Thuja will also cure,according to he testimony of very many physicians,all patients ill with small-pox, without leaving any scars or any trace of the disease,leaving patients in perfect health provided that proper care is taken to prevent scratching and the exposed parts are converted with olive oil; though in the late stags f some cases, a few doses of ?Sulphur high,may be required.

Herald W., 9 years of age, appeared more like a boy of five or six years, to judge by his size and height. He was pale and emaciated, the eyes very much inflamed, discharged pus and tears (granular lids_TRAchoma), slept poorly, was nervous and restless, had no appetite, not even for fruit or candy. Would take a bit of them and then throw the rest away. His grandmother, who took care of him, said she could not see how the boy lived,eating so little. Her had always been fine, healthy boy until he entered school. Since then he had been constantly sick,in spite or all the doctors she had called to cure him. She know it must be due to the foul air in the schoolroom, from the exhalations of so many children in the room,and the doctors had agreed with he on this point.

To my question if he had been vaccinated she answered: “Certainly, I looked out for that, I did not want him to catch the small-pox from the other children.” Then I knew at once the cause of all this illness;l there was no need toast for further symptoms after all this allopathic guesswork treatment,or did the old lady know the meaning of the symptom. I gave him Nux Vom. 30 as an antidote to the previous treatment,for an entire week, then a few powders of Sulph. 200, and Sac.lac-at the end of the second week I could see a slight improvement.

He then received; Thuja 200, a per morning and evening, a great change for the better following in three days,and he recovered his health fully in a very few weeks A few months later, while standing in the corner of the street where he resided, a young boy tall and slender,ran up to me shouting, “Doctor, Doctor!” grasped my hand and shaking it violently,while I was looking at him in astonishment, exclaimed: “Why, Doctor, dont know me?” I assured him that I had never seen him before.

I assured him that I had never seen him before. “Yes you have, only a few months ago you cured of my sore eyes. I am Gerald !.” Even then I could trace only with difficulty in this fine, healthy appearing young boy,the sickly child of apparently five years of age I had treated only a few months before. Her was taller than myself, rosy with the flush of health and youth.

Such are the effects of vaccination: Sowing disease and reaping a harvest of disease and death,and the honorable Board of Regents endorses this by compelling children to be vaccinated on entering school, infringing upon our liberty, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. The old-school doctors fear contagion, microbes and germs, wear rubber coats if they come near a so-called contagious disease,though forgetting to plug up their mouths and noses, but delight to vaccinate and inject these very germs into other healthy persons, every little babies; are even anxious to do this and cause all kinds of disease in the young. Many cases of blindness in later years are easily traceable to this vaccination in the young, as are also nervous diseases of many kinds.

Many more such cases could be cited from my own experience,as well as from those of others Homoeopathic physicians, and all prove that Thuja is the great anti-vaccine remedy.

Thuja will also cure many intractable cases of rheumatism, eczema, enlarged glands, etc., the late aftermaths of vaccination, or clear the way for the indicated remedy to do this. Dr.Burnett. of London, England,cured a washerwomans history. She had been vaccinated several times, but this had never produced a vaccinal ulcer,thus leaving the entire poison of the vaccine in her system, the effects of this being much worse than when the vaccinal ulcer throws out a last a part of the vaccine poison. Dr.Burnett calls such a state of disease Vaccinosis. My own experience enable me to fully agree with his conclusions.

Frederick H. Lutze
Dr Frederick Henry Lutze, MD, (1838-1924) was born in Bevergern, Germany, August 19, 1838, son of Henry Andrew and Clara (Gott) Lutze. He studied for his profession in the New York Homœopathic Medical College and Hospital, entering in 1879 and receiving his degree in 1882. He is author of "The Therapeutics of Facial and Sciatic Neuralgias," published by Boericke & Tafel, 1898. Other publications include -
Duration of action and antidotes of the principal Homoeopathic remedies.
Homeopathy : the only scientific and actually curative system of medicine.