, in the mouth, on the hands or at the sight of any wound, even though slight. Many vaccination wounds are infected with Syphilis either at the time vaccination is performed or at some time before healing.


The extreme sensitiveness of Zincum is like that of Nux vomica, and yet the two remedies are inimical, because of much alike. This is one of the mysteries of inimical remedies. One would suppose that as they are similar, they would become antidotal, but there are instances in which very similar remedies are inimical. In Nux vomica the patients are sensitive to all manner of treatment, the highest potencies excite symptoms rather than effect a cure.

Kents Corrections

Since the third edition of the repertory came out I have comparing the additions with the notes in my second edition. When I received Doctor Pughs manuscript of his paper, I immediately compared it with my corrections and found that some of his corrections were misprinted additions and some of them were Doctor Kents own corrections of the second edition.