Cannabis Indica

Homeopathy medicine Cannabis Indica from William D. Gentry ‘s Rubrical and Regional Text Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica, comprising the characteristic symptoms of homeopathic remedies from drug provings, published in 1890….

1 Pain in kidneys when laughing.

3 Burning, aching, or sharp stitches in kidneys.

5 A white glairy mucus may be squeezed from urethra.

7 Burning and scalding, or stinging pain in urethra before, during and after urination (Can-sat, Cantharis).

9 Urging to urinate, but cannot pass a drop.

11 Urging after micturition.

13 Urging with much straining.

15 Profuse, colorless urine.

17 Has to wait some time before urine flows.

19 Has to force out last few drops with hands.

21 Sharp stitches in both kidneys.

23 Aching in kidneys, keeping him awake at night.

25 Urine:-

(a) Loaded with slimy mucus after being exposed to cold.

(b) Dribbles after stream ceases.

27 Pain in bladder and urethra.

29 Urinates frequently, but in small quantities.

31 Burning before, during and after micturition, sending a thrill to cheeks and hands.

33 Pain at meatus during and after micturition.

35 Uneasiness in urethra and penis, with burning and frequent calls to urinate.

William Daniel Gentry
William Daniel Gentry. (1836-1922) was the author of Concordance Repertory of the Materia Medica and The Rubical and Regional Textbook.