DR. STEARNS: Dr. Roberts, does Tuberculinum come often for you in those cases?.

DR. ROBERTS: Not very often; comparatively seldom.

DR. STEARNS: We find it useful occasionally; it wakes up the case that fails to react to good constitutional prescribing.

DR. ROBERTS: Sometimes it wakes it up, but it seldom cures it.

DR. STEARNS: We have never had any harm from it. It opens up the case so the constitutional remedy is more clearly seen.

DR. ROBERTS: You get the right remedy, and it will open up; you give Tuberculinum and it carries you along for a little way and you think you are on the road to recovery, and you are not always. Dr. Margaret Webster brought out Tuberculin in the Recorder recently, and she makes this statement: That the nosodes seldom cure.

I do feel that we should go more into pediatric work. The possibilities of a young man going into the practice of medicine and specializing in pediatrics is simply marvelous today because they can walk away with the “old schools” work right away.

Who asked about tonsillitis? I said I didnt see why you asked such a silly question. Does the removal of a tonsil ever cure the patient?.

H.A. Roberts
Dr. H.A.Roberts (1868-1950) attended New York Homoeopathic Medical College and set up practrice in Brattleboro of Vermont (U.S.). He eventually moved to Connecticut where he practiced almost 50 years. Elected president of the Connecticut Homoeopathic Medical Society and subsequently President of The International Hahnemannian Association. His writings include Sensation As If and The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy.