Cough with excessive lachrymation has been cured with this drug. All diseases with watery symptoms from eyes or mouth or from other orifices of the body, should always invite our attention to this great drug. Watery discharges from any part of the body should always guide us to the selection of Natrum Muriaticum. All skin diseases with watery exudation or watery vesicles are likely to be cured with Natrum mur.


The pathological deviations in various morbid conditions are but the pathognomonic symptoms manifested in the human diseased body and when they are rolled into one, they take a name and an image of a disease which is narrated in pathology. Therefore, the morbid changes or the disease could not, as a matter of fact, stand for causa morbi. As the cause is the background of a disease therefore a disease can not be a cause.


The indicated remedy caused marked improvement for seven years which only ceased when she discontinued treatment. Her general health was always benefited by the medication. If the treatment had not been interrupted, might not a complete cure have resulted without an operation? There has been no return of the trouble, now twenty-two years later.


Great prostration and soreness as if bruised in whatever position the patient lies; the parts rested upon feel sore and bruised. Stupor; falls asleep while being spoken to or in the midst of his answer; face flushed, dusky, dark red, with stupid, besotted, drunken expression. Tongue coated with a well defined streak down the middle, at first white, but very soon turns brown, with red edges.


Apis Mel should be administered in cases in which the dropsy is characterised by great soreness of the muscles of the abdomen; stinging, burning pains in different parts of the body; the urine is scanty and of a very dark colour; great difficulty in breathing particularly when lying down, even leaning backwards causes a suffocative feeling.


Stupefying headache in occiput worse on stooping from nape of neck to vertex, changing to burning pain on rising to erect posture. Relieved only by lying quiet with closed eyes. Pressing headache from outward inwardly with stupefaction and heaviness of head, worse from moving the head, from exertion, better in the open air, and from diverting the mind.