Diet is to acne not more than two percent of the cure, if that much, that is, excepting the effects of poor quality of food and too much of it. The simillimum is ninety-eight percent of the cure atleast, unless gross errors are indulged in. In general, diet as an aggressive therapeutic measure in the long run does more harm than good. I see tissues, nervous and moral energy deteriorate under diet prescriptions.


The definition of essential hypertension is a difficult task. At best it can be defined by a process of exclusion. One may say that by essential hypertension one means those cases of high blood pressure where no previous renal disease can be demonstrated either clinically or anatomically. The term essential hypertension is as a matter of fact a confession of our ignorance.


A lay homoeopath–I was quite frightened at the very appearance of the breast. I gave Bry, and Con. without result. A surgeon was called. He prescribed antiflamin, then ichthiol and belladonna paste and finally advised operation. The patient and her people revolted against the suggestion of knife. They reverted to this lay man and solicited him to do something to relieve her intolerable pain. I was at my wits end.


The usual treatment of septic conditions is quite energetic. A trip to a well equipped hospital, classification of the infecting organism; intravenous medication or transfusion, local treatment, surgery. For some time now sulfanilamide and more lately one of its near relatives. Some patients get well, and those who do not, leave behind the great satisfaction of the knowledge that everything science has evolved has been used.


Diphtherinum is a nosode or disease product, modified and prepared according to the homoeopathic rules of preparing remedies as laid down by Hahnemann. The membrane from a diphtheria case is diluted and mixed with sugar of milk, and triturated carefully up to the medium and highest potencies. The lower potencies of a nosode are too dangerous for use, as they might reproduce the actual disease.