The progressively larger fees will act as a check upon an excess in the number of patients and permit the physician to give to each patient his just dues in time, care and thought and himself the comfortable assurance of proper compensation. This will tend to prevent him from falling into the temptations which lead to moral and professional degeneration.


Uterine haemorrhage and haemorrhages in Typhoid fever, presenting these characters will find their remedy in Lachesis. Whenever a local affection assumes a malignant character and from thence proceed blood-poisoning and prostration of the nervous energies, Lachesis is indicated, e.g., Traumatic Gangrene, Carbuncle, Malignant Erysipelas, Putrid Sore Throat, etc.


In the compound fractures I think you mostly have much more nerve injury as well, owing to the fact that the ends of the bone come in contact with the cutaneous nerves, and you get much more stabbing pain as well as the bruised condition. And you very often find you want a dose of Hypericum, rather than Arnica, in the first instance, until the fracture has been set, and then you want some Arnica to follow it up with.


In disease several salts may be needed at once; the diagnosis must be made from the horoscope, not only from the symptoms. It is a general rule that if any sign contains an afflicted planet, the body will need the salt corresponding to that sign. And since the Sun is quite often afflicted in a horoscope it follows that most people will benefit by taking the salt attributed to their Sun sign.


In the grading of symptoms to determine their relative value and force for the selection of the curative remedy there are two grand divisions of symptoms, common and uncommon; this cleavage prevails from mind to body, mental and physical, from generals, those relating to organism as a whole, to particulars, those predicated of the organs or parts of the body.


Eruption on and about eyes: Ars, Calc-c, Caust, Con, Euphras, Graph, Hell, Hep, Ign, Kali-c, Merc-s, Olean, Paris, Petrol, Rhus-t, Selen, Sep, Sil, Spong, Staph, Sulph, Thuja. Eruption in eye brows: Clem, Cupr, Met, Guaj, Kali c, Paris, Selen, Sil, Spong, Stann, Tarax. Eruption on ears: Amm-c, Ant-cr., Bar-c, Bov, Calc-c, China, Cic, Kali-c, Mez, Mosch, Mur-ac, Nat-m, Petrol, Phos, Puls, Sep, Sil, Spong, Staph, Sulph.