Editorial – Practice Of Homoeopathic System

The power of these drugs is beyond the comprehension of the non-believers. To a believer they simply unfold the atomic force of matter. Homoeopathic potencies are Atom Bombs in medicine designed for the annihilation of disease force. The theory of atom was put into action first by Hahnemann and he engaged this boundless power not for the destruction of human life but for healing the sick.

The Homoeopathic Treatment Of Influenza

Aconite is seldom indicated in true influenza, but may be given in the beginning when the patient has been exposed to dry cold winds or has been chilled while perspiring and develops high fever with dry skin, great thirst, violent cough with stitches in the chest and an anxious restlessness. As a rule, Bryonia or some other remedy must be given to complete the cure.

Keynotes To The Tissue Remedies

Recently, in delivering the Gilchrist Lectures, before the Aberdeen University, Dr. Robert Hutchinson said that “in most cases the doctor is really a mental poultice. He cannot cure. If honest he would have to admit that the number of patients who would have died but for his attendance would be lamentably small.” Of course, he was speaking of allopathic doctors, and implied that the body could be restored to health without drugs.

Paralysis – 6

Coldness of the right foot, while the left is hot. Everything she sits or lies upon is too hard for her. Feels better in open air. He feels urged to go into the open air. He is averse to often air. Very much inclined to take cold. Weariness of lower limbs especially when ascending. Perspiration smells like onions, Sweet with smell of blood. Fever every afternoon. Dreams of coitus and yet no pollution. Screaming in sleep. Painless paralysis. Persons intellectually keen but physically weak. Upper part of body emaciated, lower part semi-dropsical.


Now for a few general rules that I give my patients: The most important one of all is the stopping all local measures. This may include the removal of a pessary worn to support a misplaced uterus, or another kind of pessary used to prevent conception; or the stooping of a dangerously strong antiseptic solution that they may be using as a douche after intercourse.

Radium Bromide

Several provers noticed great relief from corns which had been troublesome for many years; on the muscles, fibrous tissues, cartilage and nerves its, action is manifested as myalgia, arthritis neuralgia, etc. Its effects on the kidney was to produce an irritation of both the glomeruli and convoluted tubules. giving rise to faint traces of albumin in almost every prove, while in one case there appeared a few hyaline and granular casts.

Wonders Of Homoeopathy

In conclusion I want to say a few words about the use of Ignatia in Meningitis. I was wonderfully benefited in one more case of meningitis by Ignatia I have often found in cases of meningitis, that patients develop certain peculiar nervous symptoms particularly towards the period of recovery- symptoms which are very difficult to account for by the meningeal condition alone.