One speaks of a death due to “a broken heart.” It is not poetry, but a fact. This in only a figurative way of speaking about the effects of a severe mental shock, because most of the emotions are felt physically in the region of the heart. There are numerous case on record where a person dies shortly after the death of a beloved one. Among domesticated animals one observes the same thing.


The etiology of these cases may be based on many different causes, some have a functional and some have an organic background. One is never sure of the cause of these attacks from a physical examination or from the history of case. The electrocardiograph record is of great help in the diagnosis and prognosis of these cases-if properly read.


Even were the loss of albumen not the cause of tubercle, it must be conceded by all, that stopping the waste of so highly nutritious and necessary an element of the blood for the nutrition of most of the soft tissues, would, never-the-less, be of the utmost importance, to arrest this cause of emaciation and debility, and would, let its cause be what it may, leave the patient with so much more strength and vigor to combat the progress tubercle.

A Brief Study Course of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy regards acute disease as an eliminative explosion, which, if handled in the proper homoeopathic manner, leaves the body in healthier condition. This does not mean that the acute disease should be allowed to run its course, for if the symptoms are met at its inception by the simillimum the disease be aborted and yet the economy will be purified.


The editorial of our last months issue will sustain repetition today. Its concluding paragraph runs thus: “It may be necessary for the Honble Minister to appoint a sub-protem Council to initiate and implement the Faculty. His experiences will guard him against any improvident move or lenity with any unrestricted passion for unmerited elevation.


ECZEMA, yellow acrid moisture oozes from under the crusts; when the surface is denuded of these, new vesicles at once form, and soon burst, forming a crust as before: Staph. ECZEMA, vesicles smaller and flatter that mercurial eczema: copaiv. ECZEMA, with pimples, crusts, and easily bleeding surface: Sulph. ECZEMA, transparent glutinous discharge, forming crusts: Graph. ECZEMA, with purulent secretion: Clem., Graph, Hep., Lappa maj., Lyc., Nat.mur., Nitr. ac., Sulph.


Regard must be paid also to the fact that in addition to removing unemployment, homoeopathy, owing to its measured and definite dose of medicine, has saved the people from the disastrously evil effects of medication and drugging. It is particularly on this reasoning that homoeopathy is finding its popularity in western countries such as Europe and America.

Treatment of Hydrocele in Infants by Homoeopathy

Homoeopathic line of treatment is based purely and solely on symptoms. You know how difficult, or say almost impossible to elicit any symptoms from children. Repertories do not help us because of paucity of symptoms. I therefore say that diagnosis on pathological lines has also its own value in Homoeopathic treatment, and should not be ignored.


What can be made of this symptoms-complex, much of which consists of ordinary symptoms, with no uncommon characteristics or peculiar ones? Another thing to be noticed is the absence of mental symptoms, said to be the sine que non of a successful repertorial case case-study.