Homeopathy Treatment of Cancers and Tumors

Dr. Burnett maintained that in majority of cases of tumour, the finer symptoms available for basing a homoeopathic prescription upon were often lacking. There were two sources from which he obtained his tumour-curing remedies, and of these one was the class of remedies known as organ-remedies….

Cases of Tumors

THE two cases I will now narrate were both of non-malignant tumours in patients of cancerous heredity. Both were cured by the aid of cancer nosodes….

Surgery & Medicines in the Treatment of Tumors

With homoeopathy doctors it is imperative that medicinal treatment should be utilised from first to last in cases of cancer. The treatment should begin as soon as there is diagnosis and should continue even if there is surgery….

Breast Tumours

I will now relate two cases of cancer of the breast, in both of which the breast had been removed before I saw the patient. In both of then there was recurrence of the disease and were then treated with homeopathy….

Tumors of Breast Cured Without Operation

The cure of the tumour-state and the removal of the tumour-state and the removal of the breast tumour is, as a rule, much more easily brought about when no operation has been performed…..

The Relation of Cancer to Other Diseases

Numerous poisons have been known to set up cancer, especially arsenic and its compounds.; It is for this reason that arsenical preparations have been used successfully, especially by homoeopathists in the cure of cancer. …

The Cancer Nosodes

Dr Burnett obtained his nosodes from different source, and gave them different names. Those which I know most about are the following:- 1. Scirrhinum. 2. Carcinosin. 3. Durum. 4. Karkinosin….

Diet & Exercise in Cancer

Diet in cancer: So long as the disease is kept well in check by remedies, no strict rules need be laid down; but when it is advancing, everything which restricts normal tissue change should be carefully avoided…