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Powell gives an assortment of homeopathic and biochemic complexes to treat various disease conditions. Potencies and doses are also provided….

MANY practitioners, and I myself, have treated successfully scores of cases by means of these “secondary remedies” only. They ensure ease and accuracy in prescribing, but I must point out that treatment with these remedies takes somewhat longer to achieve results in the majority of cases. One could hardly expect deeply -seated chronic conditions to respond without a course of the main remedies in a higher potency. The formula reference numbers are my own and they have been quoted for ease of reference so that if a reader wishes to write me on any matter concerning these compounds it is necessary to merely quote the formula numbers.

DOSAGE: Tablets should be dissolved on or under the tongue.

Chronic conditions:- Two before or after meals two or three times daily.

When two remedies are called for take one before and the other after a meal. If more than two, combine those for associated conditions, e.g. P. 24 B. with P. 7, P. 2 B with P. 28, and so forth; thus two of each together can be taken before or after a meal. Another method would be to give a third formula at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Do not take these tablet remedies at the same hour as a 30c. formula.

Acute conditions: Two or three tablets every hour, or more frequently according to the condition. e.g. during an acute attack of indigestion a dose of P. 24 or P. 24 B may be taken every ten or fifteen minutes until relief is obtained, and then less frequently.

For acute pain also take frequent doses until relieved.

For fevers, septic throats, etc., the dose should be given hourly, then less frequently as the symptoms abate.

Note.-Avoid drugs for acute pain when possible.

As a rule the selected remedy will act. But if relief is not obtained and the sufferer is in great distress, a remedy such as “Veganin” may be administered with moderation.

The layman is advised to confine himself to these compound tablets and not experiment with the 30c remedies. Serious disorders should be under expert supervision. A wrongly selected remedy in potency can do more harm than good.

To save space the twelve salts of Schussler are abbreviated thus:-

Calcium Fluoride as C.F.

Calcium Phosphate as C.P.

Calcium Sulphate as C.S.

Ferrum Phosphate as F.P.

Kali Muriaticum as K.M.

Kali Phosphate as K.P.

Kali Sulphate as K.S.

Magnesium Phosphate as M.P.

Natrum Muriaticum as N.M.

Natrum Phosphate as N.P.

Natrum Sulphate as N.S.

Silicea as Silicea

These abbreviation also apply to the treatment section.

The reader may think it strange that formulae for one class of disorder are not together. For instances P. 15 and P. 30 are both liver remedies, so why does not P. 30 follow P. 15? The reason is that I have quoted formula numbers that have been on my books for many years and have been ordered by practitioners from time to time. To alter the formula numbers would confuse those who have been accustomed to the original numbers.



C.F. 6x

F.P. 6x

Calcarea Iodium 6x

Hamam 3x

Pulsatilla 3x

Iodine 6x

Lyco 12x

Acid Fluor 12x

For prolapsed condition, varicose veins, aneurism.



Kali Sil 6x

Kali Arsen 6x

Sulph. 6x

N.M. 6x

Scrophularia 3x

Disorganisation of the lymphatic system.


C.P. 3x

K.P. 3x

Silicea 8x

Kali Iodium 3x

Xanthox. 3x

Agnus C. 3x

China 3x

General endocrine debility.


M.P. 6x

Cuprum 6x

Plumbum 6x

Pilocarpus 6x

Absinth. 6x

Epilepsy, ataxia, neurasthenia.

P.3. B.

M.P. 6x

K.P. 6x

Kali Bm. 6x

Zinc 6x

Lobelia E. 6x

Hyoscya. 6x

Pilocarpus 6x

Similar to P. 3. Also for hysteria.




C.P. 6x

N.M. 6x

Silicea 8x

Kali Iodium 6x

Equisetum 3x

Iris V. 3x

Goitre. Also of value as a general tonic.


F.P. 6x

Calcarea Iodium 6x

Silicea 6x

Baryta Cb. 6x

Bryonia 3x

Guaiacum 3x

Eric F. W. Powell
Eric Frederick William Powell 1895 – 1991, Phys B, MNCA England, PhD, NB, was a Nature Cure Practitioner and lay homeopath, who also taught Kythymic Physical Culture.
Powell wrote Kelp the Health Giver, The Group Remedy Prescriber, Health secrets of all ages, Biochemic prescriber, A Home Course in Nutrition, Tranquillization with Harmless Herbs and other Natural Methods, Life Abundant: A Practical Handbook on the Divine Laws of Health and Healing, Salud en la cocina (Health in the Kitchen), Herbal Remedies and Nature Cure, Water Treatments: Plain and Medicated, The Natural Home Physician, Biochemistry, The Biochemic Pocket Book, Biochemistry Up to Date, Building a Healthy Heart, A Simple Way to Successful Living, Health Secrets of All Ages, Cell Nutrition and Medication for Layman, Health from Earth, Air and Water, Modern Botanic Prescriber, Balance – Physical – Spiritual – Intellectual, Healing by Auto-induction, Lady be Beautiful: Guide to Natural Health and Beauty,