We congratulate the Ministery on the comprehensive, simple and straightforward style and language of the rules published. We hope that remaining business will be pushed forward with reasonable speed so that within the next six months the General Council may implement the Faculty in all its aspects.


The first section shows all the symptoms shared equally by both remedies. Following this are the symptoms which, though shared by other remedies, are not shared by each other in any grade. Following these is a list of the symptoms found under no other remedy in the Materia Medica, other than the one under which they appear. To repeat, all symptoms below are first degree symptoms.


Progress in homoeopathy has been constant. Moreover, it is permanent. Adherence to it has not halted science in any particular. It has advanced science. To the tenet of the similar remedy has been added the minimum dose, not to specify more than two of the great fundamental principles of practice and cure. The similar remedy lends itself to all grades of selection. In all it accompanies its work.


No wonder Kali carb. fits into many situations and no wonder it is not used as often as it should be. We have Kali Carb. patients all around us; we meet them in daily life. If we can keep in mind the genus of this wonderful remedy we may turn back to health many a poor, broken, irritable human being.