The European sources of supply were blocked immediately the war broke out, and now the American supplies have also become scarce, for the dangers of war spreading in the two fronts, the Atlantic and the Pacific. The price of Sugar of Milk has risen to the prohibitive peak. Most of the drugs cannot be supplied now by the American manufacturers, and the local stock in India is getting depleted every day.


The sphere of action of sinapis with me has been solely in these incipient and early stages, and when a case presents itself, as many do, with a thickened white or yellow nasal discharge, or when cough and expectoration are the more prominent features, when, in other words, the case is not seen in its beginning with the catarrhal symptoms of the head most prominent, I do not think it has any curative field of action.

Systemic Motor & Sensory Training in Mental Diseases

Stereognostic-sense may be brought to an excellent degree of development by placing in the black bag above mentioned several small objects which the pupil is required to recognize by introducing the hand into the bag and examining the shape of the object with the fingers. It is best at first to select geometric forms, such as the sphere, cube, cylinder, etc., using only three or four at a time.


It is particularly adapted to ailments that develop gradually, weakening functional powers associated with digestive disorders and functional disturbance of the liver. It is principally a right- sided remedy, and it meets many symptoms running from right to left. Craving for everything warm, is another remarkable symptom of this drug. Persons with weak muscular power but intellectually keen; weakly precocious children, are the best soil for the action of Lyco.


Anything that is cured at all, is cured by the homoeopathic law because there is no other law of cure. You may make an axe-handle out of a tree, but you would be foolish to use a whole tree to make one handle. It took me a long time–thirty years–to get rid of my notions about the crude dose. You have seen chicks running around with pieces of shell sticking to them. It took me a long time to shake off all the shells.