Empiricism alone ever prescribed by “guess and by God.” But, in order to becomes a sound therapeutist, one must know the full range of action of nearly one thousand drugs. Each patient needs only on drug at a time and the drug he needs is that which covers his own characteristics, plus the characteristic or diagnostic symptoms of his disease.

By R.del Mas. D.,M.D., Hugo , Minn. Before the great war broke out, Prof.Albert Robin, of the medical faculty of Paris, France,wrote:”Drugs act or cure through dynamism and not through their masses.” If the cure by cure by dynamic, is the cause of disease, outside of trauma, material? The statement of Robin i a negative answer to the question.

The green theory is a theory that suits and fits the mind unable to enter the realm of abstractions. The world is till waiting for the scientist who will disprove the assertion that germs are the results and not the causes of diseases; and it is for him to disprove it. The products of disease, when innoculated in some form or other, will undoubtedly given rise to the disease they were associated with. But, asserting that, in disease,nature duplicates the experiments of the laboratory; is merely assuming facts which only a highly developed imagination could invent.

We are wont to believe and teach diphtheria and scarletina, phthisis and smallpox come from such individuals as have such diseases. I pray the scientists to prove peremptorily how the first case of any contagious disease originated in the world. And, since the first case of diphtheria,for instance in a human being or an animal had no predecessor from which to catch it, the world of reason wants to know how it developed. But, if the first case diphtheria under the sun arose spontaneously, without and previous focus of contagion, why should not, today, one and all cases of diphtheria arise up the same way? Why?

The disease called rheumatism is now taught to be due to the streptococcus. The laboratory has proceed rheumatic manifestations in animals in which the streptococcus had been injected.

The experiment was patent proof for the simpleton that the disease in man could only develop in such parts of his anatomy where in the streptococcus was a work., It never occurred to him that disease, in general, could arise only from disharmony in that intelligent, conscientious and orderly principle of energy that presides over the historical match of man in utero, and tends to his preservation 3ex utero.

No, the materialist could not perceive the dynamis that gives expression of life physiological and life pathological, of order and disorder, of health and disease. And, naturally, Prof. Robins view of the dynamis of the drug that cures is also something to laugh at, or ignore, by the medical man or the scientist whose organs of sense were reticulated by the palmist long before the dawn of the twentieth century.

Accepting the view of the materialistic scientist , that the streptococcus alone accounts for the existence of rheumatic affections, we beg leave to ask him for an explanation of the following clinical facts. And the explanation must not have even the suspicion of a surmise.

In our practice, we have found rheumatism attacking only the right or the left side of the body, or the lower of the upper extremities; and the affection in some cases ascended or descended, or travelled from right to left or left to right; in other cases, it alternated sides altogether.

We have seen rheumatism present only in the night; constant in the parts, or wandering and shifting;cases suffering only in dry, others in wet whether; many relieved by motion,and many by remaining motionless,and others, neither by et nor motion; some were dry and others sweating with fever; some chilly and others warm; a few whose pains were always relieved by plunging the affected limb in icy-cold water; many unrelieved and some relieved by perspiration; sick individuals with high fever and thirstless, while others were thirsty;and the thirstless one had a dry mouth, sometimes; the thirsty one sometimes drank large, could drinks that were vomited as soon as they became warm in the stomach; at times, patients were soon as they became warm in the stomach; at times, patients were found who only sipped down their drinks, either warm or cold; cases that were nauseated from the odor of cooking others , with the desire for stool; some were angry and uncivil,and others indifferent with the pains;some were dizzy while lying,others while sitting; some wanted their food warm, and others cold; some craved acids, and others, sweets some wanted company and others wished to be alone; a few craved smoked things and others aggravated when lying on, or moving,the affected parts; some had their pains only in the spring, others, only in the fall, others, only in the winter, others, only in the summer, and many, in all the seasons.

R Del Mas D.