There was shooting pain in the breast worse by any movement of the body ; if she would lie on the right side with the affected breast touching the bed she would get relief. I gave her BRYONIA, 3, three powders and the flow of milk was re- established after 12 hours with relief from pain, and she was all right after two days.


The commonly accepted idea of an antidote is that it is something to change the character of the agent to be antidoted. This common concept of the operation is, we think entirely wrong. Again, each drug represents a fixed power that can under no circumstance be changed. But no operations can take place in this antidoting.


Woodward reports the case of a baby who had been suffering with his teeth for more than a week. Salivation was copious ; he was constantly working at his mouth and crying piteously much of the time. He was extremely restless, had lost his appetite, could not sleep, and was getting very nervous. Finally, an attempt to eat induced convulsion involving the entire body ; for a time he was insensible.


Under the circumstances, a ten-years-practice should be the minimum length of time for a practising homoeopathist to be entitled to registration, and his application should be supported by Municipal Professional tax bill, or a certificate from the chairman of the municipality within the jurisdiction of which he has been practising, or from the chairman of the Local Board, or from any Sub-Divisional officer, testifying the bonafide practice of the applicant.

Homoeopathy Acts At Childbirth

There are many other sources of chagrin and fear. They young woman who is pregnant and has the idea that pregnancy is something to be shunned and ashamed of. She avoids meeting her customary friends and this deprives her of companionship. She avoids going out on the street for fear the neighbors will see and talk behind closed doors.

Certain Homoeopathic Therapeutics in the Disturbed Mental State of Childhood

The neurological findings were very uncertain as occasionally there would be positive Koenig or Babinski. Never any cervical rigidity, reflexes sluggish at times. I did a spinal tap with clear fluid under much pressure but the laboratory report was negative, two cells, no globulin, normal sugar reduction. I began the case with Nux vomica because the child had been drugged and there was no complete symptom picture for me.

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

The relationships of remedies according to their chemical constituents is a highly interesting and all too undeveloped subject. It illuminates relationships, as for instance, Pulsatilla contains Kali Sulph., and Bell. has much Mag. phos., Allium cepa and Lyc. contain Sulph. Quantitative chemical analyses should be done on all our vegetable remedies.


RED : ACON., AGAR., AMM., C., Ant. C., ARN., ARS., Bar c., Bell., BOV., Calc. c., CLEM., Cocc., Coff., Con., Croton tig., Cycl., DULC, Graph., Iod., Ipec., KALI C., LACH., Led., Lyc., Mang c., MERC. SOL., MEz., Nitr ac., Rhus rad. Rhus tox., Sabad., SEP., sil., STRAM., SULPH., SULPH AC., Verat. alb., Zinc. met.