Having observed, in the provings of X-ray upon myself and others, the remarkable power of that agent to delve into the recesses of the organism, thereby bringing hidden things to light, I gave X-ray 6 (Fincke) with marked and immediate aggravation of all the existing symptoms, and with certain additions, such as a copious and acrid nasal as well as aural discharge.


Detecting obscure mental twists is a very helpful part of our work, especially because these things permeate and color the whole fabric of the patients being. Be he secretive, prideful, arrogant, cynical, careless, amative or what not, his traits betray his basic predilections and largely motivate his actions, thereby affording one of the surest indications for the most suitable remedy.


Especially is this true since it is well recognized that constant or repeated pain, like constant fears, has as profound effect on the body as on the mind. Many severe infections attack the aged with only mild or even with no temperature elevation. Dont ever lose sight of the fact that aged patients are commonly afflicted with more than one disease, e.g., heart failure, hypertension, nephritis and diabetes.


Rhus acts upon the whole man, every part every great function is disturbed when Rhus infects the organism. Like all members of this family the Rhus invasion first show itself in the skin, inflaming and irritating it. Upon the glandular system it produces painful swellings, inflammation and suppuration. Upon the organs of locomotion, especially the tendons it causes aching, soreness, stiffening and pain.


Interspersed with a musical program to attract and compel attention, the public must absorb by the process of mental suggestion, accomplished by constant repetition, a mass of distorted statements, claiming great benefits for many common ailments by the use of these advertised products and all for a trifling expenditure with the saving of the expense for a physicians care.