Apis Mellifica

Homeopathy medicine Apis Mellifica from William D. Gentry ‘s Rubrical and Regional Text Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica, comprising the characteristic symptoms of homeopathic remedies from drug provings, published in 1890….

(Every disease in which this remedy in indicated seems to center upon and affect the urinary organs more or less.)

1 Urine:-

(a) Red, leaves a brown-colored sediment.

(b) Scanty, high-colored.

(c) Dirty, red color.

(d) Red, bloody, hot and scanty.

(e) Copious, straw-colored.

(f) Scanty and fetid.

(g) Scanty and reddish-brown; becomes turbid after standing and leaves peculiar light-red substance, something like fine carmine paint, which adheres tenaciously to sides of vessel.

(h) Scanty, milky, albuminous.

(i) Dark, with sediment like coffee-grounds.

(j) Containing uriniferous tubules and epithelium.

(k) Dark, like black tea, or water and molasses.

3 Acute inflammation of kidneys.

5 Albuminuria (during scarlatina).

7 Burning soreness when urinating (Can-sat.)

9 Burning as if scalded in urethra on commencing to urinate.

11 Burning and stinging in urethra.

13 Bright’s disease of kidneys; tenderness, pain and swelling in region of left kidney, with sac-like swelling under eyes.

15 Bright’s disease of kidneys; urine contains much albumen and blood corpuscles.

17 Catarrh of ureters and urethra (after scarlatina), with albuminuria and general anasarca.

19 Cystitis; retention or suppression of urine; bladder but slightly distended.

21 Difficult urination (in children); must wait long before commencing.

23 During urination stinging, burning, smarting, soreness and constriction of urethra.

25 Enuresis, with stinging pain in urethra; awakens child.

27. Frequent6 desire, with passage of only a few drops (Canth).

29 Frequent, painful, scanty, bloody urination; with alternations of dry skin and perspiration.

31 Frequent and profuse urination (Apoc, Arg-m.); constant urging.

33 Frequent, painful, scalding, scanty, bloody urination.

35 Frequent and sudden attacks of pain along ureters.

37 Great irritation at neck of bladder, with frequent and burning urination.

39 Inflammation of bladder, with vesical tenesmus and scanty urine.

41 Inflammation of neck of bladder, with frequent, burning, stinging, scanty urination.

43 Irritable, bladder, frequent urination, day and night.

45 Ischuria; pains down cords and through ureters to kidneys.

47 Incontinence of urine, with great irritation of bladder and urethra, worse at night and when coughing.

49 Paroxysms of pain in ureters.

51 Pain in kidneys, with soreness on pressure, or when stooping.

53 Strangury, stricture, retention of urine, with inflammation of bladder.

55 Urine scanty and high-colored (Aconite); agony when urinating.

57 Urine dark and scanty (in ascites and all kinds of dropsy).

59 Urine has a peculiar red or pinkish sediment or color, not so much in urine as separating from it and adhering to vessel.

William Daniel Gentry
William Daniel Gentry. (1836-1922) was the author of Concordance Repertory of the Materia Medica and The Rubical and Regional Textbook.