Calcarea sulphurica is one of Schuesslers remedies and clinically relates more to abscess formation, especially when the abscess has been opened and is discharging. Unlike Hepar sulphur, calc. it is fond of the cold open air and feels better in it; incidentally it lacks the sensitiveness to touch of the latter remedy. Allen gives a general aggravation from “working and washing in water” as well as a general amelioration “after eating.” Paste these in your mental note-book for future reference. They may come in handy.

“DISH TOWEL AS SOURCE OF INFECTION WITH TUBERCLE BACILLUS.–In a series of twenty-five instances of guinea-pigs innoculated from the washings of dish towels used by tuberculosis patients no positive results were obtained by Floyd and Sikorsky. In three control experiments, in which gauze was thoroughly impregnated with viable tubercle bacilli and thoroughly washed, no positive results were obtained. The most reasonable explanation of these negative results would seem to be that the strong alkali soap or soap powder used for a period of weeks in the home must very deleteriously affect any viable tubercle bacilli that may be caught in the meshes of the dish towel and either kill them or so impair their vitality as to make them unable to produce infection in small numbers.”-J.A.M.A.

If this will lead some of us to eschew strong and dangerous antiseptics, such as carbolic acid, lysol, mercuric chloride, etc., it will have served a useful purpose. Truly, the lowly dish towel has been raised to an exalted position and goes to prove that simple cleanliness is quite sufficient. Since dishwater is quite commonly fed to these justly prized “mortgage raisers,” it is comforting to know that the hog industry of the county is safe. Personally we prefer the corn-and alfalfa-fed porkers of the Middle West, rather than the swill-fed squealers, fattened on hotel table refuse, in Hudson Country, N.J. Hogs do contract tuberculosis and a tuberculous pig is in truth a pitiable object. However, now that we know that dishwater containing strong alkali soap or soap powder is perfectly safe, we shall henceforth double our order of Kirkmans or Babbitts, when the grocer boy comes around. And bring another box of Uneedas please, dont forget!.

Rabe R F
Dr Rudolph Frederick RABE (1872-1952)
American Homeopathy Doctor.
Rabe graduated from the New York Homeopathic Medical College and trained under Timothy Field Allen and William Tod Helmuth.

Rabe was President of the International Hahnemannian Association, editor in chief of the Homeopathic Recorder, and he wrote Medical Therapeutics for daily reference. Rabe was Dean and Professor of Homeopathic Therapeutics at the New York Homeopathic Medical College.