The condition for annexing a hospital to each college is a necessary and essential hypothesis. Ofcourse, the latitude of expectoration should, in this case, be within reasonable contour in the beginning, and a time-limit may be stipulated for its expansion to a certain dimension.

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

Of course only a few examples from among those listed in the suggested study books have been given here. The student will notice that for the most part the nosodes have been omitted, also the tissue salts; moreover, certain notable remedies, like Kali carb., for which many complements have been suggested but none seems wholly satisfactory.

Vital Resistance, Hypersensitivity and the Essential Nature of Disease

In trophic reflexes the trophic nerve fibres those which control cellular nutrition carry abnormal nervous impulses which disturb the normal function of the cells of a part, lower their vitality and render them hypersensitive to noxious influences. Reflexes are the end-result of nervous impulses which arise from pathology in some distant part. Reflexes account for the constancy of local symptoms in many cases.

Strange, Rare and Peculiar Symptoms

Among particular symptoms, also, you give preference to the “strange, rare and peculiar” ones. Angina pectoris with pain extending up into the occiput would take preference over heart pain extending down the arm, because the former is more strange and unusual. The strange mental symptoms may often be of less value than the peculiar generals and particulars.

Homoeopathic Philosophy

In general, he disapproves of cathartics, moxas, setons and other palliative measures as they frequently do great harm. “Homoeopathic palliatives are vastly superior to the usual antipathic anodynes.” Nevertheless, he deems useful the application of a “sinapism” when the eruption of measles fails to appear, or in a case of suppressed tinea capitis.


Excessive irritability of the nerves is well marked. The nervous child, when punished, will go into convulsions. Convulsions of children, they become stiff, roll the eyes, distort the face, twitch muscles, throw the limbs about, clench the thumbs, bend the body backward. Titanic convulsions, twitching of the eye lids, pain in the limbs, general prostration, faintness.


This is not a solitary case of puerperal sepsis that I have treated with Homoeopathy but I have treated others with the indicated remedies. But I request you to remember Pyrogen, especially when there is a good deal of disparity in pulse- temperature ratio, which has served me well on previous occasions.