Roy James, aet 6 years. Was called to see him June …



Roy James, aet 6 years. Was called to see him June 3d, and found him burning hot in profuse sweat; ankles and knees much swollen; hot, spotted red, tender to the touch; patient dreading least motion; thirst, with eager drinking, no stool or desire for several days. Bryonia.

June 4. -Seemed to be slightly better. Sac. lac.

June 5. -Hip joints, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck involved; head drawn to right side; profuse, hot perspiration; joints swollen and very tender; dread of motion and touch, the latter seeming due to excessive irritability; hates to be even looked at, and yet wants to be amused by his mother all the time, and will only rest when so nursed; nose dry, producing whistling breathing; while line around mouth and from nostrils to angles of mouth; tongue covered with a brown fur, probably a chronic condition, as boy has a dirty skin and is illy nourished. Cina 30, in water, at three hour intervals.

June 6. -Decided improvement; slept well during night. Sac. lac.

June 7. -Boy up, dressed, playing carefully about room Sac. lac.

June 9. -Boy well, playing ball.

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