Bose N C Passes Away

Bose N C Passes Away.
Das N C


The passing away of Dr. Narayan Chandra Bose, the renowned Homoeopath …

A Study Of Ignatia

A Study Of Ignatia.


“Ignatia Amara”, “St. Ignatias been”, more popularly known as “Strych

Paralysis – 2

Paralysis – 2.
Das N C


TYPE; Rheumatic. Hemiplegia. Post-diphtheritic. Infantile. Chronic.

Relata Refero – 2

Relata Refero – 2.
Bose N C



The All-Bengal Medical Students Associa……

The Use Of Repertory

The Use Of Repertory.
Maurice Worcester


As one case has been studied, with the aid of Boenninghausen…