Clarke gives the toxic effects of homeopathy drug Sulphur and its therapeutic uses in non-toxic doses in his book The ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, published in 1901….


      Weakness with determination of blood to the head. Patient limp and disinclined to stand up-right. Passive venous congestion. Chronic inflammations with torpor of venous capillaries. Piles, bloody mucous stools. Early morning diarrhoea. Early morning diarrhoea.Acrid, corrosive leucorrhoea. Corneal ulcers, abscesses and conjunctivitis in unhealthy subjects. Scabies, tinea, acne, carbuncles. Boils in scrofulous subjects.


      Anaemia, general debility, giddiness, determination of blood to the head. Burning of the cheeks. Congestion and swelling of the tip of the nose.1. Itching and burning of the skin. Acne rosacea. Papular and vesicular eruptions. Tinea capitis. Boils 2. Sense of the weight and contraction of the thorax. Dry choking cough Asthma. Bronchial catarrh. 3. Conjunctivitis. 4. Nausea, vomiting, irritable stomach, intestinal catarrh, griping, purging of bloody mucus. Proctitis. 5 Rheumatoid pains.


      Therapeutic effects are not readily obtained from the crude drug, but are very satisfactory when the first to the sixth decimal trituration is used.


      Drawing tearing pain on the top of the head, Rushing of the blood to the head and vertigo on stooping forward, from torpor of the venous capillaries.1.

Frequent hot flushes in the face. 1

Sleeplessness. Disturbing dreams. 1

Heat on top of the head, in palms of hands and soles of feet.


Children kick off bed-clothes to soles of the feet. 1.

Passive congestion of blood to single parts. Patient feels limp and is disinclined to walk upright. 1.

Drawing and tearing pains in various parts of the body from engorgement of the venous capillaries. 1.

Chronic rheumatism with venous congestions. 1-6. (Internally, and hot sulphur baths.)

Chronic inflammation with torpor of the venous capillaries.1

Chronic catarrh of the head and nose with acute paroxysms from the least exposure to a change in the weather

Itching burning and redness of the edges of the lids. 4.

Conjunctivitis in unhealthy subjects. 4.

Ulcers and abscesses of the cornea. 2.


Weight and pressure in the chest, with sense of the anxiety. Pains and pressure increased by stooping forward. 3.

Chronic asthma. 3.

Chronic coughs with profuse expectoration. 3.

To promote resolution of pneumonic hepatization. 3.

Granular pharyngitis. 3.

Chronic empty feeling, as of hunger, at eleven a.m.1.

Sense of weight, with diarrhoeic stools after meals.5.

Scrofulous nervous children subject to involuntary diarrhoea. 1-5.

Chronic diarrhoea. Urgent desire for stool drives the patient out of the bed early in the morning. 5.

Bloody mucous stools with tenesmus. 5.

Piles discharging dark venous blood with bearing down pin in the small of the back. 5.

Chronic hemorrhage from the bowels. 5

Itching and burning of the anus. 5.

Prolapse of the rectum. 5.

Engorgement of the pelvic viscera in women. 5.

Acrid corrosive leucorrhoea excoriating the vulva and things.

Profuse menstruation the discharge being dark, clotted and excoriating; flushes of heat and sense of fullness in the hypogastrium. 1-5.

Varicose veins from torpor of the vessels.2.

Stagnation in the venous capillaries.2.


Tendency to boils in scrofulous persons. 2.

Boils. 2

Scrofulous abscesses.2

Acne vulgaris.2 (Precipitated sulphur one dram; ether four drams, alcohol to make four ounces. Apply to face every night steaming with hot cloths)

Acne indurata. 2. (Internally and apply iodide of sulphur ointment freely twice a day)

Acne rosacea.2. (As for an indurata)

Tinea capitis, dry scaly and offensive or moist and offensive. 2

Tinea versicolor. (Sulphur ointment locally and third decimal trituration internally)

“Winter”or “Prairie” Itch (As for tinea versicolor)


Scabies. (Thorough use of soft soap and water before application of sulphur ointment)

Diseases caused by suppressed eruptions.

Carbuncles. (Free deep crucial incision. pack carefully with gauze filled with precipitated sulphur. Remove in six or eight hours and apply moist dressing).

Acute infectious diseases. (Medicate air by burning sulphur).

George Hardy Clark
Clark, George H. (George Hardy) 1860-1941 was the author of: Homeopathic Treatment of Asthenopia; Lee and Clark's Cough and expectoration : a repertorial index of their symptoms; The A B C Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics; A system for the care and training of children; The Black Plague and Its Control.